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Regeneration of a Generation

4/19/06 – 6/21/06

Vanessa blinked tiredly as she stepped out of the Emergency Room. "May I please have the attention of the family of Harry James Potter?" she asked wearily, groaning silently when she finally noticed the myriad of people – young and old – gathered in front of the ER room.

"Yes, that would…" Lily immediately answered, stepping forward.

"Excuse me," interrupted the old woman, jumping to her feet, "but I think you got the name wrong. My grandson's first name is Harry, but he is not a…Porter."

"Potter," Lily corrected, glowering slightly. "Harry's my son."

"His name is Harry Morcant Darconis." shouted the woman, surprisingly loud for someone her age. "And he's my grandson!"

"I don't know what's going on, but I can assure you that Harry is…"

"That's enough!" intercepted the old man, curling his hands into tight fists. "Sheena, sit down!"

Sheena, more out of shock than obedience, quickly plopped back into her seat.

"We can settle Harry's heritage at a later time – I'm sure it's just a simple misunderstanding. What matters the most right now isn't whether he's your grandson," he paused, leveling a patronizing glare on Sheena, "or your son," he finished, turning the same glare on Lily.

Both Sheena and Lily had the decency to look ashamed as they simultaneously turned their backs to each other.

"How's Harry?" Trey asked worriedly, ignoring the adults' childish behaviors. "Is he all right?"

Frowning grimly, Vanessa softly answered, "We've succeeded in mending a good portion of his injuries and temporarily stopping his bleeding. However, there's still a fifty-fifty chance that he might not make it past tonight. He's very weak – I'm surprised he's still alive at all."

"No…" Katherine whispered softly as everyone fell into a pensive silence.

"What's the point of having useless Healers like you around?" roared Trey, breaking the tense silence. "You're all useless!"

Vanessa looked slightly taken aback by Trey's violent response, but took the accusation in stride. Sometimes she really hated her job…

"What do you mean?" snapped Sheena.

"Let me in there this second!" demanded Lily, narrowing her eyes. "I'm the Head Healer!"

"Harry can't die!"

"He's strong – you're lying!"

"I can't believe it! I'm not going to believe something as ridiculous as that!"

"I don't want to hear any more lies!"

Vanessa stumbled backwards in shock as the odd group of mismatched adults and children shouted furiously in her face – calling her a liar and good-for-nothing Healer.

"What's going on?" shouted a highly irate voice over the chaos. "Get out of my way!"

"Aaron!" Trey shouted, eyes watering slightly at the sight of his best friend.

"How's Harry?" Aaron immediately demanded as he hobbled towards his red-headed friend, gently pushing Crystal aside so he could walk without her aid. Behind Crystal (who was frowning angrily at the offhand manner she was dismissed by Aaron) trailed Amy and Stacy, both looking half ashamed and half guilty.

"Where were you four?" snapped Sheena, rounding on her students like a hungry vulture.

"Thanks to Amy and Stacy," spat Crystal, sneering slightly, "We landed smack dab in the middle of a wedding ceremony in Timbuktu!"

If the situation hadn't been so serious, Trey would have doubled over in laughter, but given the situation and the murderous glare Aaron was freely offering everyone, he wisely chose to update the newcomers (mainly Aaron) on Harry's critical condition.

At the mention that there was a high possibility that Harry could die, Aaron's entire countenance immediately tensed, becoming as rigid as a rock. "If Harry dies, you can count on joining him in death." he hissed menacingly, taking a threatening step towards Lily and Vanessa. "And I don't make empty threats!"

"Tom Riddle?" repeated Harry, scrunching his forehead in concentration.

"Or otherwise known as Lord Voldemort, the Dark Lord." the voice answered, easily detecting Harry's unspoken confusion. Pausing for a second, he whimsically added, "You and Tom are very much alike, you know?"

"What do you mean?" asked Harry, torn between righteous indignation and burning curiosity. "I'm nothing like him."

"Are you sure?" the voice laughed, sounding oddly hollow. "I can list a myriad of similarities simply off the top of my head: You were both abandoned by your families, you both have immense powers, you were both chosen to be a Dragon Rider…and the two of you even look alike!"

Harry scoffed derisively, but didn't bother to interrupt the voice. "Let him think what he wants," he silently consoled himself, "but I am nothing like Voldemort!"

"…Diana would have loved you. She loved Tom, you know?"

Blinking in confusion, Harry intelligently asked, "Huh?"

"Diana's my wife," explained the voice, his tone immediately softening at the thought of Diana.

