A similar thing actually happened to me. It's quite funny actually. I have this theory from research that a lot of the guys that are slim, but not necessarily skinny, have huge dicks.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that this story has extreme exaggeration. As much as I would love to do sadistic things to Ishida and Ichigo, they aren't mine. Oh how I would love to watch them squirm. : Evil laughter :

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Ichigo POV:

I fucking hate having cravings and urges. I can take cravings 'cause most of them are for food, but this urge, this sick demented urge that goes against my whole being, has now consumed my thoughts.

The first thing that runs through my mind when I wake up each morning is: I want to give Ishida a blowjob.

Fucked up, ain't it?

I'm not gay, but now I'm practically drooling over some guy's crotch. It's disgusting and appalling. In my 15 years of living I have never thought that maybe I'd like to suck cock. It's just wrong. Wrong I say!

What brought on this urge, you ask? One day about a month ago, at lunch on the roof, I just happened to glance at Keigo's crotch, just comparing it to mine. Guys do that right? Then I, for once, glanced at Ishida's. That was the wrong thing for me to do because all I could do was stare. His 'bulge' was HUGE. I can't see how people couldn't be ogling his large dick as he walks around in school. Well that's what I was doing and he caught me, and I swear it fucking twitched.

Then he whispered what would make me scream and nearly throw myself off the roof.

"Hey Ichigo, it likes you." He deadpans with an evil, evil glint in his eye.

So, I screamed and ran to Rukia who just looked like I was crazy, which I may very well be.

It was at that moment, I realized I loathed Ishida. Yeah sure he may be my friend, but friends don't try to seduce each other with their large dicks! For the rest of that week, I avoided him unless we had to kill a hollow. Hell, I'm surprised no one found me in my bathroom naked, in the shower, crying in a corner in fetal position.

But that's not all. No then we have the gym class incident.

Ah, gym class, a class for all who go to high school; loathed by nerds, loved my athletes. I personally enjoyed this class until shower-time one day. I'm not one to look at guys showering because again, I'm not gay, but since the rooftop incident I've been (unobtrusively) contrasting and comparing. Well, Ishida was showering as I walked by and I nearly died. Apparently what I saw on the roof was him in normal, flaccid form. In the shower, he was only half hard and I'm pretty sure he was the size of my arm.

He must have heard my gasp because he turned and looked me dead in the eye as he turns his body away from me but not before he gave a vulgar stroke to his third arm slowly and fucking smirks.

Holy hell, what was I supposed to say or do? Getting caught staring in shower is a big no-no. So the first thing that popped up in my mind, I did.

I ran. I ran as fast as I could from the freak who knows he's big and delicious-looking.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I think Ishida is hot. He has the most gorgeously arms from his archery work; they're kind of dainty in appearance, but once or twice when I needed help walking away from a battle, I had to use him for support. Those arms are firm. If he were a girl he would still be my type. His hair is beautiful and I bet its real soft and smooth. Damn, I'm sounding like one of those yaoi fan girls.

It also doesn't help that every time we go kill hollows together, he has to readjust himself every time he shoots an arrow. I should have noticed then, but I wasn't really into looking at crotches then.

So since that day in the shower, I have done some extensive 'research' on big dicks and what to do with them. NO, I wasn't looking at porn, you pervert. Ok maybe some of it was porn, but that because I didn't know what the link was on the internet. Oh well, fuck you, I watched gay porn all night and day. I couldn't find another big dick that could compare to Ishida's.

That damn guy makes me hard just looking at him, knowing that he's got a great body and a freakishly large penis. And all I want to do with it is treat it like it's the best damn Popsicle ever.

Which is what brings me to homeroom today, hovering over the object of my wet dreams. I haven't talked to him in weeks, and now I'm going to see if we could hang out. What a great friend I am!

"Hey Ishida, what are you doing this afternoon?" He gives me this 'go to hell' look. Well fuck you then.

"You want to talk to me now, after almost a month of avoiding me? And you want to call yourself a friend. And Ichigo, I know you've been avoiding me." I can't move or speak as his voice rumbles through my insides, but somehow I manage to get a hold of myself and respond.

