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For all of you who wanted a sequel to AU: A hero's choice. Well I'm really sorry. At the moment I don't have any ideas for a sequel. I do however have some ideas for a similar story. It will be called. AU: A boy's training.

Summary: What if Goku had been more involved in training Gohan at an early age? This story starts at the beginning of dbz.

Chapter 1

"Come on Chichi," Goku begged. "Gohan needs to learn to fight."

"I told you already that I don't want my little boy being a fighter."

"But, doesn't he need to learn to defend himself. I mean there are lots of wild animals out there."


"Come on Chichi. Just let me train him on weekends and during the summer. He can study the rest of the time."

"Oh, alright."

The next Saturday Goku yells as he goes out the door. "Me and Gohan will be back by Monday morning."

"Goku," Chichi yells back. "You're not taking Gohan away for two whole days. He's only two years old."

"Don't worry," Goku assures his wife. "We'll be fine." With that Goku rushes out the door and is out of sight in minutes.

"That man is impossible," Chichi sighs.

Later that night Goku and Gohan are sitting around a campfire of cooking fish after a day of martial arts training based mostly extreme exercise and the basic martial arts stances. After the two Saiyans scarf down the food in record time, Goku reaches in a little bag and pulls out a small orange gi. "This is for you Gohan."

"Wow," Gohan exclaims. "It's just like yours, daddy."

"Here, put them on," Goku says handing over the gi, undershirt, and wristbands to his son.

With in minutes Gohan manages to wiggle into the new clothes. "These clothes are heavy, daddy."

"Yep," Goku says. "The wrist bands weigh ten pounds apiece and the undershirt weighs twenty pounds."

"I can barely move," Gohan whines.

"I know it'll be difficult at first," Goku says. "But you'll get used to the added weight and it'll make you stronger."

"Ok daddy," Gohan says as he gets up and drags his now heavier body over to a bush, where he takes a leak.

Two years later

"Chichi, me and Gohan are going to visit Master Roshi today," Goku yells as he heads out the door with his four-year-old son.

"Goku, don't take Gohan to see that old pervert," Chichi pleads. "It's bad enough that you feel the need to train him but I really don't want that old man rubbing off on him."

"Don't worry," Goku assures her. "We're just visiting." With that Goku rushes out the door. "Flying Nimbus." The floating yellow cloud swoops down from the sky picking up Goku and Gohan and flies off toward Roshi's island.

Meanwhile on the other side of the world a pod with a mysterious warrior in it hurls toward the earth. Minutes later it crashes out in the country.

"What the hell is that," a farmer says as the pod begins to open.

A tall warrior with long spiky hair steps out of the pod. A green device over his eye beeps. "A power level of 5. That's pathetic." With one blast the warrior incinerates the farmer. After consulting the scouter over his eye he takes off toward the highest power level in range.

A few minutes later he comes across a green man sitting and meditating. The tall warrior lands next to him. "Hey green man. Where's Kakarot."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Piccolo responds getting to his feet. "No one talks to me like that." With that Piccolo fires a blast right at the other warrior. "Now die."

The warrior simply starts to laugh. "Ha, you almost singed a hair on my leg." The scouter beeps interrupting him. "Well, I'd love to stay and kill you but I've still got to find Kakarot." The warrior turned away and flew off followed by an angry Piccolo.

Back at Roshi's island Goku and Gohan land and introductions start. "Who's the kid," Bulma asks.

"This is my son, Gohan," Goku says.

"Are you going to be a fighter just like your dad," Krillin adds.

"My mom says I'm going to be an orthopedist," Gohan says. There's a moment of silence. "But, I'm going to be a fighter."

"Yeah the gi gives it away," Roshi adds.

"Come here you little cutie," Bulma says. She goes over to pick up Gohan. "Man he weighs a ton."

"Naw," Goku says scratching the back of his neck. "It's just the weighted clothes."

"But he's so heavy how does he walk in those," Bulma says.

"It's only two hundred pounds," Gohan says.

"Two hundred pounds," Krillin murmurs as everyone but Goku and Gohan sweatdrop. "But he's just a kid."

"He's already almost as strong as I am," Goku says. "I've been training him for the past tow..." Goku stops mid sentence as he turns his head. "What power."

"It feels evil daddy," Gohan says.

"Is it Piccolo," Bulma says.

"No it's too strong to be Piccolo," Goku says.

Before they can discuss the matter further the tall warrior with long spiky hair lands next to Goku. "Kakarot, I've finally found you."

