AijinMegami: Hello, this is my new story Past Remembrances. I DON'T OWN BEYBLADE!

Summary: 17 year old Hilary is sent to the past when the Bladebreakers first formed due to an unhappy future. Now, back in her 13 year old body she must try and make sure the past goes the way it did seeing as though her close friend is siding with Biovolt, for some reason, and is trying to help conquer the world.

Pairings: A LOT of Kai and Hilary, TalaOC

"Tsuki…why… Hilary trailed off, her eyes narrowed as she watched her best friend standing in front of her, her fist tightened next to her. The fire surrounding them roared but neither of them flinched as the heat licked their skins. Tsuki didn't answer as her front hair covered her eyes" Answer me!" the brunette screamed; Tsuki looked up and gave her an emotionless look.

"Backwards." Tsuki whispered as she lifted a glowing red transparent-like glass orb in her hand as her palm faced at Hilary, her eyes widened as she realized what it was" What the hell are you doing!" she demanded as a similar glass like Tsukis' that was held around her neck, except it was baby blue, glowed." Stop it now!" the ground shook without mercy, pieces of the ceiling fell but none touch them. Time seemed to slow down as from the red orb it produced a sand-timer.(AN: You know those time keeping things with sand going through it, you flip it over to continue counting the time or something like that. I don't really know what those are called…I sort of forgot.)

"Ushiromae." She whispered again and the sand-timer started to twirl in the air" Stop, Tsuki, you have to STOP!" Hilary screamed as the air around them grew more violent, she raised her arms in defense as to protect herself from the harsh winds." You can't protect yourself from the dark." Tsuki whispered as she lifted the orb into the air, Hilary's orb stilled and turned completely white as it fell lifelessly against her chest" You, my friend, will join me" Hilary's eyes widened as the timer broke; sand flew all over the place along with pieces of glass and wood." and you will help me reach my masters goal." Her lifeless eyes seemed to pierce Hilary right to the core.

"Would you like to see……." Tsuki trailed off as she dropped her arm, the orb remained above her glowing. The redness inside the orbs seemed to react violently as they span inside the orb, the smoky redness could be thought to be liquid but it was hard to tell as it span. Hilary stared wide eyed as time completely stopped, even the rubble had frozen from the middle of falling from the ceiling" the dark?" with those words the darkness appeared from the red sphere and consumed both of them.

Hilary gasped as it felt as if she was plunging into the black ocean, her body felt like lead. A sharp pain shot through her body, it felt like someone had grabbed her by the throat. She couldn't breathe, she couldn't speak. It felt like she was just a useless doll.' Tyson…Max…Ray…Chief…Daichi…………Kai…I'm so sorry……I failed…all of you…' were her final thoughts as the darkness consumed her eyes and her mind went blank.




That voice


So familiar

"Hey, can you hear me? You okay?"

Bright dull bluish auburn like eyes flickered her mind.

(Tyson's POV)

Great, just my luck, it starts raining right after I leave Max's house. Ironic how after I get my beyblade free from water exposure it starts to rain, this time I better keep it safe so it won't get wet again. Gaaahhh, I'm getting off the subject. What happened again? Oh yeah, right after I was running for my life I find this chick all bloodied up against the wall.

'WTF, THIS GIRL LOOKS LIKE THAT ANNOYING GIRL IN MY CLASS! Thank god its vacation and I don't need to hear her nag me anymore' those thought rang into my mind as I hold her bridal style. Damn my sense of honor as a man, great her forehead's bleeding too. It's like some kind of rock hit her in the head or something, oh shit her clothes are ripped up too. Must. Look. Up!
(End of POV)

"Yo T-man……WHAT IN THE WORLD DID YOU DO TO THAT GIRL!" Grandpa yelled enraged, Tyson sweat dropped" Chill gramps, I didn't do this! I found her like this, now stop gapping and help me get her inside before her wounds get worse!" the two hurried inside, ignoring the muck they made.

"Um…who's going to treat her wounds?" Tyson asked slowly" What do you mean, my home-dog, I'll do it of course." Tyson glared at his grandfather who had a perverted kind of look" FORGET IT, I'M CALLING A DOCTER!" he stomped away, dragging his grandfather with him.

