The Island of No Return

Disclaimer: No, I don't own pokemon and probably never will. And I'm not making money off of this fic either.

Summary: Ash, Mae, Brock, Team rocket, and all of their pokemon are in for one heckuva ride when they arrive on Newfound Island.

The most impatient pokemon trainer in all of Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn sighed. "When are we gonna get there? I've heard so many great stories about the powerful pokemon on Newfound Island, but IT'S TAKING FOREVER TO GET TO THIS DAMN PLACE!" Ash and company (Brock and Mae, this time) were riding yet another ferry to yet another island.

"Chill out Ash! At least we don't have to deal with my little brother this time…." Mae sighed of relief. She somehow convinced her parents to take him back for this one excursion.

"Hey guys, I think I see it!" Brock shouted to Ash and Mae.

"Ohhhhhh, where is it Brock!" asked Ash, sounding surprisingly like a girl.

"Strait ahead." Brock turned Ash's head towards what looked like a rock right in front of them.

"Yay! I can't wait to dock!" Ash squealed with excitement. He grabbed Pikachu and hopped up and down with it.

Mae shook her head at Ash's childish behavior. 'And to think I might like him…..' Mae thought to herself. She sighed. 'Oh well.'

Meanwhile, another trio was flying strait towards Newfound Island. "God, why can't that stupid little rat and his dumb ass trainer 'Blast Off' for once?" Jessie scowled.

"Well, it could be worse." James said.

"How?" Jessie looked unconvinced.

"Well….. We could've hit the ground by now!" James did his weird little giggle. Jessie whacked him with her mallet.

"You guys….." Meowth sounded worried.

"NOT NOW CAT." Jessie and James yelled in unison.

"But we're about to…." Meowth began. They all hit the ground at full force. Groans of pain came from the Rockets.

"I really hope the twerps are having just as much fun as we are……" Jessie said more to herself than anyone else. Little did she or anyone else know that very soon this normal looking island would cause all of their lives to change…… forever.