"How much higher do you think we could go, Charizard?"

"Hmmm... I'm not too sure. Perhaps I should pick up the pace to make it go faster."

"That seems like a good idea. If there's any trouble, I'll deal with any with my eggs."

"Thanks, Yoshi. But of course, you have me and my Flamethrower if all else fails."

As they chatted with each other to keep themselves from losing motivation, Yoshi and Charizard, with the green Yoshisaurus riding on the back of the red-orange Fire/Flying-Type dragon Pokemon, both headed straight up the cloud-filled skies above the salty ocean bound Cliff Tops, noticing how it was getting colder as the two reptilians rose higher and higher in altitude. Charizard continued flapping his wings with might as he looked upward, while Yoshi glanced to his left and right, looking down to see that the Earth was completely covered by clouds. Within seven minutes and forty eight seconds of flapping through the cold temperatures within the white puffy clouds, the two reptilian adventurers managed to make it up beyond the clouds, up high within the stratosphere, noticing a huge, white ancient (Greek-style) temple ahead of them, surrounded by plenty and plenty of pillars. landing on the steps, Yoshi hopped off of Charizard's back, and the two went in bravely without hesitation as they took one long glance back behind them, and then slowly entered into the ancient temple.

As Yoshi and Charizard entered through the stone doors into the temple, several red-shelled Lakitus popped up from the white puffy clouds, using cameras to record the two as they slowly followed behind, catching every minute. The impending attack from the Koopa Troop forces would surely come within due time...

Yoshi and Charizard both looked around in awe as they noticed the many paintings of different Pterosaurs of stature, statues made of pure marble and stone of more helping accompanying the paintings. As Yoshi took a moment to look at a particular painting of a Spinopteryl, Charizard looked up at the ceiling, to see that it was made of complete glass, allowing the sun's bright rays to shine down. Curious, Yoshi observed the paintings and statues more, stopping at a particular statue, which was blue instead of gray like all the others.

"Hmmm?" Yoshi pondered out of curiosity as he placed his hands over the statue, feeling the place shake. He screamed as he backed away from the statue. Charizard turned around, his eyes widened as he noticed the painting above the blue statue shaking more violently. Yoshi ducked, cowering in fear as the statue suddenly pulled him in within its gravity. Exclaiming in shock, Charizard ran towards the statue and head butted straight into it, only to be pulled in by the gravity as well. Before they could realize what was happening, Yoshi and Charizard both fell down a pit, screaming as the blue statue moved over the hole, back in its previous position. The screams from the two reptilians could be heard within the hallways of the temple s the Lakitus entered into the temple and began searching around, wondering where the strange noise came from.