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Final Memories

There I was, lying limp and lifeless on the ground, bodies littered all around me. The bodies of those who had fought with all they had, for the greater good, until the end. Off in the distance laid Harry, straining for every breath of life left in him. It nearly broke my heart to see him like that, yet he still had the slightest trace of a smile in the right corner of his mouth, for he had finally triumphed over Lord Voldemort. The war was almost over, but three remained to fight in the ultimate battle of good and evil.

I had finally found the strength to battle forward beside my true love, against the inevitable evil. If I didn't, I wouldn't be Luna.

I stood next to my love, and turned to him one last time. It was the last time we'd ever be able to hold each other, to feel each others presence and to feel loved. I could feel his hand move onto my cheek as he whispered softly in my ear;

"I love you Luna, don't ever forget. We'll be together again someday…"

We had both known we must battle together, and strongly hoped we'd survive in the end. But we both knew, deep down, we'd die fighting. Harry had handed me a picture, it was of us on our first date. We kept sneaking shy glances at each other, smiling brightly the whole time. I knew I'd cherish it as the last memory of my true love, the only one I'd ever know. We both recognized it as the beginning of the end as we drew our wands with one hand, our free hands linked and we faced evil head on. The battle had begun…

The battle had stretched on for hours, a blur of spells, curses, counter-curses, and other magic; but eventually three bodies fell. Only I remained living, as I barely clung to life. I vaguely remember looking around once more at my surroundings; everyone I had ever loved lay lifeless across what had been, just a few hours before, a battle field. I do remember clearly, however, the feelings that accompanied the sight of the ones I loved, the memories of them using their last breaths trying to overcome evil.

Mentally preparing myself for the flood of emotions that was sure to come, I finally turned over to look at Harry, his face finally relieved of all pain and suffering.

I held his hands in mine, too cold for my liking, but it was my last chance to feel his hands in my own, his skin against mine. Tears trickled down my face as I placed the only solid memory of myself and my only love, between us, as I drifted off, against my will and better judgment, into a slight slumber. The world was finally rid of the one who had caused me and the ones I love to go through so much pain.

Now here I stand, alone, with only my last memories of love, pain and courage, forever racing through my mind.