Summary: Its the end, need I say more?

Author's Note: This is it folks, the end, finally. I want to thank all of the people who've followed this story over the 3 years it took me to write it. Your feedback and enjoyment of my work really made it worthwhile. For those of you who want to read other things I'm currently working on, feel free to visit my webpage and drop me a line. I also want to dedicate this final chapter to the love of my life. After sitting down and finally reading this from chapter 1 until chapter 39, she bugged, pestered and heckled me to finish and finish quick. Those plans of course were delayed when my computer decided it hated my harddrive; oh well thank god I sent her that final chapter before it did! I hope to write more about this couple in the future, but only time will tell. So thanks again, and as always, read and enjoy.

Forge made his way back to the room he'd been given, suddenly desperate to leave the mansion behind him. He had to get away, had to hide before anyone came looking for him. Maybe if he was lucky, he could get to the bolt hole he'd set up some time ago for just this occasion. Although at the time he'd established it, he never thought to ever use it.

He entered the room, gathering his things and shoving them into his suitcase as quickly as he could. Inside, part of him was furious that his deception had been found out. Somehow, his plan had back fired and his ego was large enough to feel a bit bruised by the discovery. But another part of him was more fearful of what would happen once his superiors found out about his failure; if they hadn't found out already.

He heard the wheels of Charles' chair just a scant second before the older man's voice filled the room. "You lied to us."

Forge turned to face the telepath, a bit annoyed that he hadn't managed to leave before Xavier found him. "Yeah, I did. But I didn't really see that I had much choice."

Charles wheeled further into the room. "Perhaps but you could have told us the truth; we would have protected you, helped you."

Forge snorted as he continued stuffing things into his suitcase. "By doing what exactly Chuck? I'm not part of the team."

There was a soft sigh behind him. "For that I am extremely grateful."

Forge finished packing and, zippering his suitcase, turned to face the professor. "Now what? You have some parting words of wisdom?"

Charles shook his head. "No, like Logan I have a warning and a gift."

Forge laughed despite himself. "A gift? What the hell do you have that I could possibly want?"

"I'm going to give you the one thing you did not possess that would have protected us: a backbone." His soft voice was firm and there was something about it that promised dire retribution if anyone failed to take heed. It caught Forge's attention.

He resisted the urge to pull back. "And just how do you plan on doing that?" This time Charles gave him a wry, slender smile that chilled the blood in his veins.

"By making you more afraid of us, than you are of them." The older man looked at him closely and let his powerful mind free of some of his iron willed control. He pitched his voice low and dark, letting it fill Forge's soul with despair and fear. "If you ever return here, I will make you sure you spend the rest of your days in pain and terror. Every waking moment will be spent in a haze of sheer blinding agony the likes of which you have never even imagined. I will make you rue the day you were born and wish for death a thousand times over before I'm finished. And I won't even have to touch you to do it. I give you my word on that. So think well if you ever are pressured to return to us."

He pulled back and Forge stood there trembling slightly as Xavier's words sank home. Death would find him whether he left the mansion or not. But only here would he find complete and utter destruction of his soul if he came back. He looked at Charles and felt the first flicker of true fear take light in his heart.

Xavier gave him a kind smile and gave him a small nod before turning to leave the room. "Now, I believe your taxi has arrived; I must politely ask you to leave these grounds." A moment later, he was gone.

Nearly two hours later, after Logan had been carefully looked over by Jean and Hank and after he'd seen Ororo off to their room to rest for a bit while he got a snack, Logan walked into the kitchen to find Jean sitting there nursing a glass of orange juice. It reminded him of the last time he'd walked in to find her doing the exact same thing; the morning he'd realized that he was in love with Ororo. The memory made him smile.

Jean looked up at his entrance, waving him to a seat and getting up to fix him something to eat. "How's she doing?"

Surprised and touched by the gesture, he sat down at the table. "She's exhausted. Overjoyed, but exhausted."

