Stealth didn't know how much time had passed when she awoke, feeling refreshed after her rest. The cave was silent, save for the soft hum of voices, which travelled through to her from the other caves her Tribe used as their home. Sitting she stretched her rested limbs and pulled back a piece of the voile which blocked her view, across the room she saw some of the younger of her tribe hovering by another sectioned off part of the living quarters. One of them caught her watching and smiled, and the three of them made their way excitedly over to her. The descended onto her with giggles and happy faces and settled on the cushions which surrounded her, full of questions.

"Sully wouldn't let us come and see you before you woke up" said Lila, taking Stealth's hand in hers with a solemn expression

"He said you needed to rest, but we just wanted to come and see you were ok" added TK, pouting

"The new tribe are so cool" interrupted Cora from her cushion, peeping out from behind the curtains

"Is he from the new tribe, are they going to stay Stealth?" asked Lila, stroking Stealth's fingers as if to make sure she was without injury

"Yeah, they came from the mainland, I've never met anyone proper from the mainland, and they seem like they are going to stay" started TK

"Silly, they aren't going to stay, I heard them talking to Storm. Anyways where are they going to stay…? Your cave" Cora shook her head at him and rolled her eyes

"If they want to" replied TK, pushing out his chest and folding his arms "Anyways where are they gonna go, further inland"

"No they're going back to the mainland eventually, I heard them say so, as soon as they think its safe to" retorted Cora

"Silly, they can't go back to the mainland because of the virus"

"Can so"


"Can so"

Stealth had smiled throughout the swift conversation, but paused the bickering before it became an all out fight. Cora and TK were known for their bust-ups.

"That's enough you two, I thought you came to see how I was, not discuss the new tribe who are visiting us"

"We did," said TK unfolding his arms "We're glad your back Stealth. Hope you bust up them gulls good and proper"

"Unfortunately not much busting up TK. But I did escape and that's the main thing" replied Stealth

"And what about him" said Lila, pointing across the cave from where they'd come from.

"Him is Lex, and he helped keep the Gull pack fought off while the others got the rest of his tribe to safety. Unfortunately the Gull pack captured us, but we escaped"

"Those Gulls aren't that brainy are they" grinned TK at the thought of Stealth having escaped from their clutches once more.

"No they're not are they" smiled Stealth at his innocent air, the younger ones didn't need to know the intimate details of how violent the Gulls could be. They knew they were a danger and that's all they needed to know for now. "Well I'm famished, how about we go and find something to eat, and I you can introduce me to our new friends"

The four stood and started across their cave, which was used as one of the tribes sleeping quarters. The children ran ahead, exclaiming they were going to get Stealth's food ready. Stealth watched them leave and paused, pulling back a heavy curtain, revealing Lex who was stirring from his sleep. She gave him a smile and crouched down by him.


"Hey, how long have…" started Lex, propping himself up on his elbows.

"No idea, lost track of time myself. How are you feeling?" replied Stealth

"Much better thanks"

"Ah the magic touch of Sully" said Stealth "Guys a genius with herbal remedies"

"Reminds me of someone I used to know," said Lex in a hushed tone, Stealth read into it but didn't press for details

"Well you feeling good enough to get up? We can get something to eat, and I think our tribes will be wanting some answers, and I have some questions of my own"

"Yeah, now that you mention it, I'm quite hungry"

Stealth helped him stand and noticed he was already moving about better than he had been. She lead the way from the sleeping quarters and towards the main living area of the tribe, they passed caves on their way, each designed for a specific purpose.

"Quite a place you've got here" said Lex

"Yeah, I'll show you around later" replied Stealth, "Plenty of time for that, for now I think they will all be keeping us"

They emerged into the main living area of the Speleos Tribe. It was large cave, three passageways led from it, two to the outside and one to other parts of their network. The cave seemed small with both tribes sitting eating, talking and making use of themselves. They all fell silent as Lex and Stealth entered.

"And what are you two doing up?" asked Sully giving Stealth a stern look

"Hunger and impatience" smiled Stealth "There's a lot to talk about, and you know how impatient I can be"

"You, impatient? Who'd think that" grinned Sully before motioning them over towards where a fire had been lit. The cave had a high ceiling, but there was a small hole in the roof, perfect for letting the rising smoke escape. Stealth figured the time must be late, as the main fire was lit at night for warmth.

Stealth and Lex settled themselves down on cushions and found bowls being thrust into their hands by the younger ones, before they sat around them with expectant faces. The rest of the two tribes also drew closer to listen and exchange stories and a sea of voices started growing louder as questions we're put forward to them.

"Alright everyone that's enough" said Storm silencing everyone "Let them tell their story, plenty of time to answer questions later"

Stealth and Lex relayed their story in detail, fro the time they left the tribe to stave off the Gull pack, up to when they met with the search party. In between they ate and answered the few questions put forward by both tribes. After they finished eating, and set bowls aside, Stealth then asked the Mallrats their story of how they'd come to landing on the Island. And so the Mallrats contributed to the story telling.

The End

(This story is continued in my fic'Out of the Darkness' as a continuing Season Six/Future Tribe series)