They had placed the unknown girl on a futon, not really caring that her blood was staining the covers. They didn't touch her, partially thanks to Tyson, so that they didn't do anything wrong. The doctor arrived a few minutes later.

"So doc, what's the medical status?" Tyson asked with his hands behind his head" Well she seems to be fine, it's a good think you found her. If she had been on the streets any longer then she would have died with blood loss. She'll be fine as long as she takes it easy for a while and doesn't stress herself, make sure she eats properly so that her body will regain all the blood she lost. She'll probably be awake in three days, the IV will help her regenerate enough to wake up; don't forget to change her bandages. Call me if something goes wrong." He said with a bow as he left the premises.

"So Gramps, do you know her?" Grandpa quirked an eyebrow" I was going to ask you the same thing." Tyson face faulted" Hey, you lived here way longer then I did seeing as though you're as old as a dinosaur!" his grandpa twitched" WATCH IT SHORT-STUFF!" the two argues without noticing a glow that shined from the crack of the door where the mysterious girl was.

(Dream Sequence)
(Hilary's POV)


Where am I? This place…it's so dark…someone, please help…get me out of here……no…No…NOOOOOOOOO! GET ME OUT OF HERE!

(End of POV)
(End of Dream)


"Hwah!" Hilary panted out as she sat up quickly, sweat trailed down her face. She winced as she felt pain flow through her body; she gulped the air greedily as she leaned back down.' Where am I?' she thought in wonder' All I remember……is seeing Tyson's eyes…' with wide eyes she sat up again" Th-The Granger Do-Dojo." She stuttered out, she noticed she was lying on a futon in the middle of the dojo.

"Hey, you awake?" a familiar voice chirped from behind her, turning around she saw Tyson standing there. But wait, something was wrong…he looked younger!' This could be a trick, Tsuki could be playing with my mind!' she thought getting into a defensive stance" Who are you?" she demanded.

"Hey, hey, chill. Is that anyway to treat the person who just saved you from the streets, sheesh." He grumbled as he picked his ears" Y-You saved me?" Hilary narrowed her eyes" What's your name?" he pointed his thumb towards his puffed chest" The names Tyson Granger, your knight and shining armor!" he said in a heroic pose, she sweat dropped' Yup, this is Tyson alright'

"My names…Hilary……thanks for…saving me." she whispered as he rubbed his nose with a sheepish grin" Hehe, it was nothing. Hey, the doc said that you should eat to refill your body with blood, c'mon. Can you stand?" she nodded standing up slowly, ignoring her throbbing body she grabbed his out stretching hand.

"I hope you're hungry, Gramps and I had no idea what you'd like sooo……we just made a bit of everything." He said with a laugh, when he opened the door to the dining room Hilary sweat dropped when she saw the table overflowing with food" Hey Tyson my man, I see you brought the dudette, c'mon let's chow down!" he exclaimed.

As they all started to eat Hilary picked her food while Tyson practically inhaled all his food" TYSON, stop eating everything like a pig! This food was made especially for the homie next to you! The medicine-man said she needs to eat plenty of healthy food!" he scolded." Oh, it's okay…I'm not that hungry."

"Hos ouaght, oush moushld oot!" he exclaimed, his half chewed food flying all over the place" Tyson, eat or speak, make up your mind." Hilary said shaking her head, gulping the down the food" He's right, you should eat." He repeated more clearly" I'm sorry…you made all this food for me…but I'm just not hungry…" she said looking at her hands.

"Uhh…um…hey Hilary, do you like to beyblade?" she blinked" Um…yes…I do." He grinned" Great, c'mon, you woke up just in time to see me be the new tournament champion at this tournament they're hosting nearby! Hehe, watch as I shred that guy Ray into pieces!" he said with a grin, the moment he said Ray she spat out the water she was drinking. Giving her a concern look as she coughed he rubbed her back" Hey, you okay?" Grandpa decided it was a good time to start the dishes and left.

"(cough) Yeah, I'm (gasp) fine." She answered wiping the rest of the water off of herself.' It'll be best if I didn't reveal anything right now' she thought regaining her breath" Ho-How long was I asleep?" she asked looking up" Hmmm? Three days, you don't know how creepy it was watching you. It was like you were dead but not since you were breathing."

