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Chapter 25: Reaching the end of the line

Heated anger pumped furiously through Adam's veins. He grinded his teeth with his lifeless sister hanging in his hands. They had to get her off the roof and somewhere safe till they could get a hold of Slade. The Titans stood behind him and Dawn, together once again. Beast Boy laced his fingers through Raven's. His eyes completely focused on Dawn's sleeping face.

"Alright Titans, we got to split up and find Slade! Raven, and Starfire take the skies. Beast Boy, Cyborg, and I will take the ground." Robin's voice still held the most harden determination. A tone as if nothing he saw had meant a thing to him.

"Robin, you're not serious right?! I'm not going to allow Raven to go after Slade!" Beast Boy growled at Robin's barked orders.

"Beast Boy, Robin's right. I have to do this, I know his plans and I need to help stop what I started. For Dawn's sake." Her voice was cool and raspy like her own, but it sang with sweet bells as well, pieces of Dawn that seeped through. Beast Boy's jaw clenched and he had an expression that screamed he was thinking about it in his head. "Beast Boy…I'll be ok. I feel indestructible." She spoke to him, placing her warm hands on his cheeks.

"Whatever the hell you all need to do, you better make up your minds quick. I want to go after that walking dead man now!" Adam's voice was tense through the air.

"We have make a plan first, we can't just go in without tact." Robin snapped.

"Do you see your city?! It's in ruins! My sister is DEAD in my arms right now! The whole damn world we know is about to be destroyed! What the hell else do we need to talk about?! We need to act now. We need to find the bastard now and take him down!" Adam's anger roared through every word and echoed loud throughout the city.

"Robin is right we can't just jump into something like this." Cyborg backed up Robin.

"However, Adam is right too, we don't have much time." Raven spoke.

"You said he couldn't do anything without you. He can't make any moves." Robin's voice was puzzled.

"He has lost interest now. He knows that I will never join him in on this. Besides Crow and I were just his messengers, he has all his pawns in place." Raven's voice was quiet and dark.

"Slade's plan all along was to summon Trigon once more." Adam spoke up.

"What?! You mean he's bring back that monster?!" Robin's fist clenched.

"Yes, he kept it a secret from you Raven, because the slightest mention of your father's name could have possibly brought you back your memory. Slade had placed a forbidden spell on his name, I could not speak nor think his name. However, the deed with Slade has been broken. He promised I would be unharmed by him and he would guarantee he would find my sister. That spell has been broken since he lied of finding her," Adam spilled his information freely since he was able to speak without the spell.

"So he needed me? All along he needed me to summon my father once more!" Raven spoke with anger.

"Yes." Adam spoke shifting his weight to one foot while the small lifeless Dawn laid silent in his arms.

"Ok, we've beaten him before, we can defiantly do it again!" Beast Boy's voice held great assurance and hope. They all began to be lifted in some ways.

"No, no…Slade had found a certain spell…something about tying the bonds between the two evils they hold. If Slade could somehow cut Trigon with this golden spear, he could absorb some of his power." Adam laid to his knees and kept Dawn's head in his lap. "If we stop Slade now, then we can stop him from even being able to summon Trigon." Adam pushed back Dawn's black hair from her peaceful pale face. "We have to destroy Slade, or risk having to bow down to him." Adam's teeth still grinded against one another.

"He is right Robin. We do not have any time for tact." Starfire's expression was calmest of them all. "If destroying Slade now means saving the world…then we must stop him." She spoke clearly with venom in her words.

"Alright. We have to find him and rip him limb from limb." Robin's mind was made.

The city below them was laid in pieces. Pieces that could possibly never be put back together. The night sky was the darkest the city has ever seen. No lights from the buildings that use to stand tall shined. Only stars and the moon lit the darkness. All was quiet through the streets, as the Titans walked together as one whole. Echoes of their footsteps were the only noise that was projected. There were no more beasts running amuck in the city now, yet the Titans followed the debris that they left anew. Adam still held Dawn's sleeping corpse in his arms. There was no where to keep her body safe except with them.

"You guys, where are we going to leave her?" Beast Boy stopped moving in the formation.

"We aren't leaving her anywhere." Adam spoke harshly. He adjusted his sister in his arms.

"Dude, Adam, we can't take her with us. What if something happens?" Beast Boy spoke with fear and worry in his voice. Although Adam could hear Beast Boy's concerns he didn't care. He kept his heated glare at the green mutant boy. He said nothing and passed right by him.

"No way in hell, am I going to leave her here to rot." He kept moving forward.

