Written: 3o.o7.o5

Last Edited: 28.o1.o6

Main Characters (alphabetically): Yamato Ishida, Hikari Kamiya, Taichi Kamiya, Mimi Tachikawa, Takeru Takaishi and Sora Takenouchi.

Couples: Michi, Sorato, Takari (But…this story isn't about couples. It's more about situations some people can get into. Please take this as a note.)

Containing: Drama, angst, romance, swearing, arguments, dancing, slang language and suspense...

Music: In this sequel, I plan to let the music spread amongst all genres and styles. (Including jazz and rock…weird combo? Tell me about it…but you'll get it later on). But rnb is still going to be there.

NOTE: xxxxx means the change of the song or lyrics.

Disclaimer: It's recommended that you have read LimitZ before advancing to LimitZ II to avoid confusion (with other characters, situations etc. ) and to be able to catch on with this sequel. And I don't own Digimon ;)


Woah! I wasn't intending to write a sequel to LimitZ, but I guess I changed my decision. Let's just get straight to the point. I'm sorry for the long wait. My excuse was that I had 'edited' LimitZ and fixed up spelling errors and so forth. Editing LimitZ has helped me realize the stuff I want to change in this story and the situations I've missed out, which I intend to put in this sequel. I'm not sure if I will write 'before LimitZ' or I should just let this be the final piece to the story. I'll just see what the future holds. Thanks to all the reviewers and readers from the previous story and I hope you like LimitZ the sequel!



Relaxation Interrupted

By flipstahhz


It had been two days since the crew had participated in the tournament. The group was still finding it strange that they were all casually hanging about relaxing while for the past weeks they had been stressed and suffocated with intense training. Now they were savoring their final days they still had left in America. To them, it felt as if a heavy stressful and pressured burden had vanished from their shoulders.

It was all over

In the upper level hallway of the Tachikawa household, a figure was leaning against a wall with her arms folded impatiently. Another figure was sitting, feet crossed, on the ground. She looked up to the older girl.

" When are they going to finish, Sora?"

The figure was an adolescent female who possessed striking fiery hair. She pressed her back against the wall and slid down, squatting right next to the girl who had just spoke, sinking to her level.

" They've been there for almost and hour and a bit…so I'm guessin' soon," Sora Takenouchi replied to the young brunette. " Just glad we ain't part of Mimi's assignment."

" That's true," Kari smirked, " Even if doin' this is her expertise."

" Now that we have free time, Mimi has the chance to do it after wanting to do it for a while. Yolei was bound to fall victim to her. With how she would always wear cargoes, slacks, large shirts and those different colored bandanas."

Kari sighed, " But Lei likes dressin' like that. It's because she's practically been brought up with Ken and she didn't really have a female advisor."

" I still can remember Lei's shaking when Mimi bought a bunch of clothes at the mall with her reward money. I think she wanted to spend it on something else," Sora laughed. " But I still can remember Lei's high-pitched squealing. Never knew she had it in her when she saw that most of the clothing showed too much flesh, as she likes to put it."

Soft mumbles could be heard from behind the wooden door that the pair had been waiting in front of. They stared, wondering if they would finally get to witness Yolei's makeover.


A few seconds later, the door flew open to show a beaming Mimi and a rather flustered Yolei. Her long lilac shaded hair, usually tied up, and had been curled a bit with purple-lensed sunglasses placed on top of the do. She was wearing tight jeans (since she had refused to wear a mini skirt after a good argument with Mimi) and a striped orange and pink tight polo shirt with the collar sticking up in style. And her make up only consisted of clear nail polish (Yolei seemed frightened of the bright green), eyeliner and lip-gloss. It wasn't as 'dressed up' as Mimi had preferred Yolei to appear, but it was better than nothing – especially when her subject was always squirming to get away from her. Yet, Yolei seemed like a different person.

"Vuola, my masterpiece," Mimi winked with a giggle, breaking the silence and receiving a death glare from Yolei.

" I am NOT your damn masterpiece!" she snapped.

" Now that's the Yolei I know," Kari laughed.

" Fudge! Yolei you look great. Damn girl, you should do this more often!" Sora exclaimed.

" How tight do these jeans gotta be?" Yolei complained and avoided the compliment Sora gave, instead focusing on tying up her long hair. Though, every single time she attempted in doing so, Mimi would slap her hand away. Yolei gave up in fixing her hair and settled her arms to rest on her hips, " You're terrible, Meems! You've ruined me!"

" Oooh, wait!" Mimi announced noticing her project was shoeless. " I forgot your heels!"

"My what?" Yolei's eyes widened. " There is in no hell I'm going to wear shoes that I can't even move in!"

"Here," Mimi quickly appeared back with black heels, putting Yolei's feet into them.

" You wait till Ken sees you," Kari cried in excitement.

