By Hikaru Hayashi

Story from The Road to El Dorado

Hello, Road to El Dorado fans. I'm Hayashi Hikaru (yeah, you figured that out). Anyway, I got this idea when I was watching the movie, and since this is a new topic for me, I don't know how this will go over (heck no one might review at all), but whatever. We'll just see.

Full Summary: (Set at the end of the movie) Tzekel-kan dies in the whirlpool and is therefore unable to help Cortes and his men find the city of El Dorado. Because this happened, there was nothing to change the course of events after Miguel's fight with Tulio. Tulio leaves El Dorado with Chel, and Miguel stays behind. Will the friends ever see each other again? Will they even miss each other? (Warning-later pairings: TulioxChel, MiguelxOC)

So, with that out of the way, let's start.

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(If you sue me for anything, it's the bad title. I hadn't intended to name the fic after one of the songs from the movie. Man, do I suck at titles:pouts:)

Friends Never Say Goodbye

Chapter 1: Parting Ways

This was great. Things didn't exactly go as he'd planned, but then again, he couldn't have planned it better. He should have known that those two lying idiots weren't gods to begin with; there were so many clues. But now that he knew, he planned to crush them, and, in the process, expose them for the frauds they were.

As Tzekel-kan caught up to the two, he said, "I know what you are. And I know what you are not…and you are not gods!"

Tulio and Miguel stared at him. Suddenly, Tulio said to Miguel, "You're not a god?" He grabbed his friend's collar. "You lied to me?" It looked like he nodded to something.

Miguel just gave him a cold stare.

Tulio threw him to the side. "How dare you!" he shouted.

"Hey, it was his stupid plan!" Miguel said to Tzekel-kan.

Tzekel-kan was officially confused. "What…?" he muttered.

"Whoa! My plan was that we should lie low!" Tulio answered. "But your plan was to run off and be all, 'Oh, look at me, look at me! I'm a god!'" With this, he walked around with a cool stance mocking his partner.

Miguel was infuriated. "That's not true!" he snapped.

"No?" Tulio asked sarcastically. "Who're you kidding? You're buying your own con!"

With a sly look, Miguel replied, "At least I'm not dating mine!"

Tulio stopped in his tracks. "Ooh…low blow…Listen, mister High-and-Mighty, we'd both be sailing out of here with a mountain of gold if you had just listened to me!"

"Well, now you've got all the precious gold, and Chel! So what do you need me for?" Miguel shouted, smacking Tulio upside the head.

"Well, maybe I don't need you anymore!"

"Well then why don't you just go back to Spain and I'll stay here, and we'll both get what we want!"

"That's fine with me, pal!"

"Alright!" Miguel shouted as he smacked Tulio.

"Ooh!" Tzekel-kan exclaimed, obviously enjoying the fight.

"Alright!" Tulio interjected as he slapped Miguel.

"Ouch…!" Tzekel-kan muttered, a wide sinister grin on his face. It looked like he'd won without having to fight at all. He began to chuckle in victory, when he noticed the two pull back their fists…and aim them at him.

Before he knew it, he was flying backwards. He landed on the edge of the cliff. "Tie him up!" he heard Tulio shout. Oh, no they didn't! They tried to set him up. He couldn't believe he'd let those bumbling idiots get the drop on him. In an angry fit, he summoned his giant stone jaguar to finish them off once and for all.

Unfortunately for Tzekel-kan, they had dodged out of the way and the jaguar was weighing the cliff down…and he had nowhere to run. The cliff collapsed and he went falling into the whirpool below, meeting a watery end.

(Hanging from the cliff…)

Tulio chuckled as he and Miguel hung from the vines on the cliff, content about the victory over Tzekel-kan. "That was good!" he said to Miguel.

Miguel just glared at him coldly.

Tulio realized at that moment that Miguel was mad at him for real. He didn't know what he'd said to make him mad, but if he was mad, he was just going to let him be mad. Fine then… Tulio thought as Miguel climbed up his vine. Be that way!

As Miguel reached the top of the cliff, Tulio heard cheers from the people. Hey! What gives? he thought as he started to climb up. He looked over the top to see a bunch of people carrying Miguel and cheering for him. What…the…heck? It was his idea that defeated Tzekel-kan! Miguel was too busy being conceited as far as Tulio was concerned.

Tulio reached the top of the cliff, but stumbled at bit. "Hey, help, please?" he muttered. Oh what's the use… he thought, frustrated. As he was finally able to pull himself up he heard Miguel's voice:

"Chief Tani! I've decided to stay!"

What? He's actually staying? That's it, Miguel's really lost his mind this time. All this time, Tulio thought he was just saying that because he was mad, but it seemed like he was serious.

"Tulio!" Came Chel's voice as she pushed her way through the crowd and ran to him. "Is everything alright?"

Tulio looked up. Miguel looked back at him as the crowd carried him away once more. Tulio's eyes narrowed. "Everything's fine…" he lied.

(The Next Day…)

The boat shoved off. It sailed nicely, considering it was carrying a huge load of gold. Tulio looked back at the people of El Dorado and waved one last time. Out of the corner of his eye, he looked at his Chel. Despite the fact that she was leaving her home, probably never to return, she didn't seem so upset. She seemed more excited than anything. She had a huge grin on her face as she waved goodbye to her people.

Tulio wished he could be as ecstatic as Chel was right now. But something didn't feel right. He had everything he'd ever dreamed of. He had a mountain of gold and a beautiful girlfriend whom he hoped to marry. But he felt like he was missing something…something important.

He looked up to his right. He saw a figure standing at the top of some steps. Then it hit him. The something he was missing was his best friend Miguel.

His friend stared down at them with a kind of remorseful look in his eyes. Serves him right. He shouldn't have stayed behind. But, apparently, he wanted to stay. If he wanted, he could jump in this boat right here and now and go with Tulio and Chel. He did not and the boat sailed on, now far out of his reach. Tulio stared at the gate, then back at the people, then at Miguel.

Tulio sighed. Then he looked back at the gate, wondering what lay ahead for him and Chel…and being hit with a shocking jolt of reality: this would be last time he saw Miguel. After all these years, after all the crazy times they had together, he would now be separated from his best friend…possibly forever.

The boat sailed through the gate. Don't look back, Tulio, he told himself. El Dorado no longer exists to you…keep telling yourself that…You'll never see the Chief again…you'll never see the people again…you'll never see Miguel again…it's just you and Chel now…

He blinked a tear out of his left eye and stared ahead, hoping that Chel didn't notice, as he prepared for the journey that lay ahead of them…

End Chapter One

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