"Diana? Where have I heard that name before?"

"Diana was barren…we never had children. But Diana loved children and longed for one to call her own. When Tom, young and orphaned, joined the midst of the Dragon Riders, Diana's heart immediately went out to him. She cared and loved him like a mother and spoiled him like a doting grandmother. She loved him with all her heart…and for countless years, we blindly believed Tom reciprocated those feelings – if not out of love, then out of gratitude.

"We were all entranced by his charm, charisma, and unlimited potential. He was the epitome of the perfect Rider – kind, gentle, respectful, and honorable…yet brave, authoritative, intelligent, and powerful. We all had high hopes for him – especially Diana. We were planning to appoint him as the G-62 Dragon Master, the leader of the Dragon Riders, when we got our first glimpse of the boy…no, monster beneath that innocent façade.

"Tom, having been accepted to Hogwarts at the age of ten (two years after his initiation), had pleaded endlessly to be allowed to attend the school. Diana, never to deny him anything, heartily agreed…and I trusted her decision. The rest of the council, following my lead, gave our consent and blessings to him…on the condition that he continued to study the DR Arts in between his schooling.

"He immediately agreed. I saw something dark…quite inhuman flash through his eyes that day, but, blinded by my sentiments; I foolishly brushed it off as nothing. As promised, Tom went to Hogwarts and continued to study the DR Arts during his spare time. It was amazing how fast he could absorb information with little to no effort. Even without our tutelage, Tom easily surpassed his peers. By the end of his sixth year at Hogwarts, his knowledge was so vast that it could have easily surpassed mine…only experience and power (that he hadn't unlocked yet) kept him from truly surpassing me.

"Intrigued by his intelligence and power, the council and I decided to send him a copy of the Lost Times – a historic recording by Kai of the events beginning from the Riders' exile from Dargon up until his death. Kai, sealed out of his homeland by Aderyn, devoted the rest of his life to finding a way to reopen Dargon. We have reason to believe that he succeeded."

Harry quickly squelched his rising excitement and evenly asked, "Then why hasn't Dargon been reopened yet?"

"Because Kai found the answer on his deathbed…he died soon after he cried, 'Oh, the irony! The Three Keys, both the destruction and the resurrection! Aderyn, you senile fool! What game are you and fate weaving? Woe is Dargon, my home, my birthright! Woe is my people…Oh the irony…the irony!'"

Swallowing the growing lump in his throat, Harry softly asked, "Did Kai keep a record of his research? Did he leave any clues?"

"The Lost Times is the product of Kai's research. However, it is written in a language unknown to us. Kai's journal, although harmless in itself, ensnared Tom in its promise of power…and ultimately served as the catalyst that brought forth Lord Voldemort."

"Voldemort wanted to reopen Dargon…for power?" whispered Harry. "Then why didn't he stay with the Dragon Riders? Wouldn't he have learned more about Dargon here than at Hogwarts? This doesn't make any sense!"

"Tom needed minions."

"Minions?" repeated Harry, scrunching his forehead in confusion.

"At first, Tom wanted revenge against his muggle father for abandoning him when he needed him the most. However, that hatred quickly evolved into hatred for all muggles, who had treated him poorly during his first eight years at the orphanage. Tom's hatred extended beyond petty revenge…he wanted to wipe out all muggles. However, to reach those goals, Tom needed supporters – minions. He obviously couldn't recruit his fellow Riders without us getting suspicious, so he turned his attention elsewhere – to Hogwarts. There, he found numerous supporters from the House of Slytherin, who were entranced by his power and charisma.

"But as his power and influence grew, so did his ambition. Tom wanted power – Pure, unadulterated power that Aderyn had possessed. By the time we realized his malicious intentions, it was all ready too late. He had learned everything we had to offer…and more.

"Tom had always succeeded in everything he pursued, so when he failed to decode Kai's journal, it only intrigued him further. Even up till this day, Tom is still searching for the Three Keys Kai had mentioned on his deathbed. Tom is convinced that Mesonia Island holds the answers to decoding Kai's journal."

"Is it?" asked Harry.

"Maybe," shrugged the voice. "Who really knows? But Tom never gave up. Counting his latest attack on Mesonia Island, it should be his third attempt. Another quality you share with him, am I correct to assume? You two would never give up until you either died or reached your goals…"

"I'm not him." Harry stated.

"No, you're not." agreed the voice. "After all, it's the choice that molds the person. Tom was destined for great things, but he chose to work for the Dark. Now, the same choice is placed before you. What do you choose? The Light or the Dark?"