Jean sighed as she put together a simple sandwich for him, her eyes troubled. "She's been through a lot these past weeks; and she's not the only one. How are you doing?" She gave him an appraising stare, her doctor's eyes assessing him closely.

He shrugged knowing what she was asking for but unwilling to share the horrors with her or anyone, for any reason. "Good."

"Logan." She gave him the look. Logan supposed she was practicing for the pending brood she and Scott were starting on. But at the moment, he was unfazed by it.

"Give me some time Jean. I may have a few more nightmares every once in awhile but I'll manage."

She stared at him for a moment and then simply nodded. "That's good to hear."

He watched her in silence as she put the sandwich together, grabbing a few other things to with it before she brought it all to the table. "Jean, I gotta ask, what happened when ya told her?"

Jean sat down across from him, her face unreadable as she watched him begin eating. "Are you sure you want to hear this?"

He took a large bite of the sandwich, chewing slowly while he thought. Despite himself, he still needed to know just how bad it had been for her. If only so he knew what he was in store for in helping her heal. "I gotta know Jean. Don't worry 'bout my mental health, I can deal with it." He took another bite, brushing at the crumbs that stuck to his beard.

She chuckled as she handed him a napkin. "I'm not worried about your mental health so much as Forge's continued healthy existence."

He shook his head, continuing to eat as he spoke around the mouthful. "We had our conversation. Whatever ya tell me now ain't gonna make me take off after him. He ain't worth the effort."

She watched him eat for several moments before seeming to come to a decision and answering his question. "She grieved for you Logan, so hard that she nearly destroyed the Eastern Sea Board with the resulting storm."

"What?" He couldn't hide his surprise; whatever he'd been expecting, it hadn't been that.

Jean elaborated for him. "She gave up her control, completely surrendering to the grief and anguish she felt. We watched from the sidelines, unable to approach her waiting for the storm to dissipate. It took three days."

"Jesus." He looked at the rest of his sandwich, no longer hungry; his appetite driven away by her words.

Jean sighed, her voice quiet as she continued. "When the storm finally began to die and we were able to approach, we barely reached her in time. We arrived just as the last of her strength left her and she fell from the sky. Rogue managed to catch her before she drowned. She told me later that she simply gave up. She didn't want to fight any longer and was hoping to join you."

Logan pushed his plate away from him, suddenly ill at the thought of what nearly happened to the love of his life. He'd come so close to losing her, so close to having nothing to live for. It sickened him, what Forge had done to them both and he'd simply let the man walk away. Hopefully driven to ground by the fear of his superiors but he was still free. Now Logan wondered at the wisdom of that decision.

He gave Jean a puzzled look as something occurred to him. "Jean, I know I asked but why the detail? We both know ya could've gotten the message across without it."

There was a strange fire in her eyes as she leaned forward, the growing bump of her unborn child hitting the table softly as she met his gaze unflinchingly. "Because he hurt her and you. Because he tried to manipulate all of us and he lied to Charles. Because I don't want you to ever feel mercy or forget what he did to either of you. Because if he ever comes back, I want to help you kill him for what he's done to this family." The last was said with such a fierce, savage tone, Logan half expected her to start growling.

He chuckled even as he realized that she was deadly serious. "Red, remind me never to piss you off. The devil ain't got nothin' on you." He picked up his soda, draining it before slapping the can back down on the table, desperately wishing it had been a beer.

She reached out to touch his hand gently, drawing his attention back. "I only ask one thing in return Logan." He nodded. "Take care of her Logan. Love her, cherish her and give her all her dreams. That's all I ask."

He nodded touched at her trust. "Deal."

She gave him a smile and stood up to begin cleaning up the mess she'd made while making his snack. "Good, now Charles would like to see you." She bent down and kissed his cheek gently even as she began clearing the table. "Welcome home Logan."

He smiled at her in affection. "Thanks Jeannie."

Logan went off to Xavier's study, finding the door open and Charles inside, sitting before the large picture window, staring out across the gardens. He walked across the room. "Jeannie said ya wanted ta see me Chuck."