"….speaking of which…who changed me?" she motioned to the huge white shirt. He gulped, waving his hands defensively as she glared at him" Huh-hey, it wasn't me! That doctor did it for you!" he yelled" I see." She said narrowing her eyes" Where are my stuff?" he blinked" Oh yeah, that black backpack. It's still at the dojo."

"Whew, well I have a spare change of clothes. Can you help me?" he blushed" WHAT!" she mush room sighed" I meant can you help me get to the dojo you pervert." She snapped, he sweat dropped" Uh, I knew that." Rolling her eyes she thanked Grandpa for food and left the room with Tyson's help.

Hilary came out of the dojo wearing a white tank top that said' Angelic Demon' in blood red, she wore a black skirt that came to her lower thighs. She had black biker gloves that was gray in the wrist, her shoes were red sneakers. Her belt buckle was a silver phoenix and she had a black jacket tied around her waist. She also held a small white mini-bag that was strapped around her left leg where she kept her beyblade and her launcher was strapped behind her.

She sweat dropped when she noticed Tyson staring at her, red faced" Get your mind out of the gutter Granger, I'm taken." She said hitting him with a pebble" You are?" he said with a blink' Crap, I'm not supposed to say anything that might make them suspicious…whatever, if someone asks I'll just say I said that to get him off my back' she mumbled mentally "Yeah, now let's get going…you don't need to help me, I'm fine." She added standing up by herself.

"Oh…okay." He said with a shrug" So where is this tournament?" he perked up" Oh yeah, follow me!" he said grabbing her hand; she noticed that even as he pulled her by the hand none of her wounds ached. They were still there but they weren't even painful anymore' hmm, this is strange' she thought confused when she felt a pulsing inside her. She glanced at the mini-bag at where the Bladebreakers bitbeasts were with a curious expression and smiled. She sighed in content as warmth flowed through her body as her tattoos glowed. (AN: That'll be explained in the story later on.)

She soon found herself in the locker room of the huge gym, Tyson had left to have his match and she had decided to rest in the locker room and just watch the final battle later." Hey Hil's, I'm back!" Tyson yelled opening the door" Hehe, no surprise but I'm going to go battle Kai in the finals!" he said with a cheer, she smiled" Congratulations." He laughed sheepishly as the door slammed open revealing three familiar people.

"Grandpa, Chief, Max, what's up?" he asked surprised" Yo homie, you were so stoked about the battle today that you forgot your own birthday!" he gapped at them" I did!" Max laughed" Yeah!" Hilary sweat dropped' Typical Tyson.'

"Oh, who's this? I believe we haven't met yet." Max said with a big grin, Tyson laughed" Whoa there Max, this is Hilary. Believe or not, I saved her!" he said and Hilary swore that his head grew about 5 inches." Whoa, you must be very courageous to save her if she got these wounds but how come you came out unscathed?" Chief asked as he dropped his glasses to have a closer look on her wounds.

"Well boys, to tell you the truth all he did was save me from bleeding to death." Hilary said shrugging" Hahaha, so much for Mister Big-shot!" Max said laughed as Tyson pouted" Hey, at least I still saved her!"

As they all laughed together Hilary walked out of the room quietly'……I need to tell Mr. Dickenson…right now, he's the only one I can tell and he might be able to help me. Besides, from what the boys said to me from the future this tournament is how the Bladebreakers were first created. All I have to do is try and convince him that I'm from the future and allow me onto the team' she thought walking down the halls. (AN: If you're wondering why she's not panicking that she's in the future it's cause she knew what Tsuki did so she wasn't surprised what the outcome was such as how she turned 13 again.)

After a few more minutes of walking she bumped to someone from the corner, unfortunately the person she bumped onto was stronger and solid then her that she was the one who fell backwards with the person on top of her." Whoa, ouch...that hurts." She mumbled as she landed on her back.

Kai walked quietly down the dark hall, it was soon time for his match against Tyson. His instincts told him that although Tyson was a total moron he was a worthy opponent, besides the boy had been a thorn on his side for a while so defeating him would be his pleasures' This will be an interesting match' he thought as his lips twitched into a smirk.

