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Robin was saved by Luffy and was brought back to Luffy's ship, Merry-go-round. When Robin stepped onto the ship, everyone in the ship refused to accept her as their ship member.

"Luffy, are you mad? You saved someone who tried to kill us!" said Nami crossly, looking at her captain.

"She was injured and could not run away when the underground cave collapsed. As I was running to the entrance, I saw her and so I saved her along the way," explained Luffy as he turned his head to Chopper.

"Chopper, can you treat her? She is badly injured and had lost a lot of blood while fighting with Mr. 0."

"Ok, Luffy."said Chopper.

He changed from a reindeer into his human form and carried Robin over his shoulders and walked into the bunk.

"Zorro, Sanji and Uosopp, set sail!" Shouted Luffy enthusiastically.

Chopper came up from the deck and reported,

"She is sleeping soundly in the room and I had treated all the injuries. She really needs a lot of rest. Sanji, can you cook some food that can replenish the blood she has lost in the battle? She had also been poisoned too, but she will be alright after a few days."

"Ok, Mr Doctor Chopper, your job's here done. Serving food is my duty," Sanji replied with a wink and rushed to the kitchen to prepare some food.

"Sanji! Wait! I didn't mean now! She won't be able to eat since she would be in a coma for a few days."


Robin woke up after three days of rest with her body aching from her previous battle. She saw Luffy by her bedside the second she opened her eyes and asked,

"Did you rescue me, Luffy?"

"Yep. The underground cave collapsed and so I picked you up as I ran out of the cave. Chopper helped treat your injures. So I was not the only one who saved you," responded Luffy with a wide grin on his face.

"Why did you save me? I thought I could find the history of books in this country but it isn't here. I had wanted to die..."

"You are very strong and so I hope that you can join straw hat pirates to be my team member." Said Luffy.

He turned to his team members and as if asking for their approval, asked,

"Am I right, Zorro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji and Chopper?"

"No, I will not accept her as a team member. She makes me sick." Zorro snarled in reply a second after Luffy asked.

He walked away to his room and slammed the door shut with a resounding bang.

"I will not accept her as our team member. She tried to kill us all, Luffy," protested Nami angrily.

"I do not have any objections as long as you say that Robin is our team member," said Chopper and Usopp in unison.

"As long as it is a woman, I welcome her to the ship," Sanji spread his arms in a welcoming gesture and smiled flirtatiously at Robin.

"Sanji, stop being a love-sick idiot. She is older than you and she will not like and definitely not love you," Nami replied jealously, narrowing her eyes.

"Four against two! So Robin stays on the ship. Let's celebrate our newest addition to the team! Hooray!" Shouted Luffy merrily as he danced around in circles. He pulled the sulking Zorro out of his room to join in the merry-making.

Robin heard their conversion and a pretty smile crept up her face, highlighting her features. She made a silent vow that she would not betray her new-found friends and that she would try her very best to be accepted by them fully.

Before Nami stepped into the deck, Robin took out a bag of gold and jewelry and said ,

"Will that be enough for you to accept me as a member of the ship? If it is not enough, take this bag too," offered Robin, with that smile still on her face as she took another bag of gold from her pocket.

"Yes, it is enough. Thanks sister Robin," Nami replied immediately, her eyes lighting up as the sight of the gold and jewelry.

"I have a beautiful sword for you, Zorro," said Robin.

"I am not interested in your gifts. I will not accept your gift and you. So don't expect me to accept you. You make me sick. Get out of my sight now!" Zorro snapped as he know that she would bribe him to make him accept her. Thus, he rejected her before she could say another word.

"Never mind about that Zorro, I will make you accept me soon. I have my way to make you accept me," she mumbled to herself.

"Here is the food that I prepared for you, Robin sweetheart," started Sanji, carrying a large tray of mouth-watering food and laying it out on the table.

"Thanks Sanji." She kissed Sanji on his cheeks before picking up the food with a fork and spoon delicately and putting it into her mouth to eat.

Sanji walked back to the kitchen and was on cloud nine after receiving a kiss from Robin.

"Sanji, you looked like an idiot!" Zorro commented.

Sanji did not hear what Zorro had said because his heart was somewhere else.

"Are you going to start a fight with Sanji? If you do, you will not be sleeping in your bed now. I will want you not watch out where the ship is going, Zorro." Said Nami furiously.

"Who wants to fight over a woman that bribe people to accept her. Love idiot. I am tired now. I am going back to my room to take a rest now."Said Zorro as he walked away yawning loudly.