Just then as Adam walked ahead of Robin and Starfire, one of Slade's demons leaped out of a dark alleyway with a roar so fierce, it made Adam's knees wobble. The beast's teeth were jagged and sharp, blood stained the razor sharp canine teeth. Black drool seeped through the sides of it's wide mouth. Adam took small steps backwards from the monster, but was too slow to escape the demon's giant paw from knocking him sideways. Adam was airborne and broke his fall in a hardware store's display window. A screaming alarm shouted off as the window broken. Soon the Titans found themselves pushed together in a circle as three more monsters appeared out of the shadows. Their mouths hung open with black goo oozing out of the corners of their mouths.

"Uh, holy shit." Adam crawled out the shattered Plexiglas. His arms and back were cut and bleeding through the black shirt. He did not noticed at first but his arms were absent of something important. Dawn laid at the Demon's feet, still lifeless as ever. The pain shooting through Adam's body was nothing compared to the painful fear that shot through his heart. He scrambled to his feet and quickly shot out towards the street. The demon seemed to be waiting for him to move. As soon as he was close enough to grab Dawn by her cold hand, the demon pushed him away once again. Again, Adam was flung into another wall.

"Crow!!!" Beast Boy tired to reach him but was blocked off by one of the creatures.

"They're trying to separate us! They're keeping us from Dawn and Crow!" Cyborg shouted over his shoulder to Robin.

"Then we won't give them range to do it. Titans! GO!" Robin jumped up from the circled group and quickly pulled out the metal rod from his utility belt. He landed on one demon dog and plunged the pole deep into its back. The monster cried out in pain, flames of blue fire shot out from its oversized mouth and it began to buck wildly.

Starfire and Cyborg took to the sky, bolts of light shot at the demon with brilliant colors of blue and green. Each hit they landed set off smoke from the monster. Pieces of the demon started to break off and he was soon falling to bits. It cried in agony as bits of him started to break and crumble, as if it were made out of hot smoldering clay.

Beast Boy and Raven took on the other demon. Its eyes glowed a dark red and it roared angrily as it took it's stance to charge at the two Titans. Beast Boy moved Raven away from him as the beast charged, in a swift motion Beast Boy transformed into a large green elephant. It took charge at the demon as well. The two took each other head on, their large heads smashed into one another, they both pressed against one another. Their muscles shook as the pressure they applied matched each others. Soon a thick black cover wrapped around the demon dog. It was hoisted high in the air, and then flung far into the inner city. Beast Boy turned to the dark beauty that stood beside him and nodded at her with his trunk.

Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire quickly took their side as the rest of the demons were destroyed. All the Titans set their eyes to Crow who was now pinned to the street by the demon's paw. It tried to push down on him, trying to squish him. Crow's muscles ached as the beast applied more and more pressure. Crow held the giant paw in his hands pushing back trying to keep it from completely crushing his ribs. As the paw started to push harder and harder, Crow felt as if he couldn't win.

A tremendous roar of pain shot out from above him as the beast got a face full of Cyborg's sonic blast. The pressure was taken off all at once, and the weakness he felt earlier, disappeared altogether. The beast's face was distorted and bled out the black liquid that drooled from it's mouth. It limped away from Crow and the rest of the Titans. The heroes watched as the monster ran into the darkened alleyways. Their hearts feeling some kind of relief. Adam quickly shot back to his senses and searched around for Dawn, her still body had been laying in the street at the demon's feet. Now her body was gone. Adam felt that same fear rush deep within him again. His fingers trembled and his heart raced with violent beats in his chest.

"REGAN! REGAN!!!" Adam shouted, as if she could respond. He prayed she could. He prayed that she would hear him and cry out after him. He prayed that she would wake up, that she would wake up and come to him, big brothers are supposed to be protectors, he felt as if he failed.

"Such a pitiful man you are. You couldn't even handle a simple task of taking care of your sister." A venomous voice arose out of the darkness. Above the exhausted heroes was a strong figure, cradling another. One eye glistened brightly from out of the darkness, an eye that if one was to look through they would see the fiery brimstones of hell.

"Slade!!! You son of a bitch! Put my sister down!" Crow roared as he jumped over mangled debris to reach the top of the small broken building Slade stood upon. The rest as the Titans stood back almost too stunned to move. Crow was half way to the top until Slade stopped him in his tracks. In Slade's hand held a bright shining golden dagger. The fire that glistened off in the city reflected back onto the dagger. Slade held it inched from Dawn's throat.

"She maybe dead now, but any damage done onto her while in such a state, could cause her serious problems if she is reborn, wouldn't you think?" His voice was crisp and cynical.