As he turned on a corner his eyes widened as he bumped into someone soft, he grunted as he fell forward on top of the person. The sweet scent of lilacs and roses invaded his sense stunning him for a few minutes that he didn't hear the person speak, he held himself back just before he nuzzled the person by the neck. (AN: Imagine if the person in Hilary's position had actually been a boy when this happened. n . n)

Lifting himself up he found himself mesmerized at the girls ruby red eyes, she stared back with wide eyes as if surprised by who it was. He scowled' This is probably another groupie who wants to-'before he could finish that nasty thought about fan girls who just want to (AN: I'm not even going to finish that.) the unknown girl spoke up.

"I'm so sorry; I was so deep in thought that I wasn't paying attention." She murmured looking to the side, not facing him. He just grunted standing up; she stood up quietly staring at the floor, unable to look at him in the eyes.

'Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit…damn it Kai, you still have that effect on me even in the past!' Hilary thought angrily, every time she looked at his crimson red eyes she couldn't think. Whether he was touching her or just plain looking at her she couldn't think and that always made her frustrated. He had this control over her without even trying!

"Hn." He walked past the girl and continued his way to the stadium, Hilary sighed in relief when she heard Kai's footsteps disappear' that was close…waaaaay too close. I shouldn't have my guard down just because I'm in the past…but…he still smells like winter' she thought with a solemn smile" Crap, I gotta go and find Mr. D before the battle ends and he starts talking!" she yelled as she started to run. Kai would probably be the stadium much earlier then needed so she knew she had some time.

She found his office and frowned when she saw guards in front, walking up she gave them a fake smile" Excuse me, may I please speak to Mr. Dickenson?" the guards frowned" We're sorry young lady but Stanley Dickenson is unavailable at the moment for as you can see a tournament is being held in the name of his company." She sighed" Well then boys, I'm sorry as well." smirking at their confused look she knocked them out by hitting them both by the pressure points on their necks.

Stanley Dickenson watched the battle that was being played out in front of him, it had just started' Although it doesn't matter who wins, I have already decided who the new team that will represent the BBA Foundation would be.' He thought as he smiled at Kai and Tyson who were battling it all out. He quirked an eyebrow when the door knocked" Hm? I thought I asked not to be disturbed during the battle."

"Mr. Dickenson, I assure you that this will be worth your time." He froze when he heard a smooth female voice instead of the rough voices of his body guard" Who are you?" he asked quietly as a female with shoulder length brown hair and ruby red eyes entered" Mr. Dickenson…please sit down and listen to what I have to say."

He quirked an eyebrow but complied" Mr. Dickenson…my name is Hilary Tatibana……and I'm…from the future." His eyes widened a bit but before he could retort she continued" I know that you are planning to use Kai Hiwatari, Tyson Granger, Ray Kon, and Max Tate to defeat Voltaire and Boris so that you would get rid of their ideas of world domination." He froze at her statement." I am also here to say that many things will happen in the future, the boys……the Bladebreakers……will be famous and powerful……but not even they could withstand the fury of the future."

"Y-You really are….from the future…" he trailed off, she nodded" Yes, right now I have all four of the sacred bitbeasts………and to stop the evil that brought me I need your help." He quirked an eyebrow" How could I be of assistance?"

"The person who brought me here was my best friend who, for some reason, joined Biovolt. She is planning to help them succeeded in the past……the future isn't that great either but Voltaire wanted his first try to succeeded to get revenge on you."

"Isn't taking over the world in the future bad enough, hasn't he had enough?" Mr. Dickenson asked as his grip on his cane tightened, she sighed" Well I guess he likes torturing people." She shrugged" Anyways he sent my friend to help defeat the boys in the past and right now they are no match for them….so I was hoping that…well…that you would let me be part of their team."

"Seeing the circumstances you will definitely be on their team, I also have a feeling that you are the only one who can protect them for now." He said relaxing his grip" Okay but we need to make up some things like where I'm from, who my parents are, and……not to mention where I'm going to stay as well as my clothing. Apparently these are my only clothes, my other clothes were ripped up while I was coming here." She said with a sheepish grin.

"Hmm……how about this you are from Japan and have been training under my supervision, your parents passed away so you are under my guardianship and anything else you need I will pay for them myself. If they ask why you were hurt we'll just say it was a blading accident." Her eyes widened" Whoa…that was fast, thank you Mr. D! I'll try not to fail you." She said with a small smile, he nodded as the two stood up.

