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Summary: Danny and co. are beamed to a suspicious place. There, many things are found, cheese is thrown, and a dastardly secret is revealed. The final destination awaits...but will Danny have to face this destination alone?

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Chapter 1: The Guardian Revealed

June 25, 2004
Day 8 of Operation Roadtrip
Yep, only eight days.
Location: Who the heck knows?


Danny sleepily opened his eyes. He felt sluggish, as though he forgot how his legs worked. Before he could remember, he felt cold water on his face. He looked up, and saw a blurry outline of Susan.

"Wake up, Lazelo," she said, smirking at her pun. She was holding a bucket. "I thought you'd never come to. Guess you've never traveled by beam, eh?" She chuckled.

"Uh, duh," he said, trying to stand up. "Wait...Sam...Timmy...where are they?"

"Recovering," she said. "They got up before you did...but they're a lot more worn out. Heck, get that worried look off your face, they'll be okay. Your first beaming always requires about half an hour of rest between. Or, for you, three hours. Man, you must have been tired as all-out."

"Yeah, sure," Danny said, unable to stand up, but able to sit with considerable pain. "Why aren't you all like this?"

"Iv'e been beamed more times than I can count."

"Where are we?"

"You never run out of questions, do you? Yeah, all you do is talk talk talk..."


"Ugh, jeez! We're here."

"Where's here?"

"The Guardian's place! Nice, ain't it?" She looked around. The place was a white room, odd runes were on the walls.

"I guess," Danny said, wincing as he stood up. "So...where's this Guardian person?"

"She will see you with the others. They're in that room." She pointed to a door that blended perfectly with the wall. "I'll go get her."

Danny didn't answer. He just ran. He burst through the door. As he did, two familliar color opposites rushed to him.

"Danny!" Timmy said, hugging his leg. "I thought you got lost!"

"Susan said that might have happened," Sam said, standing there, trying to look calm. Her arms looked like they were trying their hardest not to death-hug him. "You just missed by about five yards." She smiled a pained smile.

"Well, I'm just glad you're all okay," he said, putting a hand on Sam's shoulder. "You are okay, right?"

"Well, Tucker almost lost his nose, but otherwise, you're right," Sam said.

"Ha, Tucker lost his nose. Funniest thing I've heard all day. Anyway...Susan told me that the Guardian's coming in about five minutes."

"That gives us plenty of time," Sam said.

"For what?"

She blinked. "I don't know, I just wanted to say that." Of course, while they were talking, five minutes had passed.Everyone gasped as the door creaked slowly open.

"Hello, Roadtrip Crew," a kind, familliar voice said. The door came fully open, and forward stepped...Susan.

But she didn't look that much like Susan. Her hair was brown, for one thing. Her kimono-outfit had changed to regular shirt-and-pants. She had a delighted look on her face, that was at the same time nervous and strained. "How's it goin?"

Danny raised an eyebrow. "Susan? Hah, very funny. Where's the real Guardian?"

Susan chuckled, which turned into laughing.

"Yes, yes, we're masters of comedy," Jimmy said, "Now, tell them, Susan."

"Sorry, Jimmy," she said, "But it's just so funny...you guys should have figured it out from the start! I gave it to you on a siver platter when I gave you my name!" She got a paper and pen out of nowhere and wrote her name:


"Now, watch this." She wrote some stuff on the paper, then showed it to them. "See? It's an anagram. Know what they are?"

Everyone slapped their foreheads. This is what the paper said:


"And the wierd thing is, that's actually my name. Wierd coincidence, huh?" She tried to look innocent, but the congregation was far from forgiving- far from it, they looked angry.

"Son of a gun!" Wanda said, surprised. "So that means..."

"Yeparoonies!" Susan said. "I wasn't searching for the Guardian. Neither were you. I'm not her friend-you can't really be friends with yourself. You never had to search. She was always there...as me. I am the Guardian Stargirl IV of Eternity."

"But please, call me Susan."

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