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Chapter 3: Transition Chapter of Doom

For once, everyone slept. They were tired.

Except Susan, that is. A constant stream of coffee kept her awake. In the dead of night, she teleported Jimmy and Spongebob back to their homes. Secretly, she was happy to be rid of them, Spongbob because he complained of drying up, and Jimmy because he bugged her. Then, and only then, did she sleep.

That morning, everyone woke up early, yet they were strangely refreshed and relaxed, probably because they hadn't had a decent night's sleep for three nights. For the first time in many mornings, they acually said 'Good morning' to each other instead of 'Look out!' or 'Did you find him?' or something or other.

Breakfast was cold pizza. "It's what you eat at college, so get used to it," Susan said. It actually wasn't that bad.

At around seven, Susan called for silence. "Okay!" She said. "It's time to go! The phone booth is fixed, so you can use it. The journey will be long and boring, but I think you can handle it, right?"

Danny nodded. "We know long and boring better than anyone. You have to when you have a sister and dad like mine..."

"Yeagh, sure," Susan said, sweating. "Now- Oh! One more thing. Take this. And give me Help, you have no further use for her." She held out a more compact disc. Danny traded Help for it.

"Oh look, she's been deactivated," Susan said. "THANK YOU! Anyway, that disc has holographic images of who you can trust. It doesn't have a name, but it's pretty dern useful."

"Cool!" Danny tried to press the button.

"No no! Remember how you activated Help? You activate that the same way. And I almost forgot, it's also a two-way communicator so you can chat with me if anything is a problem or you see something cool."

"Good with us," Timmy said. "So...where are we going?"

"You'll see," Susan said. At that instant, the phone booth dropped from the celing. "Get in, and bon voyage!" She ushered them in and closed the door. 'Taking off now,' the screen said.

Susan waved at them through the glass until the booth began leaving- it spun around and dissapeared. The ususal color whirled through the windows, along with the usual void. Everyone knew what was coming. It was almost routine.

"Hey, Sam?" Danny said casually. As he said this, he slipped the disc into the InfoSlot without a second thought. (Remember those?)


"I think, that if we survive, and we actually get back home, I'm going to walk into a phone booth someday and wonder why I'm not lifting off."

They both chucked weakly. "Yeah," Sam said. "And I'll go ballistic whenever you try to eat."

They went on like this for a while, until they let the cloaking mechanisims put them into uncounsiousness.

They really shouldn't have been so calm.

The phone booth moved slowly in its fated course.

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