Charles turned, smiling as he caught sight of him. "Yes Logan, I did." He wheeled himself away from the window to the sofa, waving Logan to sit down. "I wanted to welcome you back and to apologize."

Logan looked at him, startled at the older man's words. "Apologize? What for?"

Xavier sighed. "We did not believe her Logan and because of that you suffered needlessly in that prisoner." He looked at Logan, his eyes naked and filled with guilt and pain at what they both knew he had experienced.

Logan looked at him for several moments, touched beyond words at the professor's admission. He leaned forward, clasping his hands together, gazing at them for several long moments before he responded. "Chuck, I don't blame ya guys for this. Ya thought it was the grief talkin', how could ya not? Ya all did what ya thought best for her. Ya were tryin' ta protect her and help her heal. It's what I would've wanted ya ta do."

Xavier nodded, reaching out to take one of Logan's hands in his in a firm grasp, surprising the other man even more. "Still, I feel a great deal of shame over my immediate dismissal of her claims."

Logan waved him off, sitting back against the couch feeling a touch of tears burning in his throat at the heartfelt acceptance from the older man. "It's over and done Chuck. As far as I'm concerned Forge is the one responsible for all this."

Charles smiled wryly, a strange look on his face. "Yes, he is. But I have a distinct feeling we will not be hearing from him for a very long time." The look on his face told Logan he wasn't talking about Logan and Ororo's confrontation with him in the hangar. Logan wondered just what Xavier had said to the mutant genius but was unable to question him further as Xavier continued speaking. "However, there is something I think you should be aware of."


"Upon further urging from Jean, I attempted to find you using Cerebro and discovered something quite unexpected." He sat back and took a moment or two to collect his thoughts. "I was unable to locate you specifically. They had you heavily shielded and even with Cerebro, I was unable to penetrate that shielding. But on a hunch, I took a closer look at Ororo and discovered a psychic connection between the two of you. It is similar to the one shared by Scott and Jean and even Jean and Ororo. I have no explanation for it and I do not understand it. But it is there and I thought you should know about it."

"Are ya sayin' that Ororo and I are bonded psychically?"

"Yes for lack of a better term, yes. This might explain the dreams you had of her while you were imprisoned."

Again Logan looked at him in shock. "How did ya know 'bout that?" He paused a second and then shook his head. He had a very good idea how Charles knew. "Never mind."

Charles chuckled, reaching out to clasp his hand again. "In any event Logan, it is good to have you back. And I have been urged by many of the residents here that we need to celebrate. So, I'm planning a party to celebrate your return to us. And, I'm hoping that by the time the party comes around, you and Ororo will have an announcement for us all."

Logan chuckled as he stood and left the room; it was just too difficult to hide anything in this house.

He went back up to the loft room he and Ororo shared, half expecting to find her asleep in the middle of the bed. The woman was exhausted and after the past couple of weeks they'd been through, so was he. But when he opened the door, he found her sitting in the middle of the bed, holding one of his shirts in her lap and gazing around the room as if she were suddenly lost.

He closed the door, going to sit on the edge of the bed as she turned to him. Her eyes lit up at the sight of him and she the lost look in her eyes faded as he sat on the edge of the bed next to her. "Ya alright darlin'?" He grabbed her hand, squeezing it gently as she smiled at him.

She nodded, taking his other hand in hers to hold against her chest. "I still cannot believe this is real; still cannot believe you are here with me."

He nodded well able to relate to what she was feeling. "I never expected ta get outta there. How'd ya figure out I wasn't dead?"

She shifted on the bed, reaching out to touch his chest and shoulders. "While you were gone, I had a dream. You and I were having a picnic in the gardens near the lake. And you told me that you were not dead. That Forge had faked the whole thing." Her tone was soft and low, calm even. As if she was simple explaining a lesson to one of the children. As if she could not hear the sudden pounding of his heart in his chest.

He took a deep breath, feeling it hitch in his chest slightly. "We were discussin' that movie we saw about clonin' weren't we?"

Ororo looked at him in surprise. "Yes, we were. Logan, how did you know that?"

