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The street was empty now, too late for even the gangs to be out it would seem. An empty can was tossed and kicked about in the gutter by the wind, the clanging sound echoing.

A girl followed the drink can's path along the street, her footsteps silent as a shadow. Her pale hands were shoved deep into her black wooly jacket, her brown hair tied back into a simple ponytail. Eris stopped under a streetlamp, staring at the empty street though hazel eyes. She looked up at the streetlight above her as it flickered, and then died.

Sighing silently, Eris stepped off the curb and into the street. Tires squealed, and a car's headlights suddenly lit up the street. She stood still, watching as the car sped toward her.

Her body shimmered slightly as the car drove straight through her, and the ghost turned her head to watch it drive away, oblivious that she existed. Her body twisted for a moment, like a wisp of smoke or fog, and then she continued to walk on, utterly alone.

It was very early that Kyo found himself wandering the streets the next morning. Why? Because Shigure- being the stupid, perverted canine that he was, in Kyo's words- had forgotten to renew his newspaper subscription. And so the paper wasn't being delivered, and heaven forbid that they went without it, even for one day! Tohru had only just been waking up, and Yuki- that damned rat- wouldn't be up for a few more hours left. So that left him, Kyo, to go and collected the beloved paper for Shigure to chew to pieces when he was bored. After all, what else would a dog do with the paper?

Grumbling to himself, Kyo finally had the paper and made his way home. He was aware he was being followed, but dismissed it. For about five minutes. He then spun around to glare at the girl, while at the same time checking her off the list of girls from school who seemed to have crushes on him, surprised when he couldn't find her on it. "What the hell do you think your doing! Stop following me!"

For her part, the girl looked surprised, her mouth forming an 'o' shape, no sound coming out. There was a stammer in her quiet voice, "Y-you can see me?"

Kyo stared at her as if her head had suddenly rolled onto the ground, "What kind of a question is that? Of course I can see you! Why the hell wouldn't I!"

"Well, no one else does." Her voice was flat, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. She held her arms out on either side as she walked towards him, balancing on the edge of the drain. "No one else has for… I don't know how long. It's lonely."

Kyo just stared at her as if she were an idiot… Until she her arm brushed through the post-box near the edge of the road. "What a second… You're-"

"-Dead. A ghost, restless spirit, phantom, specter, poltergeist, apparition, whatever you want to call me." She looked up from where she was walking, staring at him curiously, "No one else in the city can see me, not even that girl that reads those weird waves. No ones ever been able to see me- except cats of course- everyone knows cats can see ghosts."

Kyo didn't say anything to this, but his glare increased a few notches.

The ghost smiled, holding out a hand, "My name's Eris! Don't know what my surname is, though, I can't remember. What's your name?"

Kyo made no move to take the hand, turning away to walk home. She followed him, walking on the road beside him, so he stopped again, "Can't you go away!"

"I will- if you tell me your name."

The orange-haired cat muttered a few choice insults under his breath, before raising his voice to be heard again. "Kyo- my name is Kyo Sohma."

He hadn't known it was possible to grin as much as Eris did in that moment, "Well, Kyo-kun, it was nice to meet you. See you later!"

And with that, she was gone.

Kyo stared back at where she had been for a moment, before snorting, turning away to, at last, go home and eat. Under his breathe, he mumbled, "Ghosts, they're almost as bad as that baka nezumi."

"Oh, Kyo!" Tohru beamed as the cat entered the house, "I was wondering what was taking you so long."

"Ah, Kyo, you shouldn't worry our flower so much-" anything else Shigure was going to say was cut off with a newpaper slamming into his face.

Grumbling to himself, Kyo flopped down at the table, helping himself to breakfast. Why did he get the feeling the day wasn't going to get any better?

Elsewhere, a girl with brown hair, dressed in a black jacket sat alone on the edge of a highway, humming. There was a bouquet of fake flowers, long bleached by the sun, attached to the road guard she sat on, swinging her feet beneath her as she watched the cars speed past, their slipstreams causing her appearance to waver.