"Shut up, freak. I just think it's been a while since we've hung out because I've been busy and I'm sure you've been busy." Well, I couldn't very well say, 'I've been avoiding you because every time I see you, I have this irresistible urge to drop to my knees and suck you off.' No, that wouldn't be polite.

He uses his long fingers to push up his glasses, "What time do you want to hang out?"

"How about you meet me at the gates of the school after school?"

"Whatever, hentai."

"What did you say!"

"Nothing." Sometimes he fucking pisses me off.

So after school, at the gates, we meet and decide to go to his apartment. For what reason, I don't know but that's where we ended up.

As we walk into his apartment, the first thing I notice is how immaculately clean it is; for a high school guy that is so busy with the gayest club around, his apartment isn't covered in string or fabric.

But that's the only thing I get to notice before he pushes me against the door with a loud thump. His body is pressing against mine with that throbbing largeness in his pants against mine. He pins my hands above my head against the door. He's much stronger than he looks. It takes all the self-control I have to not come right then; I moan a little as he rubs himself against me minutely.

"Ah, Ichigo, I was going to wonder when you were going to come around. I know you've been peaking when you're not supposed to. That day on the roof, the day after that in the shower room; you turned me on every time I saw you looking." He runs the hand not pinning my hands down my torso, felling my muscular chest. "That day when I got home, I jacked off to the image of you staring at me in the shower. I know it's impressive, but that's not a reason to embarrass me by staring." He tugs at my belt, releasing my hands, letting them drop to my sides. "Did you know after you ran away, all the guys started staring at me? I got at least a dozen love confessions by the rumors that caused. So that's why you get to pay me back. You know the rule: staring is impolite. Plus I don't like undue attention."

And with that, the bastard kisses me, full on my lips. If someone had told me kissing Ishida was equivalent to having your favorite chocolate cake, I would have bitch-slapped them, but now I have a new respect for my chocolate cake. His lips are soft and creamy, if that makes any sense. I guess a more appropriate word is smooth, like a baby's butt. Don't even think that, you pedophiles!

Anyways, as Ishida kisses me I feel myself moving forward, which either means I'm floating or he's pulling me away from the door. His hands are all over me, and I can't protest. Why? Because it feels good. Suddenly I feel myself whirling around and then falling down onto something soft, obviously the couch. He pounces on me once again and this time I'm ready because as soon as he's on me, I wrap my arms around his narrow waist.

"Nice of you to join the party. I was wondering when you were going to stop lurking."

"Shut up and kiss me." I bring my hands to his hips and pull him towards my own hips, earning a groan from him as our erections meet once again. He attacks my mouth and nearly chokes me with his tongue; I'm apparently That Good. He begins unbuttoning my shirt, but after the first too buttons he decides its taking too long and rips my shirt open, buttons flying every which direction.

He straddles my hips so he has more space to take off my clothes, pressing our erections closer together. Every single movement he makes when taking off my black tank off, he virtually humps me. Fuck, I've never felt anything like that before in my life; all I can do is moan and thrust against him.

He then undoes my belt and I freeze. I take the 2 seconds of being frozen to re-evaluate my situation before deciding it's too damn late to stop, even if I wanted to. His slender fingers unbutton and unzip my pants, lightly brushing my erection. He licks his lips like he's about to have the best sucker in the world. I almost feel bad for him because I see his erection straining against his own pants, but since I can't reach down and undo his pants, I rub it through the thin fabric.

"Ichigo..." he gasps. Hearing my name rolling off his lips like that made my own manhood twitch. He pulls my boxers and pants down, freeing my arousal. "You aren't too bad yourself, Ichigo", he says as he palms my cock, pressing it against my stomach.

"Ishida, keep doing that and...ahh...ahh...I won't last long. At least let me pull off your pants."

"Only if you can manage to take control of our...little situation." What the hell? Did he think he was going to get away with being fully dressed while I'm laying buck-ass naked in front of him? Oh hell NO!

To remedy this issue, I sit up to the point that he's sitting on my lap again and push us over to where he's laying underneath me. I give him a victory smile and I rip off his tie and use it to pull him up to my lips. "I bet you didn't think I was that sharp did you?" Then I proceed to rip his shirt off in the same fashion that he ripped mine off.