He gave her a wry smile. "Cause I had the same damned dream almost every night since Forge left me in that hellhole. How could we be havin' the same dream?"

"Perhaps we are more connected than we realize."

Without warning, Xavier's words came back to him. The theory that the two of them shared a psychic link, despite the fact that neither one of them was psychically gifted. "I ain't a telepath darlin' and the last I knew neither were you. So how in the hell…" she touched his lips, stilling his words.

She gave him a smile, gently touching his face with such tenderness and love in her eyes as she did so. "I do not know my love. Does it really matter if we do?" She reached out to cup his face, bringing it close to her own, their lips a mere breath apart as she whispered. "Because I plan on getting down on my knees every night until the day I die and thanking every god I can name for that miracle."

Touched and a bit shaken by her declaration, he rested his forehead against hers, feeling the biting sting of tears sitting in his eyes at the sudden thought of losing her. "Darlin', the only miracle I've ever known before was you."

She reached out to pull him close, tears suddenly sliding down her face as she whispered in his ears. "Goddess, I was so lost without you. I did not think I could go on. I never want to feel that way ever again. And I am going to do everything in my power to keep it from happening again."

He pulled back from her, gently touching her slightly quivering lips. "Ororo what're ya tryin' ta say?"

She took a deep breath, bracing herself. "I want us to leave the team."

Shocked, he could only stare at her in silence for a moment. "What?" His gruff reply sounded harsh to his own ears. Of all the things he'd expected her to say, this was very high on the "not even remotely possible" list.

"Not completely but no more missions. No more sitting around wondering if you are coming back. I never want to be called into Xavier's office again and be told what I was told a couple of weeks ago. I never again want to feel the pain I felt when I thought you were dead." She leaned her head against his chest and he knew that the tears in her eyes were even then sliding down her face to soak into his shirt.

He reached up to stroke her head as she quietly cried against him. "But leavin' the team? Come on darlin' we both know ya couldn't do that."

She pulled away her face covered in tears. "I have to. I cannot lose you like this again, because next time, it will destroy me."

Logan gave a huge mental sigh, the sight of her tear filled eyes nearly breaking his heart all over again. He reached out, cupping her face in his large hands, gently wiping away her tears. "Ororo listen to me. The X-Men mean everythin' to ya. Ya can't just walk away. And even if ya could I wouldn't let ya. I know how much bein' a part of this team means to ya."

She shook her head, she grabbed his shirt in her hands, fisting the material in her vise-like grip. "I am simply not strong enough. I cannot live with the risk of losing you. I simply cannot live without you."

He gave her a gentle smile as he untangled her hands from the lapels of his shirt before wrapping his arms around her once more. He held her for several moments, simply rocking her as he let her quietly cry out her fear and frustrations. Feeling her relax against him, he gave a huge sigh as he urged her to look at him.

He reached out, gently brushing the tears from her face. "Ya once told me that life was full of risks. If we stop to think about that too hard then we freeze up. There are a thousand things that could happen ta me or you; but that don't stop us from livin' our lives, doin' what we love. I can't bear that fear would make ya give up somethin' ya love so much. Would ya rather have our children take the risk when we weren't willin' to?"

She gazed at him in shock for several moments. Her voice when it came was quiet and unsure. "Our children? You want children?"

He shrugged. "I never thought I did but I had plenty of time ta think while they had me holed up in that dungeon." He caressed her face, a tender smile on his as he told her of the daydreams he'd had while imprisoned. "I'd love ta see a little girl, the spittin' image of her mother, runnin' around terrorizin' the teachers, all full of piss and vinegar. I want someone Scott and Jean's kid can pal around with, grow up with. I want what ya want, so long as it makes you happy."

Ororo gave him a shy smile a thought occurring to her. "And if it is a little boy, the very twin of his father?"

He gave a sharp bark of laughter at the image and the idea of their son running around the mansion. "Then we're all in fer a heap of trouble and I'll have ta apologize ta Scott and Jean on a daily basis."

