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All May could see was blackness. She could feel that she was lying on dewy grass. "Come… Wake up… don't leave us…" an angelic voice called. "May… May… MAY!" Her eyes fluttered open.

"What..?" May cooed.

"May, please wake up. We're alive!" Ash explained. May sat up and stretched her arms out.

"But how could that be? We were hit by flaming hot lava!" pondered May. She looked around her. Everyone was safe and awake. They were sitting on a green hill, with the blue sky overhead. "Hey we're out of the mountain!" May realized.

The purple pokemon appeared. "Of course you are. You didn't really think I'd kill you, did you?" The purple thing asked rhetorically. "The whole lava thing was yet another hologram. You all breathed in a drug which knocked you out. Then I brought you out here with my physic powers."

"Then why did you feel the need to kidnap our friends and put us through ridiculous challenges?" Jessie questioned angrily.

The purple thing grinned smugly. Suddenly, a bright white light surrounded it. The group gasped as they watch it change shape. The "Mewtwo" was really Ash's Haunter, which Ash had released years before! "Wasn't expecting that, were you?" Haunter asked the group.

"Ok. I am officially confused. I thought you liked me, Haunter! Why would you put our lives in danger!" Ash questioned.

Haunter shook his head. "None of you were ever really in any serious, life-threatening danger. The Octillery who picked May up was trained not to hurt her. The fiery pit was a hologram. The pikachu who shocked May was also a hologram, but the thunderbolt came from a machine, so I knew it wouldn't injure her severely. The only part where I messed up was the Sharkpedo tank. I told them not to hurt you, but noooo they never listen; I'm sorry Jessie." He paused to catch his breath. "I wasn't expecting you all to break out of the cage, but since I have hologram machines installed all throughout the cave, it didn't matter."

The group took a moment to let the information sink in. "Wait just a darn minute. You still haven't told us why you captured us; you have just told us how you did it." James stated.

"You see…. The point of all of this was to make certain people admit their love for other certain people." Haunter shot a look directly at Ash, James, May, and Jessie. "The only way to make stubborn people (such as you guys) admit their feelings is to put them under extreme stress."

"How did you know who would end up paired with whom? Did you do this by yourself, or were you told to by someone else!" exclaimed Ash.

"Yes, I was told to do this by someone else. She told me who to pair with whom, though it wouldn't have been hard to figure out." Haunter replied.

"So who was it? Who told you to do this?" Jessie asked.

"I did, young one!" The mayor of the town hopped down from a tree. (Surprisingly, she didn't displace her hip or anything.) May, Brock, Jessie, and Meowth's jaws dropped in surprise. "For the two who do not know me, I am the mayor of this island." She looked at James and Ash as she spoke. "I believe that love is the key to a happier world. Haunter here is my friend. He helps me fulfill what I think is a great service to the community. We watch over people on the island and see who is in love but not admitting it. Then, haunter takes one person out of the couple and brings them to the mountain. The rest you know." She paused. "The moment you stepped on this island Haunter recognized you, Ash. He insisted that I help you admit your feelings. He also remembered you two, Jessie and James. He wanted all of you to be happy. So you can thank him." Haunter looked proud of itself as the mayor finished.

Everything made sense to the group now. After a few minutes of chatter Ash said, "Well, we all thank you for your help. But next time you play matchmaker, please try to make it a little less scary!" Everyone nodded.

"Nah,things aremore fun when it's sort of dangerous!" said Haunter. "Besides, we don't have to pay for HBO when we match make!" Ash and James laughed. Haunter winked at them. "If you ever see a couple in need of help, send them to us."

"We will." replied May. Everyone was standing up by now. "I think we'd better take off." Everyone nodded again. The group turned to leave.

"Just remember what you have learned," said the Mayor.

"We will!" everyone replied in unison. Once the group was a fair ways away from the Mayor, Meowth brought up an important subject. "Hey, does this mean the twerps and the rockets are pals now?"

"Yes, Meowth, we are." May replied.

"However, to keep our jobs we can't travel with you guys." stated Jessie. "You never know when the boss is tailing you." A little while later they came to a fork in the road. "We'll take the road to the left." She paused. "Where are you guys heading next, so we can start following you again?"

"I think we're just going to head to Pallet Town for some rest." replied Ash. May and Brock agreed with him. "I guess we'll see you there?"

"You can count on it!" said a cheerful James. The twerps and the rockets parted ways. Soon after the parting with Ash and his friends, James took Jessie's hand in his own and asked, "You know, now I'm happy that Haunter kidnapped me."

"You do realize that things are going to be different between us now," Jessie stated.

James replied, "In a way, yes. But just because you know I love you as a lover doesn't mean I won't still treat you as a friend as well." Jessie nodded. She leaned in closer to James as they walked towards the setting sun.

Meanwhile, Ash and May were having a similar conversation. "Please don't start acting all mushy-gushy now that you know I love you," said Ash.

"Me be mushy-gushy with you? Never!" May said. She winked at him.

"I feel so alone…" murmured Brock.

"Don't feel that way!" said May. "You're sure to find a girl soon enough."

"But in the meanwhile, you're just going to have to deal with May and I being a couple." Ash stated. He put his arm around May as he spoke. She blushed. The group was silent.

'What an adventure! I was kidnapped, made friends with my enemies, and told May I loved her.' thought Ash. 'This has been the most exciting few days of my life.' And with that thought he smiled and hoped that tomorrow would bring another exhilarating adventure.

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