Walking over to her he placed a hand on her head" You must have gone through many hardships……" he said as she looked down, with a gentle smile he gave her a hug" Don't worry, they won't win." She smiled" Thank you."

"Now I will give you a credit card for things you will need later, if you need more just tell me." he said with a wink" Ah, I see Tyson won the match. I better get down there, are you going to come with me?" she nodded" I guess, I sort of disappeared on Tyson and his friends." She said with a chuckle, he returned the favor as the two marched down the steps.

He gave her a questioning glance at the unconscious guard and she gave him another sheepish look" They wouldn't let me through, I had no choice. They'll wake up in a few hours, I didn't hit them that hard." She said rubbing the back of her head, he chuckled" It's okay, let's just go downstairs and give them the big news!"

They entered just in time to see Tyson arguing with Kai, well it was a one sided argument. Hilary gulped as while Mr. Dickenson made his announcement Kai gave her an intense look, Tyson noticed this and stood in front of her glaring at him. After his little speech Mr. Dickenson sweat dropped as he noticed the mini-war between the two, Max, Ray, and Chief joined him as they watched the heated glares.

"Ah-hem, as I said you four are now the new team the BBA will represent as you head out to tournaments all around the world!" Tyson's eyes widened, his little war with Kai forgotten" That is so awesome! Hey that mean's we gotta have a cool name!"

"With your blades you guys will totally break those other teams' blades!" Hilary said hinting at Tyson who blinked" Hey, that sounds cool! Bladebreak…um…yeah, Bladebreakers!" he yelled, Hilary sighed in relief as Mr. Dickenson chuckled at her antics." Oh yes, this is Hilary. She will be joining you on your little escapades as a member of the new found team, the Bladebreakers!"

"Why, we don't need a weak girl in the team?" Kai asked coldly, Mr. Dickenson frowned and was about to scold him when Hilary beat him to it" Because unlike you idiots I actually have an idea of how hard it is to fight in a tournament in teams, not to mention I know what you boys need to train on." Mr. Dickenson chuckled" As for the team captain of the team, you will fit that position well Kai."

"Whatever, I'm out of here." He walked out of the arena while Tyson made faces behind his back, when he was done he turned to Hilary" Hey, Hil this is great! We'll get to travel the world together!" she nodded" Yes, oh I believe we haven't met. My name is Hilary, you must be Ray Kon. I've heard about you from Mr. Dickenson."

"Hi." He said with a grin as they shook hands" Alrighty then, your plane leaves tomorrow so get ready." Tyson face faulted" That soon, I GOTTA GET READY!" he yelled running out of the stadium" Hey Tyson, wait up!" Max yelled, Ray laughed" Well I'm gonna go as well, see you guys later." He said with a wave, leaving.

"I assume you'll be staying with Tyson till tomorrow?" she nodded" Hehe, that baka. It's still the middle of the afternoon, he has plenty of time." With a chuckle Mr. Dickenson" Yes but judging by his character that's still going to take him a while." she mushroom sighed" True." She blinked when a card was handed to her" I assume this much money will be enough for now." She smiled" Yes, thank you. I'll try not to spend too much." She waved bye leaving.

'Time for some shopping!' she thought excited, she hadn't been able to do anything fun from the future so she was going to have at least a little fun, even if it was for a little bit. She knew her responsibilities but that wasn't going to stop her from having a little fun.

She ran towards the mall she used to go when she had been this age, after getting a bunch of clothes, lingerie (AN: n . n, hope none of you are perverts!), a red duffle bag to keep her stuff, beyblade parts, shoes, and etc she started to leave" I'm tired, it's been a while since I shopped around like this." She mumbled with a silly grin, it disappeared as she jumped away just in time to dodge a sharp beige beyblade.

"Who's there!" she snapped" Are you Hikaru?" a boy with wild golden brown hair with sharp emerald eyes asked as he jumped down from the trees" If I am?" Hikaru (Light) was a name given to her by her sensei; Tsuki was Kurai (Dark).