She laughed for a moment with him, and then sobered even as the smile stayed on her face. "I do not know what to say."

"Say ya want everythin' I've offered. Say ya want kids, say ya want me, say anythin' ya like. Just say you'll stay, say yer willin' ta take the risk with me."

She nodded. "I will stay."

Inside his heart constricted and then swelled to over flowing in the blink of an eye. "Then does that mean ya have an answer fer me?"

She got up on her knees on the bed, putting her arms around his neck as she nodded. "Yes, Logan, yes to all of it."

He kissed her then, long and deep as the beast inside him woke, looking on with restrained humor. It was happy and so Logan could be as well. In its mind, Logan had chosen well. He pulled back from the kiss and let her go somewhat reluctantly so he could begin getting undressed for bed. "Good now ya and Jeanie can start plannin' the shindig fer this thing." He called over his shoulder.

She shook her head, standing. "No, I cannot wait, not after what we have been through. Let us leave, tonight, go somewhere and get married. No more waiting, I want you to be my husband."

Her impulsiveness surprised him. "Ya sure?"

She again wrapped her arms around his neck. "I do not care about the wedding Logan; we can have a party for everyone later but this, this I want for us."

He searched her face but only found eagerness and a touch of impatience at having to explain. He gave her a nod before pulling away to put his shirt back on. "Alright; looks like we're stealin' the blackbird again cause it looks like Vegas is our only option right now."

She chuckled. "I have a better idea. Call Kurt, he can teleport over here and perform the ceremony for us."

For some reason thinking of Kurt brought Jean to mind and what her reaction might be at finding they'd eloped. "What about Jean? She's likely to kick yer ass if she finds out ya got married without her."

She chuckled again. "Let me take care of that. We shall need witnesses after all."

"Where do ya want ta do this?"

"Out in the gardens near the lake while the moon is high in the sky. It shall be like the first night we made love in the woods."

He nodded. "Alright, I'll call the elf so he can come and get us hitched."

Nearly an hour later, after Ororo had managed to convince Jean and the professor that she was very serious and completely sure, she stood next to Logan in the gardens, exchanging vows beneath the moonlight. Jean at her left, the professor standing for Logan, both of them beaming at the brilliant smile on Ororo's face.

As for Kurt, he was only too happy to come over from the monastery to marry them and he stood there in his priestly vestments, an open bible in his hand as he invoked God to bear witness to the union. His heavy German accent making many of his words indecipherable but somehow more meaningful all the same.

Logan stood there with Ororo, holding her slender hands in his own, unable to take his eyes off her. For once, his senses were completely clouded, occupied solely by the beautiful woman he was about to take as his wife. The mansion could have blown up behind them and he would have remained blissfully unaware of it.

This was the moment he knew he'd been waiting for all his life, even the large portion he could no longer remember. The moment when he would stand beside the woman he'd chosen, laying his claim before God and family; the moment when he would willingly hand his heart to the one woman who would take it gladly. He had found his soul mate, the other half of himself. She was the one he had been waiting for and now she was here, ready to build the life and the family that he had once thought denied him because of the blood of his past.

But she didn't care about the blood on his hands or the violence he carried in his heart. She saw only the man underneath the manipulations of others. Saw only the caring kind soul and that was what she loved, that was who she knew. So he would gladly spend the rest of his life trying to be worthy of that trust. And he would move heaven and Earth to see all her dreams made real.

A moment later, he was sliding her engagement ring onto her finger his vows having been said and declared. There had never been time to look at wedding bands so it would have to do for the moment. But he had a feeling it could have been a folded gum wrapper and that would not have mattered to her one bit. He could see the love and joy in her eyes and he knew that no matter what he did in this life, no matter what that life together might bring, he would do everything in his power to ensure she would never want for those feelings.

Then, the ceremony was complete and Jean was hugging Ororo tightly while Xavier gave him a firm handshake in congratulations. Then there was joyous chaos as they shuffled around and he gave Jean a warm hug while Ororo kissed Charles warmly on the cheek. Even Kurt was included and was surprised when Logan gave him a gruff but warm hug as he thanked the monk for coming over to marry them.

