This is just a teaser, not a chapter, really. I just wanted to get this idea off the ground while it was fresh. I'll update Drive tonight, most likely- hard to find time when the parents are dragging me all over Chicago.

"You're taking me? You're actually taking me somewhere?"

The teen seemed so excited that John almost laughed. "Yeah, kid, I'm taking you with me. We're delivering a few relics to a friend of mine in Chicago."

"We flyin' there?"

John snorted. "Chas, if I could fly there, you wouldn't be going. You're only going because I can't take these things on a plane and I need a driver."

"We're driving to Chicago from here?"

"…No, Chas. We're taking a boat."

Chas looked honestly skeptical. "No we're not."

John shook his head and put out his cigarette, amazed at the boy's blatant naivety. "We're borrowing Hennessey's car. I already told the cab company that your mother died and you'd need the week off."

"Smooth, John, real smooth. My mom is alive and well."

"They don't know that."

Chas's eyes were sparkling with child-like excitement. "When are we going?"

John sighed, and then glanced at his watch. "Fifteen minutes."

"Oh, shit, I've gotta pack!"

Chas practically fell on his face as he skidded out of John's apartment, yelling something about being back in ten. Chas didn't live far away, just 6 blocks or so, and John had only been to his apartment once- it was a one room dump with a mattress and a broken desk, with a community bathroom down the hall.

John felt sorry for the kid, really…but he couldn't exactly offer the kid a place to stay. He had no place for Chas to sleep- no couch, no space for an air mattress, nothing. And he sure as hell wasn't letting the teenager sleep in the same bed as him.

He wasn't sure he'd be able to control himself. Chas's skin was too perfect, his lips too pouty, his eyes too wide and dark-chocolate colored, and his hair far too touchable. John was always too tempted for comfort to get just a brief taste, tease and touch till Chas was begging…

Sick. It was sick. The boy was seventeen.

John scowled at his own damn weakness and it up another cigarette. You need to get laid, that's all. Maybe in Chicago, where none of the local whores know you.

True to his word, Chas barged in the door ten minutes later, a duffel bag in hand. It wasn't like he had much to pack- in fact, he probably had to keep it all packed up all the time to keep the roaches out of it.

"I'm ready, John! Let's go!" He said with a grin, and John nodded, taking a long drag off his cigarette.

"Alright, kid, alright. I'm comin'," he said dryly.

John…what in the world have you gotten yourself into? He thought as Chas led him out the door like a hyper puppy.