"I challenge you to a beybattle; if you lose you will come peacefully." He growled out catching his blade" And if I win?" she asked playfully" I will be your loyal subject and help you win the battle against the dark." She glared at him, suspicion creeping into her" Who are you?" he smirked" My name is of no concern right now, now enough talk. Let's Battle!" he yelled launching his blade" Go Suna (Sand)!"

"Fine, then." Hilary said calmly launcher her blade" Desert Storm!" he yelled, from his blade a huge brown raccoon with intricate designs on its body with glowing amber eyes appeared. She watched calmly with crossed arms as a sand storm around the blade started to head towards her" If you know who I am you must be a fool challenging me." she stated as he beyblade cut through the storm easily.

"I must see if you are worthy enough to be the keeper of the sacred bitbeasts!" he yelled, she chuckled, he sounded like Ozuma" Fine then, let's just finish this." He blinked as her beyblade disappeared and reappeared behind his" Desert Coffin." She whispered, he blinked as his beyblade slowly and completely stopped" How?" her beyblade hadn't even glowed or moved at all, he wondered if she even had a bitbeast.

"Simple. Just pick up your beyblade." She said brushing sand off herself, he blinked and picked up his beyblade and felt all the sand on it" You got it, the sand that covered it slowed it down and soon it stopped because all that sand was too heavy." He suddenly bowed in one knee before her, she sweat dropped" Huh?"

"As promised I will follow under you rule, my name is Kaosu Hageshii (Chaos Violent). My family is a long line of shinobis; we are one with nature so we can feel if the earth senses unnatural balance. Our seers told us everything that we needed to know of you and your other friend."

"I see…Well Kaosu, if you're going to work with me…You, unfortunately, are going to have to work in the shadows." He nodded" I understand, my family is very wealthy so I will follow you in secret. Besides, working the shadows and illusions are a shinobis specialty." She nodded" Good, well I got to go, see you later Kaosu." He didn't say anything as he disappeared in a blur. (AN: Yes, I know you're wondering about the ninja think but I've become obsessed with ninja's from Naruto so deal with it!)


"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I'M LATE, I'M LATE, I'M LATE, WAIT FOR MEEEEEEE! Tyson screamed as he ran towards the airport, the stewardess that worked there screamed as he practically ran on the walls. Everyone else just watched in awe at how fast the boy was running.

"Hilary, why didn't you wake me up?" she mush room sighed" Grandpa told me to leave you alone, he said that even an army and tsunami combined wouldn't wake you up." He grumbled and then noticed something" Hey, why are you sitting next to that jerk?" Chief answered him for her" Because we knew that if you ended up sitting next to him we'll never hear the end of it."

Hilary sighed as Tyson argued with Chief, Max watching with an amused expressions' This plane trip is going to take a loooonnnnng time…thankfully when I got sent to the past some stuff were in the backpack…such as the fabulous iPod!' she thought cheerfully taking out the small machine from her backpack, she poked Kai who glared at her with an expression that said 'What the hell do you want?'

"Want to listen with me? From what I learned staying with Tyson, if he talks he has the mouth of a motor but if he sleeps his snores could cause an earthquake." She said giving him an ear piece, he thought about declining but thought against it knowing that she was right. No matter how anti-social he was, he wasn't stupid.

Hilary smiled as he took the ear pieces, she had a feeling he would approve of the songs. After all, this was his iPod.


"Uhhhh, guys…WHERE'S THE FUCKING BATHROOM!" Hilary smacked him on the head" Tyson, there are little kids around here!" she snapped, he gulped noticing the dirty looks the parents were giving him" But seriously, where's the bathroom!" he yelled, with one hand on her head she pointed towards Chief who started rambling directions, Tyson, getting confused shook his head" Never mind, I'll just hold it in."

"Ahh, I can't feel my toes." Tyson whined as he leaned back against his chair, his stomach full" Oh, I don't have to eat for a week!" Max said as he mimicked Tyson" Thanks for the dinner." Chief said politely as Hilary smiled" Yeah, it was delicious." Suddenly a familiar voice popped into the air" Hmmm, I bet there's not room for tea."