The intercom suddenly flickered to life. "Calling all Healers, Nurses, and Apprentices – Report to the front desk immediately. Attack by You-Know-Who has left fifteen dead and many more injured. Again, calling all Healers, Nurses, and Apprentices to the front desk – It is a code red emergency!"

Lily turned and gave the room Harry was resting in one last, longing glance before quickly hurrying off to catch up with Vanessa, who had already sprinted off towards the front desk with a number of Nurses and Apprentices in tow.

"What about Harry?" she heard the red-headed boy holler angrily as she turned a sharp corner.

"I'll be right back, Mommy promises. Hold on for me, Harry. Please, hold on." whispered Lily as she dashed down the halls. She quickly skid to an abrupt halt when she barely missing smashing into a patient. "I'm terrible sorry, sir! I hope I…James?"

"Lily, thank God you're here!" whispered James as he pulled his wife into a tight hug. "You've got to save Sirius. You have to help him. He can't die. You have to save him! Please don't let him die!"

"James, slow down. What's going on? What happened to Sirius?" Lily demanded evenly, trying desperately to calm her near-hysterical husband.

Closing his eyes, James took a deep, calming breath before giving a watered-down version of what happened at Riddle Manor. "We successfully infiltrated Riddle Manor without a glitch. Then, to better investigate Voldemort's lair, we broke into two regiments. However, we ended up stunning each other by accident.

"Then Vance, former classmate and current Death Eater, released me because of sentimental reasons. He urged me to leave because his Young Master was coming…but he wouldn't allow the others – especially Sirius – leave. So I stunned him and released Sirius and the others. But before we could leave, he came."

"Who?" demanded Lily, eyes widening. "You dueled Voldemort?"

"No," James shook his head. "We met four Death Eaters, Voldemort's nine-year-old heir, and his heir's twin bodyguards."

"Voldemort has an heir?" Lily asked incredulously.

"Yeah, and Snivellus just so happened to forget to mention that when he said Voldemort way away!" growled James, eyes blazing with fury. "I'm going to kill that greasy git when I get my hands on his scrawny, little…"

"You mean a few Death Eaters and a nine-year-old child nearly wiped out your entire regiment?" Lily asked skeptically, wondering if James was pulling her leg…again. "I want the truth, James…this isn't a joking matter."

"I'm telling the truth!" roared James, turning away angrily. "We managed to kill three of the four Death Eaters and apprehend the two teenage bodyguards. But when I was about to corner mini-Voldie…Voldemort arrived." James' eyes clouded with pain as the events replayed itself in his mind. "He was furious."

"Voldemort?" asked Lily.

James gave a short nod. "He immediately placed himself between me and his heir. Then he looked at me – his sinister, pale face twisted in fury. That was when he shot off the first curse…without a word." He paused, taking a breath, before softly continuing. "I was knocked back, nearly unconscious when Voldemort shot his second curse. I was disoriented and didn't see the curse until it was only seconds away…Sirius, reacting on instinct, shielded me with his own body."

"Is he…?"

"I don't know!" cried James, shaking his head. "We managed to escape Riddle Manor, but I lost more than half of my regiment."

"James, it's not…"

"Don't you see, Lily? I should be the one in there! I should be the one injured! Not Sirius…"

"James, listen to me, calm down. Sirius is going to be fine!" she shouted, more to assure herself than her husband. "I'm going to go check up on him right now…he'll be fine. He has to be fine…"

"I hope so…" whispered James, lifting his head heavenward to keep the tears from spilling down his cheeks.


"Neither?" repeated the voice, sounding slightly skeptical.

"I will fight for neither the Light nor the Dark. The Light betrayed me when I was a child and the Dark destroyed my home. I fight for my friends and whatever is beneficial for me." Harry answered confidently.

"A good answer." praised the voice as a solid figure shimmered into view. "I'm proud of you, Harry."

Harry stepped back in surprise. "Master Odion?" he asked disbelievingly, remembering the face of the current Dragon Master from the time he had accidentally stumbled into Odion's room. He had been in a coma then.

Sensing Harry's unspoken question, Odion gently answered, "I'm still in a coma and the chances of me waking up are close to nil. However, I am not unaware of what is going on. I have seen what has happened to Mesonia Island…and I deeply regret that I couldn't be there to help."

"Then how am I talking to you…?"

