Out of the Gloom

Out of the Gloom
By Langleigh
Disclaimers: Yves, Jimmy and the Gunmen aren't mine. (I can hope)
Category: Vignette
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Rating: G/PG
Spoilers: Like Water for Octane
Summary: Yves's internal reaction to seeing the Gunmen alive after the missile silos were destroyed.

I have never in my life been happier to see three mysterious figures emerge from the shadows on a foggy night as I am at this very moment. At first, I thought perhaps the silhouettes belonged to security guards coming to arrest us, but as the beams of their flashlights came into view, I could clear discern Langly, Byers and Frohike as they stepped out of the darkness.

I thought they were gone, and that it had been my fault. I'd sent them the anonymous tips about the car. I guided them towards finding it. If they truly had died, it would have been my doing. Not that I'd ever admit that much to anyone other than myself. It would ruin my hard-earned reputation if I should show remorse over a little thing like an accident.

In the past, I certainly have lived up to that reputation, even in my own mind. I reveled in it—enjoyed being the untouchable, unapproachable one. I inwardly thrilled at being the woman who left men shaking in their boots, all the while hiding my pleasure behind a mask of smug indifference. But that was before I met these three men.

I used to think of them as bungling competition. We've often scooped each other when it came information and money—like that Octium IV chip. They were beneath me. My talents were greater than theirs and I must admit I enjoyed watching them squirm when I took their prize away from them. Sometimes I still do, but my feelings for the trio have changed.

Of course, I didn't realize how much those feelings had changed until I thought they were dead.

At that moment, I felt more helpless than I have ever felt since I a little girl. That helplessness grew as the night wore on and Jimmy and I dug and dug in the darkness. I despaired and soon gave up. I wanted to cry, but I couldn't let Jimmy see my tears. My reputation, you know.

That's when I saw them… walking towards me out of the gloom. I couldn't fight the smile that sprang to my face, not even if I'd wanted to. I was so happy to see them alive.

"Jimmy!" I said, but he, in his single-minded way, was determined to dig his friends out of the ground.

"Jimmy!" I yelled louder, and our idiot savant turned around, dropping his shovel when he saw the faces of the Lone Gunmen illuminated by the flashlights in their hands.