"What are you talking about," Goku says. "There's no Kakarot here."

"Look, he's got a tail," Bulma spurts out.

"Yeah, its just like the one I used to have," Goku says.

"That proves it," the warrior says. "You are a Saiyan."

"A what?"

"You hit your head as a child didn't you?"


"Well let me explain then. I'm Raditz. You are Kakarot my little brother. We are Saiyan warriors from the planet Vegeta. Our planet was destroyed by a meteor several years ago. Prince Vegeta, Nappa, myself, and you are the only surviving Saiyans. You were sent to clear this planet of life so it could be sold. I must say that I'm disappointed."

"I'd never kill people like you say," Goku yells.

"Then I've wasted my time then. But tell you what; I will give you twenty four hours to change your mind. Meet me in that time after having killed one hundred people and I will let you come with me."

"Never," Goku says.

Raditz reaches over and grabs Gohan by the tail squeezing hard and lifting the boy off his feet. "If you want to see your son again you will."

"You bastard," Goku charges at Raditz, but is put on the ground with an elbow to the head. Minutes later Raditz flies off with Gohan.

Krillin rushes over to Goku. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine."

"Don't worry, we'll get Gohan back," Krillin says. "I'll go with you."

"No, Krillin you stay here. He's too strong for you."

"But Goku…"

"Don't worry I know who to ask for help." Goku turns where Piccolo is floating in the air. "So, what do you say, Piccolo?"

"I'll help you but as soon as this is over you're next."

"Fair enough," Goku says. "Nimbus."

Piccolo and Goku take off after Raditz.

Raditz lands by his pod with his new prisoner. "Well, let's see how strong you really are." Raditz pushes a button on his scouter. "215, not bad for a kid your age. I'd better put you in the ship for safe keeping." A few minutes later with Gohan safely in the pod, Raditz turns just in time to see Goku and Piccolo landing in fighting stances. "So I see you brought the green man with you for help Kakarot."

"Where's Gohan?" Goku shouts.

"He's safe in the pod. It's more than strong enough to hold him. It can hold someone with a power level up to 750." Raditz taps the scouter. "Let's see the green man is at 322. Kakarot is at 375. Pathetic for a Saiyan."

"Well, I've got a few surprises for you," Goku says as he takes off his weighted shirt and wristbands. Piccolo throws his hat and turban to the ground.

"Well isn't this a surprise," Raditz says consulting the scouter again. "You two can hide your power levels with weighted clothes. Let's see the green man is at 408. Kakarot is at 457."

"We're going to beat you," Goku says as he and Piccolo charge Raditz at full speed throwing kicks and punches wildly. Raditz dodges them all with ease. With a quick back hand he sends Piccolo flying back and then lands a punch right to Goku's stomach. Goku goes flying back, recovering quickly. "Kamehameha," Goku shouts firing the beam at Raditz.

Raditz crosses his arms in front of him as the blast hits. When the smoke clears Raditz is unharmed. "That was pathetic."

"Do you have any new techniques that might work on this guy, Piccolo," Goku asks.

"It so happens that I do. I was hoping to save it for you. But I guess I can use it now. The only problem is I need time to charge it up. Do you think you can last against him for about five minutes?"

"Sure." Goku charges at Raditz throwing kicks and punches wildly at his older brother. Meanwhile Piccolo puts two fingers up to his forehead and begins charging ki in them.

In the space pod Gohan bangs on the window. "Let me out." He sees Goku outside doing his best against Raditz but still getting his butt kicked. "I need to help dad." He bangs on the window harder.

Raditz punches Goku in the stomach sending him flying through the air. "Now I'll finish you off." Just then his scouter beeps. "What the hell?" Raditz turns just in time to see Piccolo point a ki charged two fingers at him.

"Special Beam Cannon," Piccolo yells as he shoots the beam at the Saiyan. Raditz jumps to the side as the beam glances off his shoulder before exploding against a mountain. "He dodged," Piccolo murmurs. "But how?"

"Well, that was some attack," Raditz said. "Too bad it didn't hit." In an instant Raditz charges Piccolo and hits him hard. As Piccolo starts to fly in the other direction, Raditz grabs his right arm and pulls. Piccolo's body goes flying back but his arm remains in Raditz's grip.

"Are you alright Piccolo?" Goku asks standing beside the green warrior.

"Yeah I'll be alright."

"Ok, just start charging another one of those attacks. I've got a plan."

"Ok whatever you say."