"Because of your injuries, your energy is low and more in tune with mine. In other terms, we're on the same wavelength. However, my time is running short – What little energy I have regained is draining away as we speak. So let's not waste any time and let me get to the point of why I showed you the history of the Dragon Riders and Tom Riddle."

"You want me to stop Voldemort?" guessed Harry.

"Yes…and no." Odion replied as he gently tugged the end of his snowy-white beard. "At this point, you're power is no match for Voldemort. However, not all hope is lost. There are several things I need you to do for me right now. First, I want you to try to decode the secret behind Kai's Journal because if we can return to Dargon and regain control of the dragons, Voldemort won't be a problem."

"But doesn't Voldemort have Kai's Journal?"

Odion grinned and shook his head. "The one Voldemort holds is a copy. I believe Sheena holds the original journal. But besides looking into Kai's Journal, I want you to find Diana."

"Your wife?" asked Harry. "Isn't she…dead?"

"Everyone says that, but I have reason to believe that she is only in hiding. The bond we share tells me that she is still alive. Even though I haven't been able to find her, I know she's out there…somewhere. Diana is invaluable – not only as a healer, but as the mother figure Tom never had. If anyone, Diana would know Tom best...which means there's a possibility she might know his weaknesses as well. Also, there's a high possibility that the last Rider – the missing child – is with Diana. Although I'm not completely sure, the chances that Diana is personally training the last Dragon Rider is very high."

"I'll try my best to find your wife." Harry promised, inclining his head slightly in respect. "However, if I may ask, why is Master Diana not with the rest of us? Why is she in hiding?"

"Honestly, I'm not sure." replied Odion, sighing deeply. "But I think she may have left partially out of guilt. Diana disappeared shortly after Tom – no, Voldemort – invaded Mesonia island for the first time. I believe she may feel responsible for Tom's crimes because she was the one who raised him."

Harry clenched his fist as he softly whispered, "I'll do all I can to bring Master Diana back to you. You have my word."

"Thank you," Odion smiled – a smile filled with sorrow and longing. "However, before I leave you. There are two more important things I need to tell you. First, you need a partner. And before you ask, a partner is a predestined companion who you will be bound to for life. You have no choice in the matter – your partner could be male or female, friend or rival."

"We're bonded…for life?" Harry asked, unsure if he liked the prospect of being bound to someone – especially if that someone happened to be Stacy or Amy – forever. Eternity was an awfully long time…

"It's the Friendship Bond – one of the three strongest bonds known throughout the worlds. However, although the Friendship Bond is strong, it is not the Mating Bond. You are under no obligation to marry your partner…although many do." Odion explained, a knowing smile playing on the edge of his lips. "But then again, my partner was Sheena, but I married Diana."

"Um…okay." trailed Harry, unsure of how he was supposed to respond to a statement like that.

"Okay, enough about bonds and partners – you'll learn more about them from Sheena, who will be in charge of helping you find your destined partner." Odion quickly brushed aside. "Now, there is one last thing I want to do before our time is up."

Harry cocked his head to one side in curiosity. What else was there to say?

Odion smiled as he removed the golden, dragon pendant from around his neck. "I want to make you," he began as he stepped closer to Harry, "the leader of the G-63 Dragon Riders."

"What?" shouted Harry, shocked by Odion's sudden verdict.

"I want you to protect and guide the Dragon Riders in my stead." whispered Odion as he looped the dragon pendant around Harry's neck. "You'll make a fine leader. Everyone trusts you…and rightfully so."

James immediately jumped up when he saw Lily exit the ER. "How's Sirius?" he demanded, worry lining his face.

Exhaling a pent of breath, Lily lifted her head and smiled. "Sirius is going to be fine. He just needs a lot of rest."

"Can I go see him?" asked James, a large grin breaking across his face.

"Not yet," answered Lily. "The Healers are still treating his wounds. You can probably go see him in an hour or so." she estimated, offering her husband an encouraging smile.

"I'm glad," whispered James, feeling relief flood through his body.

"I almost forgot!" Lily hissed, slapping her forehead.

"What is it, Lily?" James asked worriedly.

"It's Harry."


"It's our son – Harry." explained Lily. "He's alive, but he's in a critical condition. He might not survive past tonight…"

"Lily, what are you talking about?" James asked confusedly. "Are you feeling all right?"

"I'm not lying. It's Harry – I just know it is. He looks exactly like you!" Lily gushed. "Come with me – I'll show you!"

James, unsure of what was going on, allowed his wife to drag him down the winding halls to stop in front of room that was crowded with people. "Lily…" he began, but quickly trailed off when he realized Lily was glaring at a woman – an old woman. What was she doing?