"I believed in you, Ichigo", he sarcastically retorts. For payback of that statement, I pinch his nipple before dipping my head down and licking it. He arches off the couch into me, but me being the evil bastard I am, pull away so he doesn't the satisfaction of pressing closer to me.

"Evil bastard." Well what can I say? I pay attention to his erect nipples before moving on to his navel. I must have a thing for navels because his has got to be the most beautiful navel out there. It's an outtie. I can't help but lick it; it just looks like it needs to be licked. He moans as he runs his fingers through my hair before fisting them in there with each stroke my tongue makes on his navel. What a turn on!

Soon enough, I move on to the prize of the evening. I undo his belt and pull it from the loops; with my slightly kinky mind, I brush his bulging crotch with the belt before he nearly hollers for me to get on with it. I smile demonically before I palm his clothed erection, and fuck me; he IS as big as my arm. Well maybe he just a little bit longer and thicker than my own glorious erection. I slowly unbutton his pants, him squirming the entire time, biting his lower lip. He's so hot when he does that.

I decide to play with him a little bit more when I get to the zipper. I start pulling down the zipper and I 'supposedly' get snagged on some cloth. I try to pull the zipper down, but it won't budge. I can tell he's getting impatient because now he's trying to help me get his zipper down, but he's trembling so much he can't even get a grip on it.

"Fuck, just break the zipper", he cries, glistening with sweat. I think he may be a bit hysterical.

"Impatient are we. Thinking about it, that's the first time I've heard you swear." It really is unfortunate for him that I'm an evil bastard. Smirking I run my hand down his chest.

"Who fucking cares, get my pants off. Now." His voice dips frighteningly low and I can feel it resonating through his body all the way through mine. Giving a growl, I yank the zipper down and rip his pants off; surprisingly enough, he's without underwear.

"Going commando I see." I look down at his large, weeping erection and gasp. It's more magnificent up close than I would have imagined. I can smell his scent all over him along with a slight musk of arousal. I run a finger along the deep blue vein along the bottom side of his erection; his breath hitches in his throat. I run my tongue along the same vein a moment later; his hips thrust upwards as he moans. His hands are in my hair once again as I tongue-bathe his massiveness.

"Ahhh, Ichigo."

"You have no idea how much I've wanted to do this to you." With that said, I cover the head with my mouth, sucking gently. Damn, he tastes good, like salt and...Ishida, whatever it is that Ishida tastes like. I push my mouth further down his shaft until my jaw nearly unhinges itself to take him in. My hand fist the part of the shaft my mouth can't get. I slowly pull off his erection and start bobbing my head up and down; I hold his thrusting hips so he doesn't choke me with his large member.

"Ichigo, I want you to fuck me." Fuck! I choked anyways; I freeze once again, blinking at him dumbly.


"I want you to fuck me." Holy shit, he repeated it. I've seen it done enough to do it but this isn't exactly what I had planned out for the day; I need to practice or something. But who am I to turn down that request. I give another hard suck to his erection before crawling back up to his lips where I kiss him. Hard. He taps me on the shoulder with a tube of lube.

"No condom?" I ask sincerely.

"I'm clean, and I know you're clean; I looked at your medical records once when you were being treated for your broken nose that you got when Tatsuki kicked you when you were yelling at Orihime about her choice of lunch food."

"Sneaky freak, you are." I open the tube and put some on my index finger and start stretching him. I add another lubed finger to the one that already there, and the hottest, little whimper tumbles from his lips. I almost lose all control at that noise, so I focus solely on stretching and preparing him. I kiss him heatedly as I add the third finger to drown out his pained groans. I push my fingers deep enough to reach the spot in his canal that'll have him seeing stars and I gently rub it.

Then the usually quiet man screams.

I know he's ready for me now, so I pour some lube on my erection, which is ready for some action. I sit back on my knees and pull his ass onto my lap with my erection sitting against his entrance. As I slowly push in, I feel his muscles clenching around me, almost making it painful.

"Relax or it'll hurt like a bitch", I say looking into his eyes. Well, sort of. His glasses are slightly fogging over from my warm breath hitting them.

I feel his inner muscles relaxing so I push in further; he arches off the couch again as claws at my arms.

