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CHAPTER ONE- Accidental Encounter

It was a typical night on the streets of downtown St. Canard. Darkwing Duck was in hot pursuit of his archnemesis and evil counterpart Negaduck. The two fowl raced through the streets, a blur of purple and yellow, trying to avoid both oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

Negaduck dashes down an alleyway, hoping to lose his foe, but of course the fearless Darkwing was right there behind him.

"I've got you now, freak," said Darkwing as he approached his rival.

"I don't think so, jerk," Negaduck said, tackling Darkwing to the ground.

The two of them would struggle their way deeper into the darkened alley. As they neared the end of the ancient brick corridor, Darkwing would land a hard blow to Negaduck's midsection, knocking his opponent hard to the ground.

"Your days of terrorizing the innocent citizens of St. Canard are over," Darkwing proclaimed, planting his foot upon the fallen Negaduck's chest.

You are SO wrong, Dorkwing Jerk," said a defiant Negaduck as he rose from the ground, knocking Darkwing over in the process. He would then pull out a huge sword and move toward his adversary.

Darkwing would get up, brush himself off, and pull out his gas gun. "Suck gas, evil-" Before Darkwing could finish, Negaduck had knocked the gun away and began slashing furiously at the other duck with his sword. His cape torn, but otherwise unharmed by the attack, Darkwing would land a flying kick, once again knocking Negaduck to the ground.

"This ends now, you--" Darkwing would be cut off by a strange voice.

"You two had better get out of here before I call the police."

Unbeknowst to the two of them, their whole encounter had been witnessed by a short, bespectacled turtle who appeared to be in his early twenties. He had been emptying a trash can into a Dumpster behind the video store in which he worked when the two enemies appeared in his alleyway.

"Move along, citizen," Darkwing ordered. "There's nothing for you to see here."

"Except an execution," remarked Negaduck, as he swung the sword at Darkwing's head, ripping his hat but again not leaving a mark.

"Nice swordsmanship, Zorro," Darkwing said sarcastically.

The turtle continued to look on nervously.

"I thought I told you to---" Negaduck would swing his sword again, this time ripping apart Darkwing's famed mask, revealing his identity to the stranger, and drawing a little blood.

"Holy crap," said the reptile, recognizing the duck. "Drake Mallard, the guy who never returns his videos on time and whose kids destroy my store every weekend? You're Darkwing Duck?"

"Uhh," Darkwing said nervously. "You must have me confused for someone else..."

"Well it looks like I've done enough damage here," said Negaduck, rising. "Adios, you losers." The evil duck disappears into the night.

"I can't believe this," The astonished turtle said. "I can't wait to tell all my friends about this..." He starts to head back inside the store.

"Hold it right there, Scott," Darkwing said angrily. "You're not telling anyone about this little incident." He moves closer to the stranger.

"The name's Todd," The turtle said, pointing to a name tag. "Can't you read? And what are you going to do to stop me." He steps into the doorway.

"Oh I have a way to make sure no one finds out about my little secret," Darkwing said, lifting the smaller creature up off his feet.

"Uhh, what are you going to do? Please don't hurt me! You're supposed to be a good guy! Help!" said Todd.

"Shut up," Darkwing said, holding the turtle's beak shut. "I won't hurt you. But I must ask that you come with me." He moved inside the shop, carrying the turtle with him.

"What?" Asked the confused Todd. "Where do you want to take me?"

"I'm taking you to my place for a couple of days," Darkwing said. "Until I'm sure you're not going to squeal on me."

"I'm afraid I can't go with you," Todd said, struggling to break free from Darkwing's grip. "Kidnapping is a serious crime, Mr. Mallard. Someone like you should know that."

"You're coming with me, whether you like it or not!" Darkwing said angrily. He then started for the door.

"Umm," said the turtle. "Do you think it's wise to go out with your face exposed?"

"Oh," said Darkwing. "I'm going to need something to make a new mask from then." He begins to search around the video store.

"I think this may do," Todd said, motioning toward a blue banner draped across the counter. He detatches it and hands it to him.

"Yeah, this will work," Darkwing said.

"We'd better do something about that eye first," Todd said, noticing the slight cut beneath his left eye.

"Yeah," said the duck.

"Be back in just a moment," The turtle said. He closes the back door of the store, then heads to the front, locking the door and putting up a "CLOSED" sign. He then makes his way into a storage room, emerging moments later with a first aid kit.

"You move pretty quick for a turtle," Darkwing observed.

"Thank you," a smiling Todd said as he tended to the duck's wound. "There. All better."

"Thanks," said Darkwing. He then took out a pair of scissors and fashioned a new mask from the advertising banner. He then placed it on his head and handed the cut-up banner to Todd.

"My boss is going to kill me for this," said the turtle.

"All right," Darkwing said. "We should be going now."

"After you," Todd said, motioning toward the door.

Darkwing would head out the back door, with the turtle following him closely. They would soon arrive at Darkwing's motorcycle the Rat Catcher. "Climb on board," the duck said, pointing toward the side car.

"OK", Todd said, sitting down.

Darkwing sat on the motorcycle, put on his helmet and started it up. The two would then speed through the darkened streets of St. Canard, heading for Darkwing's home.