Then, somehow he tore Ororo away from the small but elated group and carried her upstairs to the loft where he happily spent the next several hours reuniting himself with the touch and feel of her as they made love. Near dawn found them wrapped up in each others arms, both of them barely conscious but neither willing to let go and sleep.

He lay there holding her in his arms as she slowly lost the battle and drifted off, a slight smile on her face. He continued stroking her hair and face long after her breathing deepened and she went limp and relaxed, still unwilling to let the night end. Tomorrow would bring the real world crashing back to them. Tomorrow they would have to face the other residents of the mansion and try to hide the elopement until a bit later. No need to steal Jean and Scott's thunder just yet.

He gave a slight chuckle as he realized that Gambit might also be a bit pissed about Ororo running off with him. He felt a surge of glee at the idea that he'd managed to get in the last word on the Cajun. And with that thought in his head, he too finally gave up the fight and drifted off to sleep.

Two days later Xavier kept good on his word and there was a large party gathered to celebrate Logan's return from death. Charles had told Logan that it was to welcome him back but they both knew the party meant so much more to that. It was an affirmation of life for the residents of the mansion and it served as a reminder that every moment of that life was so very precious. More importantly it gave them all a chance to unite against a common enemy and traitor and thrive in spite of his treachery.

So, Charles asked many of the students to come back a few weeks early to celebrate with all of the permanent residents. There were very few of them that turned down that invitation. Although no one had any idea just how special the party would turn out to be. Or that it would be far more than a simple happy reunion.

The party had been going for some time, with plenty of good food and talking and laughter. Some of the younger boys had started some games; a small group of them were playing a game of football while another few were playing horseshoes in the nearby pits. There was dancing and cheer and no one really wanted the day to ever end.

But some time after the party started, Scott stood up, rapping his glass loudly as Jean and the professor called everyone in to witness. It seemed that Scott had something important to say to both Ororo and Logan.

He stood there in the middle of the group, holding a glass of champagne, the one concession Xavier would allow for that night, and gave Logan a solid cuff on the back. "Logan, we both know I'm not your favorite person; in fact we both know that there were quite a few times we'd have gladly beat the tar out of each other." There was a great deal of laughter over that statement. "But I have to admit, it's really good to have you back. I know I for one wouldn't want my kid to grow up without knowing you."

Logan chuckled slightly even as Jean seconded the sentiment. "Here, here."

Scott lifted up his glass as others did the same. "So this is to welcome back into the fold and wish you and Ororo all the happiness you can handle. To both of you."

There was a bit of clapping and even a bit of whistling and cheering as Warren stepped up to take Scott's place at Logan's side. "Well mate, it seems like Bets and I might be following all of your footsteps in the marriage department. Course, she hasn't asked me yet so that might be a guess on my part." Logan laughed loudly at that, remembering well the conversation they'd had on that fateful New Year's Eve night. "Be that as it may, we both wish you guys joy in each other and your future. Now would the two of you just get hitched and making with the babies already?"

Beside Logan, Ororo chuckled quietly and he could see her blush slightly beneath her caramel skin even as Jean spoke up in mock terror. "God no, don't even joke about Logan having kids."

"Well good thing we're trained in guerilla warfare." This from Scott as Gambit took his turn.

Silence fell as Logan felt Remy come up beside him. "Gambit is Ororo's bruder and he has always tried to look out for her. When Logan and Ororo first began dat'ing, Remy must admit, he was not happy."

"To say the least." Ororo murmured somberly.

If Remy heard her, he paid her no mind and continued on talking. "But mon ami, Remy has never seen her happier den she is wit you. Or so miserable as she was when she t'ought you were gone. And so, Remy has only one thing to say to da two of you: Mai vos âmes et être pleinement vos coeurs lumière, mai vous savez toujours l'amour et la joie dans chaque autre mai et vous ne l'avez jamais être séparés de nouveau, pas même dans la mort."