"I'll take that bet-whoa-ahhh!" Tyson yelled wide eyed" Ray!" Hilary exclaimed noticing the familiar neko-jin in a blue waiter uniform. As they talked Mr. Dickenson started to explain to the boys about the tournament, Hilary already knew everything and started to drift away mentally.' Hmm, what did Ray tell me about the Hong Kong tournament? Oh yeah, this is where they meet the White Tigers! That means I get to see Mariah!' in the future she and Mariah were very close friends.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a harsh direct voice" So let me get this straight, even if I win all my match-ups we don't get to advance if the rest of the brat-packs don't win." Mr. Dickenson frowned" Why yes, after all Kai there is no 'I' in team." He frowned as well as he stood up" Well there's no 'Kai' in team either." He said turning to leave" Kai…" Hilary whispered, he paused for a sec but continued, thankfully no one but her noticed his pause." Hey, come back here!" Tyson yelled, catching other customer's attentions.

"Ugh, Mr. Dickenson, may I please have the key to my room? I'm tired." Hilary mumbled standing up as well, she had her own suite" Oh yes, here you go. Get a good night sleep, you need to wake up early for tomorrow!" he said with a wink, she nodded stretching as she left." Man, how's she able to stand after eating that much?" Chief chuckled" Never underestimate the power of the female metabolism, they'll surprise you." Max laughed" You got that right."


"Sheesh, the Kai from the past is a real grouch. Oh well, Kaosu, you got any information on the tournament?" Hilary asked the familiar emerald eyed boy that appeared from the shadows" Nothing important, the only team you should watch out for is-"she waved it away" Yes, yes, I know the White Tigers."

"So Mistress, what else do you want me to do?" she sighed" Well for one thing, can you stop calling me Mistress? That's sort of creepy seeing as though you're about 5 years older then me." he smirked" Well actually I'm 1 year older than you in reality, seeing as though you're actually 17." She frowned" Hey, hey, not so loud."

"You can relax, with me protecting you, you don't need to worry." She laughed" Yeah right, seeing as though I beat you easily." He frowned" Now that doesn't count, when I got home I did some extensive training and I've gotten a little better." She smirked" That's the point my boy, a little better." She laughed as he pouted like a little boy." Don't worry, I'm just kidding. You're really strong; I'm just not an ordinary blader." She said as she turned to the door to her room.

"I know but… really, you can relax. Have some fun, you smile and laugh with these boys but…your eyes are still guarded, you should free yourself once in a while." she paused from the middle of opening the door to her suite" I know…but…with everything that's been going on…I can't afford to make any mistakes or do things I would regret later on." Kaosu sighed as she entered the room" I understand, later then mis-I mean Hilary." He said disappearing.

After she closed the door Hilary collapsed onto her knees in front of the bed, her head leaning against the bed "I want to have fun, I want to laugh and smile for real…but I just can't do it……what do you think…Dranzer?" she whispered, the bit chip in her pocket glowed and landed in front of her. The red light flash bright and soon there was a girl in front of her.

She had amber eyes that had a hint of crimson and had ruby red hair that had golden streaks. She was presently wearing a long red dress that was made out of silk and what seemed like transparent material and inside was the same dress except it wasn't translucent. The transparent material was dusted with gold; her red gold locks went all the way to her mid back. She looked about 20 years old.

"I should relax and have some fun, Kaosu said that he would watch over you, not to mention we will watch over you." Her voice gave out warmth and comfort, as she said those words the bitchips of the rest of the Bladebreakers rose and floated around her" Thanks...hehe, what do you think Kai would say if he knew that you and all of the bitbeasts have a human form." Dranzer chuckled" Well, let's just say he's going to be really surprised." She nodded" Yeah."

"I'm so glad…I'm not alone in this." Hilary said" Don't worry, we're always with you. Now, don't you think it's time you go and find those boys? They're in the alley way." Dranzer said with a wink, disappearing with golden sparks. Hilary then had an evil smirk" Have fun, eh?" she opened the window, she was very high above in the building.

"OH YEAH, NOW THIS IS FUN!" she yelled as she jumped, she grabbed the flag pole and flipped on top of it. Standing there with great balance' Hmm, if I were one of the boys, where would I go!' she thought with bright eyes, giving into her instincts she jumped towards another building. After a few jumping around she found the boys arguing with a certain group of neko-jins from the Minx Tribe. She came just in time to see Mariah about to show them her Cat Scratch Attack.