" I'm goin' to be the laughing stalk. My life has come to the end," she over exaggerated. She muttered repeatedly under her breath, " Horrible…terrible…evil"

" HEY ladies!" a new voice boomed out from behind them.

The four girls in the hall way turned around to see Taichi Kamiya and Matt Ishida. Yolei appeared more flustered and hid behind Kari. Mimi gave a bright smile when she had spotted Tai and Sora seemed rather distant, ignoring eye contact with Matt.

" Yolei you look hot! Damn…never seen this side to you," Tai said cheekily.

" Stop hitting on Yolei with your corny lines!" Kari snapped as Yolei fiddled more behind her in embarrassment. " Bro, I don't think it's good to say that when your girl friend is here."

" That's right," Mimi said rather sternly, eyes flashing dangerously towards him.

" So, what are you guys up to anyway!" Sora questioned, getting straight to the point.

Tai nudged his blond headed friend. Matt scratched his back as he began to talk, " We just wanted to tell you all that we're going for a dip in your swimming pool -"

" And if you're looking for us, we'll be there," Tai added.

" Sure, go ahead," Mimi nodded. " Don't know why you even had to ask…"

They watched as the pair exited down the staircase.

"See? What did I tell you! Even Tai thinks you look good," Sora teased.

Yolei rolled her eyes. As for Mimi, she appeared a bit jealous since Tai hadn't complimented on her as well.


The two best friends walked down the steps, leading themselves out to the back of Mimi's house. The sun's rays filtered through the tiny grains of the canopy. It was a fine day.

One of the boys roughly pushed his friend, beginning to make a run for it. He gave a toothy and cheeky grin as he yelled behind him, " Race ya to the pool!"

In response, his friend made a chuckle and sped after him, his feet pattering across the warm cement ground. His blond hair glided with the soft breeze as he continued to run. They were neck to neck now.

" Take it easy, Tai! Your leg just healed."

" I don't care. I prefer doing this than sitting around all day," he huffed, " I've been off my crutches for a while, anyway."

Before they knew it, Taichi had stopped at the edge of the swimming pool. But to the brunette headed boy's surprise, he felt his body being thrown into the air as both Yamato and he lunged into the chilling water.

The pair cracked up in laughter, but tried to stop since they were starting to swallow the liquid and it was making them choke. They adjusted to the chilling temperature of the pool, and swam down to the shallow end so that they could sit on the steps. They couldn't be bothered to waste more energy staying afloat.

" You bloody wanka," Tai sneered as they settled down, " You got my hair wet."

This made Matt go into another fit of laughter as he realized that Tai's long spiky hair was currently drenched in water, draping over his face.

"That's not funny. Utterly unacceptable!" Tai said steadily, but clear amusement was in his warm eyes. " I didn't say that I would race you in the pool. I meant race you too the pool, fag! It would have also would have been necessary if we changed into our board shorts first, instead of pushing me in here with my new pair of jeans on!"

" Stop whining, Tai," Matt sighed, head leaning back as he stared into the bright blue sky. " It's been a while we even said 'race ya.' We haven't done that in ages. It makes me feel so darn old. When we were younger we'd do this all the time…"

" That's true," his friend replied in agreement. " It feels really peaceful doing this now that all the tension if finally over. We've been dealing with too much of it lately."

" Easy for you to say. You're leg seems fine now. You didn't have to participate in the competition. Kari and you are fine, and so with Mimi who you are in affectionate terms with."

" Haha," Tai smirked. " I have a feeling you may be wrong on that. With the way how I complimented Yolei."

" Well, she was hot," Matt laughed. " Ken's lucky."

" What about you and Sora?" Tai asked. He had meaning to ask him in a long time, and he seized the opportunity to ask his suspicions in what was going on between the two. He bluntly knew that they were both head over heels (well not heels, in Yamato's case) over each other…but they seemed to just avoid reality and play along as if they didn't like each other one single bit. He never knew it would take this long for the couple to get together. Even he estimated that Sora and Matt would get together before Mimi and he did. Apparently he was wrong.

" She isn't talking to me still. Ever since she caught Jezebel and I –."

" Jezebel and you! When did this happen? Fuck man, I'm so not updated. Why didn't you tell me?"

" There was nothing going on between Jezebel and I. Jezebel…well is just your typical flirt."

" I can't get over how that bitch used to be Mimi's best friend."

" Yeah."

" You haven't told me yet."

" Well, you keep interrupting!"

" Fine, tell me already, Yamato Ishida!" Tai said seriously.

" Well…the whole story was that Mimi wanted me to get close with her to find out information bout Drew, and if he was okay…considering Jezebel is still close with Acey," Yamato noticed Tai's eyes squinted loathsomely at the mention of Acey's name. He continued. " And it was a deal so she could lend me some cash for my brother's tuition fee at that time."