"Just to make things clear, Harry is my grandson." snapped Sheena, shooting Lily a disdainful glare.

"He's my son!" retorted Lily, surprising James.

Lily was never this volatile towards the elderly…

"I raised him." argued Sheena.

"I gave birth to him!" Lily vehemently replied.

"He's my…" Sheena began, but quickly trailed off when the door leading to Harry's room suddenly slammed open. Everyone quickly fell silent when the object of their discussion suddenly stepped out of the dark room.

"Harry…" whispered Lily as tears welled in her eyes, "My little boy."

Beside her, James looked on with disbelief. Harry was alive? But…how was that possible?

"Odion…" Sheena whispered softly when she finally noticed the golden pendent hanging from Harry's neck. Without another word, she quickly dropped to her knees and touched her head to the ground.

Lyon, finally coming to the same conclusion as Sheena, quickly followed her example and fell to his knees. He didn't know why Odion chose Harry, but it wasn't his place to challenge his friend's authority. Although he didn't personally think Harry was the best choice, he respected and honored his friend's decision.

He would recognize Harry as the new leader…if not for Harry himself, then for Odion's sake.

Although most of the children remained confused, Katherine was able to recognize the pendent and remember what it stood for. Understanding the implications behind Harry wearing the Dragon Pendent, Katherine quickly dropped to her knees and pressed her forehead to the floor.

Even though Aaron and Trey were still confused, they wisely kept their mouth shut and copied Katherine's example. As soon as Aaron and Trey were on their knees, the rest of the children quickly followed suit. None of them (except Katherine) understood what was going on, but they all realized it was something important that had to be done in complete silence.

James and Lily shared a questioning glance, but before they could ask why everyone was suddenly prostrating themselves before Harry, Harry spoke. His voice was soft, but authoritative.

"Master Odion has given me four tasks – decode Kai's Journal, find Master Diana (who is alive), commence the Bonding Ceremony, and take his place as the next Leader of the Dragon Riders." stated Harry, face devoid of emotion. "If there are any objections to Master Odion's decision, please step forward."

When no one moved, Harry calmly switched over to Gaelic. "If there are no objections to Master Odion's decision, I will officially take over his position as Leader. Although I lack the experience, power, and wisdom that Master Odion possessed, I will do all in my power to guide and protect all those who are under my jurisdiction."

In unison, everyone respectfully answered, "We swear to remain loyal to you from now unto death."

"You may arise." Harry finished. Flicking his eyes towards Aaron and Trey, who looked slightly uncomfortable, he added in English. "We are family. There is no need for formalities between us." Then, turning his attention to Sheena and Lyon, he softly stated. "Although Master Odion has placed me in charge, I have nothing but the absolute respect for the both of you. If there is anything you wish or command, I will do everything to the best of my ability to fulfill your request."

As soon as Harry finished speaking, Aaron and Trey immediately raced forward and enveloped him in a tight hug. Finally realizing that Harry was in pain, Trey quickly shouted, "Aaron, back off. Harry's still weak – don't hold him so tight."

Harry shot Trey a thankful glance as Aaron quickly released his sore body from the bone-crushing hug. Smiling softly, he jokingly stated, "Let's get out of here. Hospitals are creepy – they're too white."

"Hey!" shouted Trey, playfully smacking Harry on the shoulder. "Emily and I will be working in one for the rest of our lives!"

"My sincere apologies," Harry sarcastically replied. "I didn't know…"

"How did you heal so fast?" Emily softly asked, immediately flushing a bright red when she realized she had just interrupted their conversation.

"Master Odion gave me what energy he had left, which was enough to speed up my recovery by three fold." Harry gently answered, flashing Emily an encouraging grin. "However, to awaken Master Odion from his coma, we will need to find Master Diana."

"Do you know where she…" Katherine began, but was quickly interrupted by another voice.

"Harry!" cried Lily, successfully gaining everyone's attention. "Don't you remember me? I'm your mum! And this," she added, pushing James forward slightly, "is your dad."

Harry's smile fell as he finally noticed the two for the first time. How could he have not sensed them? Was he really that weak? Pulling on an expressionless façade that belied his inner turmoil, he calmly answered, "I'm an orphan – I have no Mother or Father. My teachers are my parents and my friends are my family. I need no one else."

"Do you remember who I am?" Lily asked softly. "Do you recognize James?"

