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Author: Lorraine Kristine P. (aka KC)


One sunny day in Summer, the Yugioh gang have visited their respective doctor, all at the same time. They saw each other, 10 years after, married…and happy.(?)

Lorraine, the doctor, their most trusted psychiatrist, was filled with joy as celebrities…

/What do you mean? Of course they're celebrities you silly../

…came into her office. The gang's wives, have complained to her that their husbands have gotten certain obsessions… But they just can't put their finger on it…

Lorraine went to Yami and said, "Ah, here's his obsession…He named his son Mikey! He's addicted to basketball!"

Lorraine went to Joey and said, "Joey, you should be ashamed of yourself…You're so addicted to food, you named your daughter Candy!"

Lorraine went to Kaiba and murmered, "Kaiba loves beer and wine…He named his son, Brandy."

Malik's eyes widened, patted his son by the shoulderand said, "Dick, I think we'd better go."

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