Goku charges at Raditz once again throwing kicks and punches wildly. Raditz still seems to dodge almost all of them. Raditz throws a punch of his own at Goku's face but the younger of the two warriors manages to duck under and grab a hold of his brother's tail. Raditz suddenly stops in great pain.

"I got you tail," Goku comments. "Ready Piccolo?"

"Yeah just hold him for a little longer."

"Please brother," Raditz begs. "Don't kill me. I'll change my ways."

"Don't listen to him, Goku."

"I won't kill any more."

Goku's grip loosens on Raditz's tail and in seconds the Saiyan warrior elbows Goku in the face sending him flying back. Raditz follows pummeling his younger brother with a flurry of kicks and punches. Finally Goku lands on the ground with Raditz's foot on his chest. "Now you die brother."

From inside the pod Gohan sees Raditz standing on his father's chest. "I have to help daddy," Gohan yells as his anger rises. "I have to be stronger."

Raditz is about to bring his foot down on Goku when his scouter beeps. "What? That brat's power is reading 1345. That's impossible." Raditz turns his head just in time to see a very angry Gohan bust out of the pod and come flying at him with a kick to the face.

"Leave my dad alone," Gohan screams calming down somewhat and losing some of his power.

"Why you little brat," Raditz screams. "You'll die for that." But before Raditz can attack Gohan he's grabbed in a body lock from behind by Goku.

"Fire, Piccolo"

"Special Beam Cannon." The beam hits Raditz in the chest and continues through Goku. Both warriors fall to the ground mortally wounded.

Piccolo walks over to Raditz. "Well it looks like you lose after all. What's worse for you is that it won't be long before Goku's friends wish him back with the Dragonballs. You, however, won't be coming back."

"You fool. You'll all still die," Raditz says. "This device doesn't just read power levels. It's also a communicator. Two more Saiyan warriors will come avenge me. They are even more powerful then I am." With that Raditz dies.

A short while later Bulma, Krillin, and Master Roshi arrive on the battle field. Bulma and Roshi walk over and examine the body of Raditz. "Hey get that device off his face, Bulma orders." Roshi reaches down and grabs the scouter off of Raditz. Bulma puts it on. "I think I can fix it so it will display power levels where we can read them."

Bulma and Roshi walk over where Krillin is standing next to Goku's body. "Don't worry Krillin," Roshi says. "We'll wish him back."

"Yeah but what about the other two Saiyan's Piccolo mentioned?"

"We'll deal with them when they get here," Bulma says.

Krillin turns to Gohan. "Well come on kid, lets go."

"No," Piccolo shouts. "I will train the kid to prepare for the Saiyans."

"But he's just a kid."

"He may be our only hope."

A few hours later after locating Tien and Yamcha and returning back to Roshi's island, Bulma suddenly shouts. "I did it."

"Did what?" Yamcha asks.

"I fixed this scouter."

"Well let's see if it works," Krillin says.

"Ok," Bulma points it at Krillin. "Ok let's see. 206" She turns and points it at the turtle. ".001. Yamcha's at 177. Tien's at 250. And Master Roshi is at 160."

"Man we really need to train," Krillin says.

Out in the desert Piccolo and Gohan stand facing each other. "We've only got a year to prepare you for the Saiyans coming," Piccolo says. "First you need to learn to survive in the wilderness if you are to be tough enough to survive the Saiyans. I will come get you in six months."

"Wait Mr. Piccolo."

"What is it kid?"

"Is this part really necessary? My dad already taught me how to survive. I've been getting my own food on weekends for the past year and a half."

"You weren't alone you little brat. You must survive. But if you prove to me that you can I will step up the training sooner."

"Ok," Gohan says determined. "But will you do me a favor before you leave, Mr. Piccolo."

"What is it kid?"

"Well, my dad said that you can materialize things."


"Well, I was wondering if you could double the undershirt and wristband weights so I can get stronger faster."

"Sure kid," Piccolo says with a genuine smile.

"Thanks Mr. Piccolo. I'll train hard for the next six months. I promise." Gohan starts to walk away barely lifting his new load.

"I hope so kid," Piccolo says to himself. "I hope so."

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Power levels


Goku375 (with weights)

457 (w/o weights)


Piccolo322 (with weights)

408 (w/o weights)

1330 (Special Beam Cannon first try)

1440 (Special Beam Cannon second try)

Gohan215 (with weights)

1345 (really pissed still with weights)

262 (estimate of Gohan w/o weights calm)