"From your conversion with Zorro, I understand that Sanji and Zorro fight every now and then, am I right, Nami?"asked Robin.

"They fight because they disagree with each other. Zorro is not a person that likes to talk. He likes to let the fighting do the talking and so he is a person who do not think. Whereas Sanji is the opposite. He will think before he do anything. But one thing is for sure, when he sees women, he will be like Zorro, never thinking about what is he doing." A sigh after Nami had say the sentence.

"Is that so? You understand them both so well. The only thing that i know about Zorro is that he is a very famous swordsman," Said Robin with a smirk and an unusual gleam in her eyes.

"I understand because they both live with me in the ship everyday. When you see each other everyday you will know everyone's good bad habits once you get along well with them on the ship," Nami explained, hoping that Robin would not misunderstand her.

Robin gave a musical laugh before she consoled Nami,

"I am only joking. When I was on the ship of yours the last time, I could see that already. You guys trust each other. I can see that from the way you all fought with me. Can you tell me more about Zorro?" Asked Robin, who was in love with said guy the first time she saw him.

Nami understood Robin's intentions as she heard her speak Zorro's name with much affection. She pondered for a moment and answered,

"That guy, Zorro, is the laziest among us. Once he finishes the battle on land, he will return to the ship to sleep first. So everytime if you can't find him on the ship, look for him in his bedroom. After waking up, he will train himself with the dumbbell over there just beside my mandarins. When Sanji had prepared the meal for everyone else , he will eat and then return to his bedroom again to catch more sleep." Nami let out a sigh before continuing,

"I think he sleeps for more than 12 hours a day. That's what I can tell now based on my knowledge of Zorro."

Nami gave Robin a kind smile and then stretched her arms above her head.

"Well, time to start working. Nice talking to you, Robin," Nami gave her a little wave before getting up from her seat and looking at her compass to make sure that the ship was going in the right direction.


Robin walked down to the deck to her room. As she reached Zorro's room, she stopped and knocked on his room door. Zorro, of course did not hear it as he was sleeping soundly in bed.

Robin, seeing that she did not get a response, entered the room silently and saw Zorro's hands over his head and legs opened wide and with one leg on the floor.

Robin giggled at Zorro's sleeping form and came to his bed to put his leg back onto the bed. She then put his hand down to his bed. And down onto his lap. Picking up the blanket which was strewed across the floor, she covered Zorro with the blanket, afraid that he would catch a cold.

Zorro felt the movement at his hands and legs and woke up, being a light sleeper. He was on "alert" mode immediately, as his body was able to be at its best form whenever he felt a threat. Opening his eyes, he saw Robin standing beside his bed and asked irritatedly,

"Why are you here in my room?"

Robin did not even flinch from his choice of words, and if she was affected by his hostile tone, she did nothing to show it.

"I came in and saw your sleeping form so I helped you put your leg onto the bed then put both your hands on your lap and covered the blanket on you, afraid that you will catch a cold, Zorro," Robin answered with a grin.

Zorro scoffed at her reply, and snarled,

"There's no need for you to take care of me. I can do that fine by myself."

He threw away the blanket and said hissed,

"Get out now! I need to sleep and when you get out, close the door."

He closed his eyes shut again and tried to sleep, feeling annoyed that Robin had interrupted his precious sleep.

"I am also very tired,can I share your bed with you?" "If you do not mind," added Robin as she sat on the bed, preparing to lie down next to him.

Her sentence received an immediate reply from Zorro as he opened his eyes, with shock registered on his face. He covered it up with a ferocious shout,

"I told you to get out of my bed and my room! If you don't I will use force to make you do so."

What was wrong with this woman? Is she that desperate or was she just teasing him?

"If I remembered correctly, when I met you on this ship the other time round, you could not do anything to me," said Robin slyly with a wicked grin.

"I am stronger than before so I can use force to make you leave my room," Zorro snapped in reply angrily.

"Sometimes, violence cannot solve everything, you know," explained Robin, shaking her head at Zorro's stubbornness.

She trailed her finger down his cheek tentatively, and bore her eyes into his, as if challenging him to do something about it.

She just crossed the line, Zorro thought.

Zorro sprung up from the bed and pushed Robin to the door. He kicked the door open and pushed her out of the room. But before Zorro could close the door, Robin kissed him on his lips lightly and whispered over his ears,

"Good night, Zorro and have a sweet dream." She walked away to her room.

Zorro was left petrified to the ground, his mind trying its best to process what had happened. He darted his tongue over his bottom lip, wetting there, and was shocked to taste Robin there.

