Yoshi's First Adventure

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Officially ten years old. Jeez Louise, does this story brings back memories... even though it was actually one of my nephews who originally wrote this and not me. Damn, I'm ancient.

Old Author's Note: Hello. This is Yoshizilla speaking. This is my first OFFICIAL (also known as true) story, so it is really my first inspirable story. That means "Know Your Monsters" and "Jigglypuff and the Mysterious Noise" are just only basic stories for which I don't take pride of. In other words, they're just random pieces of work. You are about to read the beginning of how Yoshi saved his prehistoric home, and how King Morton Senior Koopa nearly took total control of Dinosaur Land. This will take place 65 million years ago, because this is will be mostly about what Dinosaur Land was like in the past. Anyway, enjoy.

New Author's Note: Man, oh man, am I really starting to feel old. I mean, it's now been three years since and this looks like as if I just posted it a few days ago. Well, anyway, even though it's going by at a very slow rate (And BOY, is it going by slow...), I'm still doing this wonderful story, and I will, by the way, have it completely finished up with one hundred and seventy chapters. Since I managed to reach the one hundred chapter mark, just seventy more chapters of action and adventure staring our favorite green dinosaur Yoshi to go, and this big chapter in my fanfiction ness is, well, let's just say... let's all enjoy the ride while it's still operating, shall we? Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Yoshi or all of the other characters that are owned by Nintendo. All of the other characters that are fanmade belong to Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus. (Checks original disclaimer; blows whistle) Man, I have aged terribly...


A massive, life trimming continent formed with different islands of different tastes... an unlikely hero that would be the determining fate of the continent... and all through all... the treacherous perils for which he went through to save it. This is the tale of such an unlikely hero, who saved an entire continent of wonderful, amazing creatures, all in all, to simply save his best friend.

Through the misty fogs to the tremendous rainstorms, there lies a place where dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and other reptilians and ancient organisms as well live their humble, quiet, and peaceful lives. It is called Dinosaur Land, a paradise for all dinosaurs to live in harmony and peace. However, Dinosaur Land wasn't exactly always peaceful, for one bold, cold night, in a giant, dark castle that lies within the very center of the Mesozoic Sea (of which is centered right within the heart of Dinosaur Land), there lies a powerful and fearsome creature, a creature so fearsome, he is recognized as the most feared monster alive.

"I need a plan, a great and evil plan…but what kind?" Said the creature to himself. He was large, scaly, and was brown-and-gray. He had very large horns, and his teeth stuck out like knives. He had very powerful claws, and a very spiky shell. He had the appearance of a mutated turtle. He took a glance outside of his personal window, which showed the many tropical jungles of Dinosaur Land.

"I need...to conquer Dinosaur Land and have the Koopas rule supreme...yes, that will do..." said the creature, who was King Morton Senior Koopa, the King of all Koopas. He turned and started walking down his hall.

The Future (Present Day)

"Ahhh... here it is." Dry Bowser stated as he pointed at a text message in a book, being inside a huge library with Arceus and Petey Piranha. "The event that changed the world..."

"Are we really going back in time to help prevent it from happening?" Petey grumbled as he really wanted to eat something.

"Yes, if what this book tells us is true." Dry Bowser stated as he moved his right boney hand around. "Lord knows what will happen to our time if we don't fix this crucial mistake."

"Then... you might want to hold on..." Arceus stated as he lifted his head. "Sending you two back in time... is going to be pretty bumpy..."

The Present (The Past)

Meanwhile, on the tropically peaceful Yoshi Island, there were jungles, grassy plains, beaches, mysterious caves, and a large volcano that kept the temperature right. There was also a small but resourceful village that were home to Yoshisauruses, or Yoshis for short, that have made their island look as wonderful as they could, for which by outsiders it was known simply as the Yoshi Village. Not far to the southeastern corner of the island was a small, white and greenish house, a house roofed with green, brushy leaves from the nearby deciduous trees, of which was home to the great, great, great, great, great grandfather of the Yoshi known today and loved by all in what would soon eventually be of the Mushroom Kingdom.

The house was both white and green, and was made out of stone. Soon, a green reptilian figure came out and looked around. He had a red pad, but had no shoes, and his claws were powerful. His legs and tail were strong, too. This was Yoshi, a Yoshisaurus who was born from the legendary protectors of Dinosaur Land. Yoshi would carry out his duty to protect Dinosaur Land as the protectors told him to, upon the age of a yearling.

One of Yoshi's best friends was a yellow, sturdy, dumb but friendly Ankylosaurus named Peppertino Alfredo Ankylosaurus, though most friends and family members call him Peppy for short. He and Yoshi were good friends, especially since Yoshi Island and Ankylosaurus Land, which would soon become known in the present as Donut Plains, were right next to each other. Peppy Ankylosaurus's grandfather was the protector of Ankylosaurus Land, and it was Peppy's job to make sure that it was well protected.

"So Yoshi, old buddy, old friend, old pal, how's life going for you?" Peppy asked Yoshi as he approached.

Yoshi grinned as he stretched out his short arms. "Oh, it's going good, Peppy. The usual. Just making my usual checks," He replied to his yellow, four-legged friend.

"Yoshi, I still can't believe how lucky you are to protect the entire continent of Dinosaur Land," Peppy asked.

Yoshi chuckled, replying sheepishly, "Well, it is not that easy, Peppy. Making sure there are no troubles, and checking over the village..."

Peppy chuckled back and responded, "Yeah. Wow, it must be a busy job, protecting a village for the good of it. Me, on the other hand, well..." He let out a sigh, followed by a short groan. "I'm the heir to King Ankylosaurus's place to the throne..."

Yoshi sighed and nodded in agreement, understanding how Peppy would feel. Something, however, managed to come to his mind, and getting an idea for a tale, he asked with a grin, "Peppy, let me tell you a story of how I came to be what I am today. You see, it all started when I was a baby Yoshisaurus hatched out on the edge of a river that emptied into the salty sea..."

As Yoshi started to do what seemed like a long and boring speech, Peppy groaned and slapped his forehead.

"Great. Just great. He's gonna be yapping away for hours..." Peppy muttered quietly to himself as he pretended to listen to his best friend.

Back at the island homing King Morton's Castle, King Morton Senior Koopa has summoned all of his strong, hardworking troops for a surprise attack on Dinosaur Land. Out of all the troops, the troops Morton called were Primi Koopas, who were the barbaric, vicious, and carnivorous cousins of the Koopa Troopas, Primi Goombas, who were the less mushroom-like, more reptilian-like ancestors of the Goombas, and the Lakitus, along with their Spinies.

"Sir, why have you called us here?" Curiously asked a Primi Koopa, who rubbed the right side of his head while blinking.

King Morton turned to the Primi Koopa, and then stated in a mighty voice, "I have called you here because we are going to attack Dinosaur Land."

Another Primi Koopa gulped and retorted, "I don't feel good about this, sir...remember those protectors?"

King Morton just stared at the Primi Koopa, then laughed. "Do not forget that I am respected by everyone living in Dinosaur Land. I think I can overthrow the protectors."

The Primi Koopa shrugged with a nod and then agreed, "I guess you are right, sir."

Suddenly, a Primi Goomba from the back rushed to face King Morton and stated, "Sir, we are ready to attack."

King Morton chuckled evilly, and then commanded, "Good. We will attack the Dinosaur Land Shrine at once."

And so, with that said, King Morton Senior Koopa and his troops marched down from their halls to their bridge, which was already down for them to cross over.

Full of pride and confidence, King Morton shouted, "Now, it is time to take over this pathetic world! To the shrine at once!"

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