With the last couple of inches, I stop being nice and gently and ram myself into him, hitting his prostate. I know I'm going to have bruises and scratches to explain later from him clawing at me.

After sheathing myself in his tightness (I knew he was a tight-ass), I still myself a moment so we can adjust ourselves to feeling of invading and being invading. I lean over and press my lips to his. "You feel good."

"Likewise you." I slowly pull out of him with a gasp. Fucking SHIT: friction is good. I thrust in hard; he gasps against my neck. He puts his arms under my arms to wrap around my shoulder blades. With each hard thrust I make, he whimpers in my ear. I know I'm slowly losing control because my thrusts are faster and deeper and harder.

I lean back once again on the heels of my feet, pulling Ishida's hips against mine harder, increasing the friction of my thrust. His pretty hands are reaching for me, but they can't quite grab me because when I thrust he arches just out of reach of my arms or thighs. Finally, knowing he's craving the skin contact, I pull him into sitting position above my cock and drop him down on it.

I merely groan, but he squeals.

Squealing also wasn't in my vocabulary of words describing what Ishida does, but now it does. He squeals so high; it almost startles me to the point of stopping. Apparently he can feel my apprehension to his un-Ishida-like noise so he gives me an ultimatum.

"Don't you fucking stop, or I will kill you."

Well, not wanting to die during sex can really get you moving quickly, so to appease 'his highness' I move faster than I was before that noise.

He looks like he's in heaven with each hard, fast thrust I make. I know he's close to the edge so I wrap a hand around is erection and start stroking it in time with my thrusts. He rests his forehead on mine as the pleasure begins to mount within him.

"I'm going to...to...ugh, ugh...AHHHH!" We thrust once against each other before freezing, riding the orgasmic wave that begins to overtake us. I whisper his name in a breathy sigh. Ishida comes hard in my hand, muscles clenching around my own member, pushing me over the edge to my own orgasm. His hips jerk with each wave of orgasmic pleasure; damn that's hot!

I fall backwards with him on top, with me still inside. We are panting like we just ran the New York Marathon in under 10 minutes. I run my hands up and down his back, feeling his muscles ripple with each breath,

"I've wanted to do THAT for a long time", he says, still slightly out of breath. He pulls himself up and kisses me lightly on the lips. "That was incomparable." I nod in agreement, and then silence for a few minutes.

"So where does this put us? I mean I'd like to do this again, but I don't want just a physical relationship." Now what you may not know is that, as much I say I loathe the brunette on top of me, I have the utmost respect for him. He is my friend after all, but the relationship has changed since we've done the oh-so-good deed. I don't want to lose his friendship, mostly because he knows me on a deeper level than everyone now. You don't let that type of person go easily.

"Well I was hoping that we could maybe...go out sometime. Like a date. I want to see where this goes."

"We could go out tonight, if you want."

"Dinner and a movie? Who's going to pay?"

"The last time we ate dinner you had run out of money and begged me to pay for you."

"Hey, that's because you stole my money earlier for lunch."

"Whatever." We bicker for a few more minutes like an old married couple before we decide to shower together.

The next day at school...

I walk down the hall to my homeroom, thinking how nice it would be to see Ishida. I walk into homeroom, where I see him reading a book. I walk by casually to my seat and greet him with a simple "Ishida." What does he do? He fucking ignores me and pushes his damn glasses up on his nose. "Hey prick, I'm talking to you." Damn he pisses me off!

Then he turns a page in his book.

I know he's playing one of his 'I'm going to piss Ichigo off so I can make him to irrational stuff' games with me, so I play right back. I grab his collar and tie and yank him up from his seat to my eye level. "Don't fucking ignore me, bitch." Then I crush my lips against his, and all hell breaks loose.

Keigo screeches and runs from the room crying rivers of tears. Mizuiru just looks mildly shocked. Chad grunts. Rukia gags. Orihime squeals with delight (yaoi fan-girl) as Chizuru rubs up against her, joining in the excitement. And alas Tatsuki, who was about to roundhouse me, freezes mid-kick and begins choking.

I pull back from the kiss; we're both flushed and breathing hard. He whispers in my ear, "Rooftop. Now." I release his shirt, he grabs my hand, and we race out of the room past the surprised teacher, leaving a classroom of questioning looks and fresh gossip.