Glasses were lifted a third time to salute them both and Logan found himself touched by the attention. He looked at Ororo, raising an eyebrow in question. Ororo, gave him a slight nod, almost as if she read his mind and he knew that it was time to let the cat out of the bag. The others around him called for a speech as he stood there and he decided he would give them just what they asked for.

"I don't remember my family, don't even know if I have one left ta be honest. But I'd like ta think that if I do have one somewhere, they're just like the one I found here. I thank ya'll for openin' yer hearts and homes ta me and for takin' care of Ororo when ya'll thought I was dead. A man couldn't ask for better than that." He put his arm around Ororo's waist, watching as Jean reached out to the other woman, tears in her eyes. It was time for the happy announcement.

"Now I know ya'll thought this was ta celebrate me comin' home and the news 'bout our engagement. But 'Ro and I have a bit of a confession. A couple nights ago, we called and asked Kurt to zap his but over here and marry us. So, this should also be a celebration of our weddin'."

Scott looked at him in shock. "You guys eloped on us?"

Logan chuckled. "Yeah, we did."

Jean walked over and took his arm as she said. "We'll forgive them, on two conditions." There was no mention that she knew very well that they had eloped.

Ororo smiled at her friend. "And what would those be?"

"First, that you promise to renew your vows on your first anniversary so we can have a proper wedding."

Ororo nodded, chuckling. "And the second?"

Jean looked at Scott and he nodded. "That you and Logan stand up as the godparents for our child."

Ororo let go of Logan and hugged her friend, tears in her eyes. "Oh Jean, we would be honored."

"Then it's settled. Now come on, we have a party to enjoy." She dragged Ororo off to a nearby table and she and Warren and Betsy began a card game.

Behind them, Logan and Remy stood together in silence, watching as Ororo laughed, her eyes sparkling and bright. Remy heaved a great sigh as he pondered Logan. "Remy should be mad dat you did not ask him to be a part of dat wedding."

Logan shrugged. "Yeah I guess ya should. But it was her idea."

Remy chuckled. "Why is Remy not surprised." He looked at Ororo for several long moments before turning back to Logan. "Just promise Remy dat he be your best man in a year's time."

Surprised Logan looked at the younger man. "Ya sure ya can stomach standin' up for me?"

Remy shrugged. "Remy can stand a great deal if she asked it of him. But Remy don't be doin' dis for her. He be doin' dis cause he approve of you."

Logan nodded after a moment, extending his hand towards the younger man. Remy stared at it for several seconds before taking it in his own and shaking it firmly. Then, the matter settled in his mind, he turned and walked off, looking for Rogue.

Logan watched him wander off, feeling a bit shell shocked at the sudden change in his attitude but extremely glad of it. He heard Ororo laughing loudly and turned his attention back to the card table where she was playing. He walked to the table, and without thinking, leaned over her, tilting her face up to meet his.

"I love you Ororo." He said softly.

She smiled at him, reaching up to touch his face. "I love you too Logan." And then she gently kissed him.

He reveled in the kiss for several moments, the others at the table forgotten as she clouded his senses. He pulled back after a moment to find Jean standing at the table next to her empty seat.

"Take my spot Logan; I have to pee again." The others laughed as Logan slid into her empty seat.

"Must suck Red."

Jean gently patted his shoulder as she leaned in to whisper. "Well in about six months, I'm sure you'll be well acquainted with the problem." Then she was gone.

Logan sat there completely still for several moments at the implications. Was she? Did she know it yet? Did he say anything about what Jean had said? Then the moment was lost as Warren threw a card at him.

"Damn mate, you looked like Jean fed you a damn live bird or something. You ok?"

Logan growled. "Just deal the damn cards feathers; and no cheatin'. I'm watchin' ya." There would be time enough later to talk about what Jean had said; time enough to go over what it meant. But for now, now he was surrounded by the people who meant most to him in all the world. And he had no intention of letting the opportunity to enjoy himself pass him by.

The End

Gambit's toast: May your souls be full and your hearts light, May you always know love and joy in each other and may you never be parted again, not even in death