He tried to erase all thought about a certain dark-haired woman with an hour-glass figure, but to no avail. Thus, he went to sleep dreaming of very, very, sweet and tangible lips.


Unknown to both of them, Sanji had seen the whole incident while he was walking along the corridor, and was very worried about Robin. He barged into Zorro's room with the intention to scold him and perhaps, beat him to a plump..

"Zorro, wake up! I have something to ask you!" yelled Sanji.

"What do you want love idiot? I want to sleep, so don't disturb me. Go away." Said Zorro in his sleep. He had been so close to closing his mouth over those voluptuous lips in his dreams...

"Just wake up will you!" shouted Sanji again.

"Fine, I am up, so what do you want to tell me? Speak now, don't waste my time," Zorro grumbled when the image of those perfect lips were dispelled once again..

"I saw you kiss Robin, why did you do that?"

Zorro tried to fight the smirk that was threatening to form. How could he forget those lips of hers? When he had confirmed that he was keeping a straight face on, he replied,

"I did not kiss her, she was the one who initiated the kiss. I think she does it to every guy, she kissed you too, right?"

"What! She kissed you on your lips! She only kissed me on my cheeks! Why did she kissed you on your lips, huh?" Sanji shrieked into Zorro's ear and stormed out of his room.

"She also tried to sleep on my bed, but I stopped her and pushed her to the door and before she left and kissed me," added Zorro before Sanji left his room, clearly enjoying the amount of distress he was causing Sanji to be in.

"This is not happening... This is not happening..." Sanji chanted to himself until everyone heard what he was saying.

"What happened to you, Sanji?"asked Usopp.

Everyone was there on the top deck, except for Robin and Zorro, who were both in their respective bedrooms.

"Robin kissed Zorro on his lips. I am heartbroken," announced Sanji.

Everyone sighed at Sanji's speech with the exception from Luffy, who was curious as to why Robin kissed Zorro, and asked Nami to kiss him in order for him to understand this feeling. He received a smack from Nami, who deepened her sigh,

"Why is he always like that? Whenever he sees a woman who kisses him and then kisses another man, he would be heart broken."

"He is always like that. Get a grip on yourself, Sanji, It's just a girl," said Usopp.

"Cheer up, Sanji,"consoled Chopper.

"That girl that I just fell in love with is ……"said Sanji.

"We know. Its Robin. You said it just now, and that Robin had kissed Zorro on his lips," Said Nami.

"Yes, Robin. She kissed Zorro on his lips. I saw it with my own eyes, but I don't believe it," fumed Sanji, his face red with anger.

"What if I give you a kiss on your lips? Would you feel better?" Nami asked and and give Sanji a light peck on his lips.

Sanji swooned at Nami's actions, and returned to his happy mode.

"Thanks, for your kiss, Nami. I feel better now. You are the best," Sanji whooped and give Nami a long, demanding kiss before letting her go and returning to the kitchen to prepare dinner for everyone.


Zorro woke up from his sleep and he quickly went to Robin's room. When he reached her room, he rapped on the door. Hearing Robin's voice, allowing him to enter, he stepped into the room.

"Hi, Zorro, you must have missed me so you come and look for me, right?" asked Robin, battling her eyelids at him..

"I don't miss you, I just want to know why you kissed me," asked Zorro.

"I kissed you because I like you, and I had also hoped that you would accept me as a team member of this ship," Robin replied with a grin.

"Ok, I accept you as a team member of this ship, is it alright now? So stop disturbing me. I don't love you. You got what you wanted so just leave me alone." Said Zorro.

"Ok, I got what I wanted; making you accept me as a team member. But now, I want you to be my boyfriend. That is my next goal or I would kill myself if you refuse me again.

"Stop threatening me. I am not going to love you or say like you. You have a very evil heart."

Robin took a dagger from her sleeve and cut herself at the neck. Blood started flowing out from the wound. Zorro gasped as he saw this and quickly removed the dagger from her hands and carried her out of her room to find Chopper to cure her wound.

"Chopper, Robin tried to kill herself, come quickly and save her."shouted Zorro.

Chopper ran towards Zorro in a flash and exclaimed when he saw Robin's state.

"Her wound is very deep, she had lost a lot of blood yesterday, and now she lost some more blood. Sanji you have to help me cook some fluid food to help her replenish all the blood she had lost."

"Sure, here take this food first, I had cooked it lunch time, and have just heated up the food." Said Sanji.

"Why was she wounded, Zorro? It looks like a wound caused by a knife to me, what did you do to her," asked Chopper, demanding for an answer.