'Time to show her how it's really done' Hilary thought cheerfully as she launched her beyblade" Whoa, where did that beyblade come from?" her beyblade slowly stopped in front of them" Wow, it didn't even lose any of its rotation speed!" Max exclaimed.' Sorry for being so mean to you Mariah but right now no one messes with my team'

"Sheesh, after all that big talk I thought you'd be a challenge." Hilary said cheerfully from the ledge of the roof" Who's there!" she snapped, Hilary swung on the roof with her legs holding onto the ledge. Unfortunately they still couldn't see her" ….I don't like to be kept waiting." Lee yelled" C'mon!" Mariah frowned but smirked at Ray" …'kay….catch you later Ray…but remember this isn't over yet." With that she left.

"Man, whose beyblade is this, it's so cool?" Tyson asked as he looked at the blade" I've never seen beyblade parts like those either!" Chief exclaimed as he looked at it closely" Hey, not so close!" Hilary yelled, the beyblade flew into the air and landed into her waiting hands. She had jumped from the ledge and was standing on the ledge of the rail of the fire escape.

"HILARY, THAT WAS YOUR BEYBLADE!" Tyson exclaimed so loud that almost everyone had to plug their ears" Not so loud, and yes that was my beyblade? Why are you so surprised, I thought I already told you that I beyblade." Hilary said with a scowl" Sorry, I just didn't know you had such a wicked beyblade."

"Thanks……" Hilary trailed off as she felt Kai give her an intense glared from behind as she jumped down' Ho boy, I bet he's labeled me enemy number 1……' she thought annoyed' Well Master Kai is hard headed like that, he won't rest until he's the best' Dranzer thought in her head' Dranzer, what are you doing in my head?' Hilary asked even more annoyed, it was bad enough when Dragoon would barge into her mind and start bothering her' Sorry, I'll be going now. Oh and you should answer that boy' Hilary blinked as she noticed Tyson waving his hand in front of her.

"Hey, you okay?" she blinked again" Huh, oh yeah. Sorry, zoned out there for a second. You say something?" he laughed" Nothing…oh man we lost Kai again!" Tyson whined, Ray chuckled" Don't worry, knowing him he'll come back. Especially if he wants to see who's the strongest between him and Hilary."

"WHAT!" Tyson yelled, Max laughed" Yeah, from what I can tell he'll want to see if she's stronger then him or not." Tyson growled" Hey, I was the one who defeated him from the tournament." Hilary sighed" Yes, that's why he also sees you as an annoyance as well."

'How could anyone-I mean everyone make a mistake such as knowing whether the tournament was in Hong Kong or China!' Hilary thought as she walked towards the plane, apparently Mr. Dickenson had mistaken the location of the tournament. Hilary had found it strange how every single blader that was going to participate ended up in Hong Kong. Not one person got it right.

"I got dibs on the window seat!" Tyson yelled with Max right behind him" Hey, you got to sit there last time!" Chief sighed as the two argued" C'mon you guys, can't we just get along?" Ray laughed" Hey how about this, Tyson you sit with Chief and I'll sit with Max." Tyson glared at Kai" Hey that leaves Kai with Hilary. We can't do that, he'll eat her up!" Hilary sweat dropped" Don't worry, just sit down."

As everyone sat down Hilary started to dig into her backpack again" The usual?" she asked with a wink towards Kai who didn't answer, with a sigh she just handed the ear piece which he took. Tyson peeked at them from his seat and noticed the exchange.

"Hey, you know those two are getting awfully cozy back there." Tyson hissed at Chief who continued to type into Dizzi" Hey, Chief, not so fast. You're going to overload my hard drive!" she complained" Sorry Dizzi, calm down Tyson. He won't hurt her, from what we saw yesterday I'd be more worried about Kai."

"Why's that?" Chief frowned as he replayed the scene from Mariah's beyblade and Hilary's" From what happened yesterday, Hilary flawlessly countered Mariah's beyblade with ease and there's wasn't a single crack on her beyblade after that. Mariah's attack could easily cut through metal and rocks yet Hilary's beyblade remained unscathed, this has me wondering………Just how powerful is Hilary?" Tyson shrugged" Ah who cares, as long as she's cool, then I'm fine with that." Chief didn't answer, apparently he was in deep though.

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