"You're the woman who shunned me and he's the man who abandoned me when I was a child." Harry coldly answered. "I remember both of you, but neither of you will remember me…"

"What are you talking about, Harry?" Lily asked questioningly.

"Son…" James began, but quickly trailed off when he found himself at the other end of Aaron's glare.

"You want me to do it?" asked Aaron, understanding what Harry was hinting at.

"I was careless – They heard too much." stated Harry. "However, I do not wish their deaths." Turning his back to his parents, he softly whispered to Aaron, "Erasing their memory is out of the question because it'll become suspicious if other people remember, but they don't. The only solution is to use the memory altering charm. Make sure they don't have any special recollection of me – as far as they'll remember, we're just an odd, but ordinary family."

"Consider it done." Aaron grinned as Sheena and Lyon quietly herded everyone out of the hall. Trey, sensing his friend's fatigue, quickly slung one of Harry's arms over his shoulder.

"Harry, where are you going?" Lily frantically demanded. "You're not fully healed yet. You shouldn't be walking around like that…"

"Harry will be fine in our care." snapped Aaron, earning a glower from James. "At least, we'll love him…and stick by his side forever. You don't need to worry about Harry. You should worry more about yourself."

Before James had time to react, Aaron quickly raised his finger towards James's forehead and whispered, "Memoria Vicissitudo." He quickly repeated the process with Lily, altering her memories so she believed that Harry was just a regular patient who was finally ready to be discharged from the hospital.

While Lily and James were still disorientated from the Memory Altering charm, Sheena quickly ushered Aaron out of the hall to join the rest of them at the reception desk, where they were trying to discharge Harry from the hospital.

"How'd it go?" whispered Trey.

"Went without a glitch." smirked Aaron, arrogantly crossing his arms across his chest.

"Crystal was forced to alter Healer Vanessa memories too. She remembers too much that could jeopardize the memory charm placed on the Potters." Katherine interjected, overhearing their conversation.

"If the three of you are done muttering," Harry began, "let's go."

"Aye, aye sir!" joked Trey, doing a mock salute.

"What about Masters Odion and Simon?" Emily asked quietly.

"We'll come back for them later. It's probably better for them to stay here where there are Healers to monitor their conditions." Lyon gruffly answered, causing Emily to shrink back in fear.

"Where are we going?" Crystal asked curiously.

"Butterly – my house elf – has all ready secured a place for us." Sheena answered crisply. "If there are no objections," she stated, glancing towards Harry, "we'll stay there for the time being."

"It sounds like a good idea," Harry agreed. "It'll give me time to recuperate…and plan for the Burial Ceremony."

At the mention of the Burial Ceremony, everyone immediately fell silent.

Blinking back the tears that had gathered in his eyes, Harry softly whispered, "This is not the time for sadness. Master Fatima, Master Roslyn, Lance, and Shan died to save us – all of us. They wouldn't want us moping and dejected for the rest of our lives. Let us honor their memories by living the life they wanted us to have – one filled with happiness and love."

Swallowing the lump in his throat, Trey softly whimpered, "H-Harry's right. We'll be fine. We still have each other."

"Then let's get out of here." stated Aaron, slinging Harry's arm over his shoulder. "I want to plan the best…and most respectable burial for our friends and teachers. It's the least we can do for them."

Everyone silently nodded in agreement.

"I don't know about you guys, but the longer I stay here…the more I think this place is creepy." joked Harry, hoping to lighten the mood. "I mean, everything's white – even the receptionist lady!"

Everyone smiled slightly as Katherine corrected, "I think the term is albino."

"Who cares?" laughed Trey, breaking the tense atmosphere. "Let's just get out of here while we're still sane."

Harry and Aaron had hobbled less than half a step when Trey dryly asked, "And just how are you two going to get out of this hospital? One of you," he looked towards Harry, "is about as strong as newborn child. And the other," he glared at Aaron, "should rightfully belong in crutches, if not a wheelchair."

Aaron rolled his eyes as he playfully whispered to Harry, "He'll make a good mother one day. He's already inherited the mother complex – paranoia over every little injury." Without glancing at the red-head, Aaron softly mimicked, "Oh Aaron, don't walk around so much! You're leg may have to get amputated because the little scratch on your leg got infected from all the moving around you did!"

Harry snickered as Trey huffily snorted, "It's not just a scratch! It's a serious injury that could cause you permanent…"

"See what I mean?" interrupted Aaron.

Everyone laughed lightly as they exited St. Mungos. They haven't forgotten the deaths of their friends and companions, but they knew that as long as they had each other, things were going to be fine.


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