When they walked in the room, Chas looked like he'd just walked into a palace.

The suite was worth every penny. A fireplace, a bedroom with the biggest bed John had ever seen, a sitting room, a hot tub, shower, and a balcony overlooking the canyon.

Chas dropped his bag by the door, walking into the room with an awestruck expression. John chuckled as Chas sped up to a jog across the room, opening the door to the balcony and walking outside.

John started to follow, but then someone tapped on the open door behind him. It was the young woman from the front desk.

"Mr. Constantine? Are the accommodations alright?"

John shot another glance at Chas. "Yeah, they're perfect. How's that rollaway bed coming?"

The girl looked a bit sheepish. "Well, sir, that's the thing. We had a rollaway bed, and I was having Jeremy bring it up here, but some teenage brunette girl went crazy on him. Jumped out of a closet, hit him over the head, and then stole the rollaway bed. She was screaming something about journals and flames."

John blinked. And blinked again.

"Right. The bed was stolen?"

"Just like I said, sir. Will you be alright without it?"

John sighed. "Yeah, I guess so."

"Wonderful. Will you be needing anything else?"

John glanced at Chas again. "How about the biggest hot fudge sundae your kitchen can cook up? Oh, and the key to the minibar."

"Right away, sir."

The girl left just as Chas walked back in off the balcony.

"The view is amazing, John, you really should…" Chas paused and frowned. "Why's there only one bed in here?"

John shifted uncomfortably. "Well…we were supposed to have a rollaway bed, but that fell through. So…"

Chas smiled and shrugged, though there was the slightest hint of a blush on his cheeks. "That's okay. I mean, it's just one night, right?"

"Right," John said, sitting down and lighting up a cigarette. "Just one night."

It had only been an hour, and the 'one night' already seemed infinitely long.

As soon as Chas finished his ice cream (which he'd been surprised to see in the first place), he headed straight for the shower. The sound of the water falling was torture to John, since it provoked his imagination, trying to see in his mind how the water would trail down Chas's body, dripping off his hair, coursing down lean muscles…

This wasn't a good idea. This is the worst torture I could've had on this whole damn trip.

At that moment Chas walked out of the bathroom, a towel hanging loosely around his slim waist.

Scratch that. NOW it's the worst torture I could've had on this whole damn trip.

"Put on some clothes, kid," he muttered, trying to hide the discomfort that sight caused him.


"Because I said so."

Chas chuckled. "Alright, alright, just gotta get my boxers…"

He's just gonna sleep in boxers?...Oh shit.

John couldn't help but stare as Chas bent over to dig in his bag. He swallowed thickly, and took another swig from the whiskey he'd gotten from the mini-bar, averting his gaze just as Chas stood up and turned around.

"What time are we getting started tomorrow?" Chas asked, and John shrugged.





Chas got changed into his boxers and headed out onto the balcony again- he simply couldn't get enough of that view. John, meanwhile, didn't understand what was so fascinating about a 2 billion year old drainage ditch.

He stood up and took off his suit jacket and tie, rolling up his sleeves and unbuttoning the top few buttons on his shirt before heading outside to join Chas.

"All this from one river," Chas mused quietly, and John exhaled smoke heavily into the night air.

"It happens."

Chas grinned and looked up at John, eyes sparkling. "Only you would be able to say a natural wonder 'just happens', John."

Maybe it was the whiskey. Maybe it was the cheesy atmosphere. Or maybe it was just John's utter lack of willpower. Either way, the next thing he knew he'd cupped Chas's face in his hands, and their lips were intensely pressed together. The boy's mouth still tasted like hot fudge, and John deepened the kiss, the taste even more intoxicating when mingled with a taste that was unique to Chas.

John didn't want Chas asking questions, because he had no answers for him. The only logical way to make this happen was to keep Chas's mouth busy with other things. This turned out to be easier than he'd previously thought.

He didn't remember when they got to the bed- but he was glad for the bed's size, because they were all over it. Chas surprised John with his eagerness, his readily roaming hands and tongue, exploring to find John's every sensitive spot.

And John didn't hesitate to return the favor. There were a few times when Chas was moaning so loud that he was afraid the neighbors would complain. It was a rare experience for John to be with someone who was so vocal, so expressive. The gentlest touch in the right place would set off a chain reaction- Chas would let out a moan, his back would arch, his toes would curl, and he would squirm and plead with John to 'do that again' or 'harder'.

John couldn't remember the last time he lay in bed falling asleep and was satisfied without intercourse. He'd always considered that a requirement, and if the foreplay was good it was a perk.

It had been nothing but foreplay for three hours and he was utterly satisfied.

He looked down at the curly-haired boy, who was fast asleep with his head on John's chest. He moved his hand up to stroke Chas's soft hair, and the boy purred and shifted before falling back into a deep sleep.

John smiled, closing his eyes and relaxing. And before he fell asleep, he had one final realization.

Maybe an extended vacation to Nature's biggest drainage ditch is a pretty damn good idea.