Zorro explained what had happened to a very distraughted Chopper.

"So that was how she got wounded. You know that Robin had lost a lot of blood when she came on board, why did you still anger her, Zorro?"

"How in the world would know that she meant what she said? I can't understand her! I will not take responsibly for her."

"You hurt my beloved Robin," Sanji accused and turned his head to face Robin,

"Why did you not fall in love with me, I would be at your service whenever you need me."

"I don't like you, Sanji, I only like Zorro. Besides, I think Nami likes you. She would do any thing for you,Sanji. Am I right, Nami?" asked Robin.

"How did you know that?" asked Nami.

"I saw your eyes sparkling when you talked about Sanji just now." Said Robin.

"I am very cold, can you carry me to my bed and accompany me on my bed, please, Zorro," pleaded Robin.

"Do it, Zorro, she needs you badly now," said Sanji, giving him a push.

"Let's go, everyone here. They need to have some peace here." Said Sanji.

After everyone had left, Zorro carried Robin to his room and put her on his bed.

"You rest here now, and don't attempt to get up."

"I am very cold, can you hug me in your bed?"asked Robin.

Zorro took the blanket that he had thrown aside just now and covered her with it.

"Now, you sleep, and don't bother about me not having a place to sleep." Zorro patted Robin lightly on the head before he walked to the door.

"Don't go, I want you to stay with me," Robin begged.

Zorro let out a long sigh before answering,

"Ok, I will stay with you, but now it is time for my training, so you sleep first. I will be back after I have finished my training and bath. Is that alright?" asked Zorro.

"Yes, you go for your training first. Are you sure that you will be back to stay with me?" asked Robin.

"Yes, so you sleep tight, I may bring back your dinner too. Good night for now." Said Zorro.

"I will sleep tight and have a good dream, thanks to you, Zorro." Robin answered and curled up on the bed to sleep.


Zorro left the room and went for his training and after that he went for a bath and returned to his room with his and Robin's dinner.

"Wake up, Robin, here is your dinner,"said Zorro.

Robin heard his voice and opened her eyes and saw him with two plates on his both hands, she took out of the bed and helped him put down one of the plates so he could take a chair for her to seat.

"Thanks, Zorro. Sanji is really a very good cook. He really can cook a large variety of dishes." Robin praised Sanji's cooking.

"I think you should be very hungry now, six hours had passed since the last time you have eaten." Said Zorro.

"I am not very hungry. The portions are large, I think I will not be able to finish them."

"Try your best to eat them all. Don't waste food. Sanji must have taken a lot of time to cook them. He really hates people who waste food. I remember that when he was still not our ship member, he worked at a restaurant with his teacher who taught him how to cook. If any one of the customers did not finish the food, he would fight with that person until he faints," Said Zorro, recalling about what Sanji did to the customers.

"He is very violent." Said Robin after she heard what Zorro said about Sanji.

"That fellow had a very bad past. His teacher and him were in a no man's island and had been hungry for 21 days. On the the 28th day, a ship came to their rescue and they were saved. So he treasured food ever since. He hates people who waste food." Said Zorro.

"I did not know that, he looks like a very strong man without worries." Said Robin.

"The one who is very strong and without worries will be Luffy. He is a very happy guy and would not worry unless there is no food for him to eat." Said Zorro.

"Yeah, Luffy is really one that without worries. Then who is the one who worries the most?" asked Robin.

"Nami. She worries and thinks too much, more than any one else. She vents her frustration by scolding every one." Said Zorro.

Robin gave a girlish giggle at Zorro's description of Nami and asked,

"So Zorro, what is your goal in life?"

"To became a best swordsman." He said this with a confident smug.

"Your food is getting cold, do you want me help you heat it up?" asked Zorro.

"No need to. I am going to finish it soon." Said Robin.

It was silent for the next few minutes as both of them ate their dinner quietly.

When both of them had finished their meal, Zorro cleared the table and instructed Robin to lie down on the bed and wait for him to come back.

After a while, Zorro was back in the room. Robin was in the bed and waiting for him. "Come and sleep beside me. I think the blanket is not warm enough," Robin whined and looked at Zorro with puppy-eyes.

How could Zorro resist her? He muttered a curse as he gave in to the temptation.

"Ok, I will sleep beside you, but no funny business from you. Is that clear?" Zorro demanded.

"Ok, sir, no funny business from me," Robin answered, making her voice sound as meekly as possible.

Zorro climbed into his bed and slept beside Robin to keep her warm.

A new beginning for Zorro and Robin.