Chapter One: Saying goodbye is so hard. Too hard…

"Beast boy…" Raven's voice was slow and quiet.

"Please Raven, don't talk anymore." Beast boy tried to hold back the rushing tears. While holding her hand in his lap that was the only part of her body that he could reach.

"Please Beast boy don't cry. Not for me." She reached his face and wiped away the tear.

"Rae look at you! You're dying! I-I…" Tears leaked from his eyes, swiftly with no end. Everyone stood around the dying Raven. Starfire, Cyborg, Robin. None of them could save her.

"Shhhh…don't talk…I want to go with your face as the last thing I see." She began to talk nonsense. She giggled.

"Look BB…look at the lights." She was looking into pure darkness. Raven was thrown from the air and landed on bars that stuck straight out of a piece of demolished building.

"Yeah Rae they're beautiful." He breathed in deeply to try not to sob.

"BB, I wanted you to know that I always lo…" she didn't get to finish her sentence. She was gone. Beast Boy sobbed uncontrollably.

"Yeah Raven…I know…I loved you too." He held her hand and kissed it. He tried to squeeze his head a little bit through the bars, to look at her face. Some of the bars were stained with blood. Beast Boy's cheeks were red and sticky from the dark angel's blood.

"Beast boy I'm sorry…I'm so sorry!" Robin fell to his knees by Beast Boy. Starfire held him. She began to cry as well.

Cyborg stood tall but cried as well. The sky began to rain…

"The earth cries as well, with the loss of our friend." Starfire said. She looked at the blood soaked Raven.

"Rae please…please wake-up." His voice was sad and shrill…he didn't let go of her hand.

"DAMMIT! RAVEN PLEASE WAKE-UP!" He yelled to her…but she never woke, didn't move, didn't say a word…she really is gone! Beast Boy thought to himself sadly.

6 months went by since that night of Raven's death, and everyone has kind of moved on, except Beast Boy.

3:30 p.m. and he stumbled out of his room. He wore that same undershirt that he had worn for the past 5 days…and finally a new pair of boxers.

"Good afternoon to you friend. Would you like some of your favorite tofu?" she smiled a bright smile.

"No thanks Star…I'm not hungry." Everyone heard the same thing since that night. Beast Boy had seem to form a sort of routine…He would go to fridge and get some milk and drink from the carton. Then he would go to the bathroom and did whatever he did there. Then plop down on the couch, search through at least 5 channels and go back to his room.

It had been that way for the last 3 months. At night Starfire would sometimes hear his screams…he would scream things like "Wake-Up," and "No" and a lot of the time he would scream Raven's name.

It was almost enough to make them all cry and mourn again to the fallen angel.

Starfire had had enough of this.

"BAM!" She slapped him across the face.

"What was that for?" he yelled back.


"Dead…I know…but it still hurts so much Star, it just hurts." He cried and Starfire pulled him to her. She cradled him like a baby.

"I-I did not know Beast Boy, I did not know your wound was still opened."

"It'll take more than comfort to close." Cyborg finale came out and said something.

"We all still feel it B…That wound will never close, No matter how much we try to forget, it will never close."