" I guess it started when we sort of kissed when we did first aid. It made her and I feel uncomfortable around each other. And she got pissed off with me."

" Understandable. I think I heard it off some other class about you and Sora. Score to you Matty-boy!" Tai winked, but kept silent and let his friend proceed with the story.

" La Trobe students always like a good rumor," Matt shrugged. " Then…after that…I remembered about what I promised Mimi, which was why I left Kari's surprise party to go crash some other one. I got useless info from Jezebel, and I got piss drunk."

" Yeah, you looked shit faced. I do recall picking you up all stoned."

" Why, thank you. I take that as a compliment," Matt said sarcastically then decided to finish the story. " Well…after that, I forgot which day though, I took a break from practice after Sora and I had another fight again. I went to our bedroom. Then I saw Jezebel outside the window. I met her at the backyard. Told her to piss off, or something like that. And I don't know. Everything went fast…she kissed me…and I kissed her back."

" You're sick. How could you kiss her? That's just –"

" It's my fault. I guess that Sora's been acting really annoyed with me lately."

" Don't worry, you two will make up. Perhaps TK will even talk to you more."

" Both of those wishes are hard to come true," Matt laughed dully. " Don't know how you managed to reconcile with both Mimi and Kari."

" Well, knowing you. You've got to try harder," it was Tai's turn to laugh, though he was laughing at his own intentions. He kicked Matt off the steps of the pool and watched as his friend dunk head first into the water, that's what he got for pushing him into the swimming pool.

Revenge was blissful…

He wasn't going to forget that little situation about Matt pushing him in the pool earlier.

" Yeah, maybe I should try harder," Matt sneered as he popped his head out of the water. "…in kicking your ass."


Inside the house four teenage boys were chilling out in the games room. Each of them was spread around the pool table and focusing on the billiard game with full concentration. A boy with brown spiky hair had his head down; one eye was closed as the other leveled with the ball he was to aim at. In an instant, he pushed his hesitation aside, and let the cue hit the ball.

Unfortunately, he missed.

" What are you doin', Dai? You missed the ball! We could have gotten it in!" TK groaned. He shook his head at his partner's terrible aiming. " Next time I know for sure that I won't pair up with you. You're terrible!"

" It's not my fault!" Daisuke objected as he took the glass, sitting on the frame of the table, and taking a swig of the alcoholic drink. " It's not my fault that the ball just missed! Blame that number 8 ball! It would have gotten in, but it's too stubborn."

" Come on, Dai. You're just a sore loser," Ken commented then added, " You're the one that's stubborn. Maybe there's a possibility that you could have gotten the ball in if you didn't drink too much. But cause you guys are against the pros. Hell no are you goin' to win!"

" Gee…why thank you," TK said sarcastically at his opponent.

As a way to spend their afternoon relaxing, JR and Ken had came over since they were told that Mimi wanted to talk to Yolei about something. The other reason was because it would be their final day in Daisuke's presence before he'd be back off to his boarding school.

"Your turn, " Daisuke said rather sulkily to JR.

" Yeah. I know," JR replied as he steadily aimed for the white billiard ball with his cue.

" BOO!" Daisuke yelled in his ear, trying to catch JR's attention and hopefully 'make' him miss the ball intentionally.


JR jumped a bit, causing his cue to hit the ball. JR made a face, angrily rubbing his ear and stepping hard on Daisuke's foot.

" That's not fair, Dai you dick! We didn't do that to you -" Ken kept quiet when he luckily noticed the 8 ball slowly drop into the hole. He gave a broad grin. JR high-fived his partner in triumph.

JR and Ken had won.

"Somehow, I have a feelin' I'll never hear the end to this," TK frowned, all that concentration for the past hour going down the drain made him sad.

" Good afternoon, boys!" greeted both of Mimi's parents entered the room.

" Sup, Mr. and Mrs. T!" Daisuke greeted back with one of his goofy grins.

" Nothing much, Daisuke," Mr. Tachikawa smiled weakly. " What have you all been up to?"

" Just playing billiards," TK replied, eyeing Mrs. Tachikawa suspiciously. Mrs. Tachikawa looked a bit pale, left hand tightly gripping onto a cordless phone. From the looks of things, something was definitely going on. There had to be a reason why they were there…

" And Ken and I won!" JR piped in, chuckling at Daisuke suppressing his scowl on his facial expression.

" So, what brings you here? You want to watch another game of JR and I beating TK and Daisuke?" Ken jeered.

"Well actually, boys," Mrs. Tachikawa spoke timidly, " I was wondering if you know where Yamato is…"

" Lookin' for Matt? We haven't seen him…or Tai," TK said.

" They might be outside. It's good weather out," Daisuke suggested, looking out the window. " Have you checked outside yet?"

" No, thanks for your help. I'd better go," Mrs. Tachikawa sped out of the room, in quest for Matt.