"What do you want Slade?" Robin called from below on the broken street.

"What I want is a new world to be created. A whole new kind of Law and Justice. I want to be the one to bring such a world." Slade's voice slowed and deepened with every word. "I also, need someone to help me bring in my new world. Someone whose mind has no recollection of their life before now. Someone like…why, this little ray of sunshine here." Slade lifted Dawn's head to look at her brother. Crow's heart tightened.

"Slade, don't do this. Not her, I'll gladly take her place!" Beast Boy shouted to him from below.

"Ah, such a heartfelt man you are Beast Boy, but like I said…I need someone who I can rebuild into my own. Not even the new and improved Raven could be as strong."

"If you take her, it will be over my dead body!" Crow shouted as he charged at Slade. Crow had been sure he had hit him, yet once he stumbled back to his feet, Slade had transported himself from one rooftop to another.

"If you give me ideas like that again son, I will take up on the offer." Slade threw Dawn over his shoulder. A blast of green light shot at Slade and barely missed his legs.

"You are not going anywhere with my friend!" Starfire's eyes glowed green with anger and her hands lit up with fury star bolts. She flew so fast from the ground that she was next to him in a heartbeat.

"We ain't letting ya go! Not without a fight!" Cyborg's sonic blaster formed faster than it ever had before and he shot off three bolts. Each one aimed for Slade's legs. The roof of the building started to collapse and Slade found himself falling. Quickly he leaped from off the falling rock and landed away from the Titans on the street. His eyes darted between Starfire and Cyborg. A gut wrenching pain stung his body as he realized he had forgotten the masked boy wonder.

Robin made him stumble, but he didn't lose his footing nor did he loosen his grip on Dawn's body. The metal rod that was in Robin's hands was stained black from the demon he had plunged it into earlier. He swung it around and around and took strikes at Slade, each strike he took he missed.

"You've gotten sloppy Robin." Slade still kept his distance from the masked teen. Knowing that id he slipped up in slightest, Robin would not be merciful. "Give it up Slade! You're not getting out of this!" Robin shouted. "Oh, but I am Robin." Slade lifted his right hand high into the sky and chanted inaudible words. Slade's palm glistened brightly with a bright red "S". The words he spoke got louder and louder. Soon the Titans found themselves struggling to stay on their feet. The ground shook violently as more cracks tore through the city's streets. Robin had to jump to evade falling through one of them. Bright orange light shined through the deepened holes. Starfire quickly gathered Robin, as Raven grabbed Crow and Beast Boy collected Cyborg. All Titans were airborne as they watched the new evil that was being unleashed.

"What is he doing!?" Cried Starfire terrified.

"Is he summoning Trigon already!?" Cyborg called out to Crow.

"He can't! That's not the correct spell." Crow called back. He desperately watched as his sister's soulless body laid in Slade's arms.

"AWAKE! AWAKE! AWAKE AND BRING FORTH HELL!" Slade's cried were heavy and pure evil. He laughed wickedly. Dawn arose from his arms, still looking as peaceful as she once was. Then in a blink of an eye, a twisted white light tore from outside her body. Her eyes and mouth illuminated from the blinding light. Dawn's hands curled into fists and her muscles twitches wildly. A earsplitting sound broke through the roaring sounds of the breaking streets below, it was her screams. Starting from her feet an array of orange and bright blue fire circled her body. They lit her long ravishing black hair ablaze.

"Wake my child! AWAKE AND HELP ME RULE!" Slade again shouted.

The screams grew and grew until she levitated back towards the destroyed streets. Her voice began breaking off as she rested on her hands and knees on the street. She was no longer burning and she was no longer screaming.

"Dawn…welcome to your new world." Slade's voice too simmered down. He placed a hand on her shoulder and kneeled beside her. Once her long hair moved away from her face, her once bright brown eyes now shifted to a blood red. The titans only watched in shock as a twisted and frightening smile grew from ear to ear across her beautiful and now wicked face.

"Dawn, my child…how do you feel?" Slade asked hissing. Dawn studied her new master's face and took a few moments to speak. She choked a small laugh and her eyes grew wide when she responded:

"Hungry…" Her teeth were now jagged and nails now claws.

"You see Titans…I have absolute power…and now with such a creature at my side…a beautiful creature that you all know and love…I am unstoppable." Slade paused, yet he got no reaction of the stunned Titans.
"We are reaching the end of the line Titans. Better make a move." Slade spoke with a hiss in his tone and then he shifted into the shadows.