Notes: So here we are at the end! Thanks for reading -- your comments have meant so much to me. I'm hoping to return to this weird BB AU at some point, but for now, let the story stand on its own, with my apologies to canon. Hope you've enjoyed reading this as much as I've enjoyed writing it!


"So what's he like?"

"A royal pain in the ass."

"In other words, exactly what Bruce needs."

"But not what I need. Did I tell you I got shot?"

"Only about five times in the last three minutes."

"Yeah, well…it hurt."

"All right, old man, go take another Tylenol and we'll talk some other time."

"That reminds me: I've been meaning to tell you -- You're not funny at all."

"I'm not paid to be funny."

"I'm not paying you."

"My point exactly."

"Anyway, he's rash, outspoken, and might have a damn good head on his shoulders if he'd ever actually use it."

"In other words, he reminds you of yourself."

"Actually…I was thinking he's more like Jason."


"Not that I think he's going to get himself killed. Well, not in the same way, at least. I mean, he talks back to Bruce and wants to do things his own way, but he doesn't take stupid chances. Without a good reason. Usually."

"A ringing endorsement, that is."

"It's just that he's not the Boy Scout you were."

"Look who's talking, Mr. I'll-Drop-Everything-And-Run-In-From-Blüdhaven- At-A-Moment's-Notice."

"Hey, it was a case!"

"I'm not talking about this time."

"Look, do you want to hear about the kid or not?"

"Just tell me if you think it's going to work."

"Well, if Bruce hasn't thrown him out yet, and if McGinnis can put up with the old man…More power to 'em, I guess."

"Why do you think Bruce gave him the suit?"

"You mean because it went so well the other times he's had someone else wear it?"

"Dick –"

"No, I know. It's weird. It's not like Bruce has given up the identity – you and I both know hell will freeze over before that happens – but…maybe he's finally ready to pass it on. At least part of it. Maybe he was just impressed the kid figured him out. I've heard figuring stuff out landed someone a stint as Robin in the past."

"Cute. So he's got your seal of approval?"

"Maybe. But I still think someone should keep an eye on him."

"Thus the call to me. Listen, if he finds out, he's not going to be very happy."

"Hey, aren't you the one who sees all and knows all and never leaves a trace? So he won't know. And like hell you haven't had the cave monitored for years, anyway."

"Ever the dutiful son, spying on the old man and his new errand boy. All right, I'll do it, but only because it's fun to see you so disgustingly jealous."

"Am not. And it's not like you've got anything better to do."

"Oh look, it's the JLA on the other line."

"Right. Listen, Tim…."

"I know. They'll be fine."

"And if they're not…you'll call me?"

"You know, Bruce might call you."

"Yeah, and the crime rate in Gotham and Blüdhaven might reach zero this year."

"Point. I'll let you know."


"Take it easy, bro. Oracle out."