" What's the rush, Mr. T?"

Mr. Tachikawa had stayed behind with the four. He lied, " It's nothing…"

" Sure," TK rolled his eyes. He always had to be out of the loop. Matt was his brother, and he had the right to know what the hell was going on. Unlike Kari and Tai, the siblings still hadn't made up or apologized to each other. Their relationship was still ice cold.

" You boys…you shouldn't be drinking alcohol! You're underage, you should know better!" Mr. Tachikawa had obviously noticed the bottles and glasses (most of them were empty). " I think I'll confiscate all of this. Your parents won't be proud of us not taking care of you all properly. We're responsible for all of you, and we don't intend on anything happening after our major incident with Tai."

" Aww…Mr. T! You don't have to be too strict! It's my last day here," made a excuse with a huff Daisuke.

Ken and JR laughed.

TK yawned. He wasn't really in the mood of hearing a parent giving lectures. He stepped towards the window to gaze down and take a glance if Mrs. Tachikawa was outside. Sure enough, she was already out there and from the look of things, had spotted Matt and Tai. They were all by the swimming pool, engrossed in some conversation.

TK wanted to know what was going on…

A few minutes later, Mr. Tachikawa departed the game room to rejoin Mrs. Tachikawa outside with Yamato and Tai.

"…we'd better get goin'. "

" Who's going?" TK questioned. How long had he spaced out for?

" Ken and I," JR laughed. " You weren't paying attention, were you? We've been talking for ten minutes already."

" Ten minutes?" TK repeated bluntly.

" He never pays attention," Daisuke sneered. " Especially at school. You're typical stereotype of a try hard rebel."

" Shut up, Dai!" the blond boy spat then turned back towards JR and Ken. " Where are you goin' anyway?"

" Home. We've been here chillin' here long enough," Ken replied simply. " We'll go fetch Yolei."

" You guys can stay longer, you know?" Daisuke frowned. " I might not see you all in years."

" Doubt it, lil Dai," JR mocked, messing up his friend's hair. " We'll come visit you at your school."

He sulked.

Takeru and Daisuke followed Ken and JR out of the room, going towards Mimi's room where Yolei had been for the past hours. Patiently, Ken knocked the door.

" Coming!" a muffled voice came out behind the door.

The door opened wide. To reveal

" YOLEI!" Ken exclaimed in disbelief as he she watched her jump in shock and hide behind Sora.

" Makeovers sound scary," Daisuke nudged TK and JR as they watched Ken's pale face turn a crimson red.


" What is it, Mr. and Mrs. Tachikawa?" Tai raised an eyebrow. He wasn't sure why they wanted to speak to Yamato individually, and he wanted to know why they looked rather hesitant. He would be a fool if he couldn't notice that Mimi's parents were hiding something.

" We…we need to speak to Yamato alone," Mr. Tachikawa spoke firmly.

Yamato eyed them. He could feel the tranquil environment being demolished. He knew that what they were going to tell him would be bad news. He didn't want to know, but he knew that he would be revealed to it either way…

" Then just tell me now," he said quietly.

" It's preferable if Tai didn't hear it –"

" I'd prefer if he did," Matt said.

" But –."

" Honey, just let Tai stay. Maybe it would be better if he heard too…instead of Yamato knowing this all by himself," Mrs. Tachikawa stopped her husband from trying to keep Tai out of the conversation. " He'll know about it eventually."

" Then tell us," Tai spoke up, he didn't want to wait forever. And he was sure that Matt was thinking the same thing at that specific moment.

" Certainly," Mrs. Tachikawa sighed in distraught. " I hate being a person who brings bad news. But… I was recently was just on the phone with your mother, Tai. We spoke a bit…and she told me about what happened to Mrs. Ishida."

" What happened to her?" Yamato suddenly spat, his tone suddenly turning rather cold. " What did she do? Or probably my father is involved in this pathetic escapade too? Did they have a drug overdose? Did she become a prostitute? Do they want more money? Do they want us to be a family again and frolic with rainbows? Or do they just to break TK and us up even more?"

" Don't speak like that about your parents," Mr. Tachikawa glared. " You have no right to speak that way."

" I do have a right! If it weren't for them…everything wouldn't have been screwed up! TK would have been raised up better," Matt's eyes were blazing in fury. " Just tell me already…what the hell happened this time!"

" Calm down, bro," Tai said awkwardly, as he gave his friend a hard pat on the back. " Mrs. Tachikawa, I do think it's better if you just tell us…"

Mimi's mother stared at the ground, her husband putting his arm around her for support. Matt stared at Mimi's parents, knowing that his parents would never be as kind and responsible as they were.

Yamato began to apologize, " I'm sorry – I didn't mean –."

" Yamato…your mother," Mrs. Tachikawa's lip pursed out as she began to deliver with sympathy. " She…she had a stroke…"