Season: 5, pre Summit

Rating: T, language, mild violence, suggested rape and sexual situations in later chapters

A/N: I humbly apologize to my Hindu friends. I took a few ideas from this tradition and totally made them my own – changed things around. If you are offended, I am sorry. It was not my intention to offend, just tell a story. For accurate information, please check Hinduism. or on Vishnu. I'll also include a "vocabulary" lesson at the end of each chapter when the definition of Hindi words isn't included within the chapter. I probably made a mess of the grammar or proper use of the words. After all, I'm not a linguist, unlike someone we all know and love. If you're underage – go do your homework! Yeah, I know it's summer, he he. I'm a teacher – I'll make some up for you. ; )

Three Stars

Chapter 1

Daniel stepped back from the wall of the temple he'd been studying. Swiping his camouflage-clad arm across the carvings, he leaned forward to get a better look. He dug into his backpack, muttering to himself while he searched for a book with sketches of similar carvings from an Earth temple.

"So, Daniel, think you'll be done any time soon?" Jack was bored. Three days on this planet with nothing to do but watch a couple of scientists play with their new toys.

"Uh… oh…Jack." Daniel was so focused on his work that Jack's presence barely registered. "Need something?"

"Yeah. I need to go home. You almost done?" Jack adjusted his sunglasses.

"Hum? What? Oh, tomorrow. Go away and let me work." Daniel had already forgotten Jack was there.

Jack left the archeologist to search for his other scientist geek. Maybe I can get her to come out and play. Whoa! Don't go there!

An hour later, Daniel was rooted in the same spot. He had notebooks, reference books, and his laptop scattered all around him as he struggled to decipher the writings on the wall.

"Hey, Daniel. Anything interesting?" Sam approached her friend from across the clearing.

"Well, it seems to be talking about stars and eyes and a blue something-or-other. Doesn't make much sense." Daniel turned toward Sam and flipped his hat back off his head. "Any luck with your research?"

"My readings indicate that at one time there was a power source so strong that the residual effects are still registering. I think it centers on this temple. Have you found a way in yet?" Sam began pacing the length of the wall, using her hands to detect any possible crack that may be an opening.

"No. No way in, but I've been working on this and haven't been looking."

Sam and Daniel stepped back and stood together, looking at the temple. As they stood there, mentally scratching their heads in thought, a delicate native woman emerged from the protection of the jungle. She was shorter than the average Earth woman, slender, with hair that hung past her waist in a fall of black silk over tawny skin. She walked with an assurance of her sexuality, as women have walked since time began.

Sam and Daniel became aware of her presence at the same moment and turned as a unit toward her. Sam raised her ever present P90 in protection of her unarmed colleague.

"You have arrived. We have waited for you for eons." Her voice was soft and drew Daniel in with its melodious tones.

"Stay right where you are." Sam thumbed on her radio. "Sir, we've made contact with a native. She appears to be unarmed."

"We'll be right there," Jack's voice wafted over the air.

Daniel stepped out from behind Sam and strode toward the petite woman.

"We're peaceful explorers from Earth who seek friendship with you and your people." Daniel detected her scent from a distance. She smelled like a cool breeze on a hot, humid day. "My name is Daniel Jackson. This is Major Samantha Carter. Two more of our people are on the way."

He continued to close the distance between them. She waited, unthreatened, for his approach. When he came within an arm's length he halted. He offered his hand in friendship. She glanced briefly at it and returned her gaze to his face.

Daniel sucked in his breath as his eyes met hers. Her eyes were the color of cornflowers – the bluest blue he had ever seen. It was a startling contrast to her dark hair and skin. But more than that, her eyes were filled with the knowledge of ages past.

Jack and Teal'c came sprinting up from behind the woman. The two men slowed down as they took in the situation, discerning that she did not pose an immediate physical threat. Jack took one look at Daniel's face – his mouth gaped open as he stared at the native beauty - and knew they were in for trouble. Oh, Danny-boy, you're in deep do-do. Jack looked over Daniel's shoulder at Carter, caught her eyes and gave a lop-sided grin as he nodded his head toward their linguist – who was monetarily without the power of speech.

"I am Chandani Prema, priestess in this temple, Guardian of Asara. My people have waited long for you, Daniel Jackson, and you, Major Samantha Carter." Once again her musical voice captured Daniel's interest.

Jack stepped from behind the priestess to face her. "What do you mean? How can my people help you?"

Daniel mentally shook himself and resumed his duties. "I'm sorry. This is Colonel Jack O'Neill, our leader, and behind you is Teal'c."

Chandani nodded slightly in acknowledgment of the two men. "Please, let's enter the temple and I will explain." She walked up the steps toward the center of the building and, with a press of her palm, a stone slab slid open. She vanished into the cool darkness of the temple.

As Daniel's eyes adjusted to the dim light in the room, his attention was immediately riveted onto a painted statue opposite the doorway. The statue depicted a blue man with four arms, holding an object in each hand. He was seated with his legs folded in a lotus position, hair falling to his naked shoulders, while his legs were covered in bright yellow cloth. The carving on the wall behind him was done in such a way that it gave the statue a halo. A halo with three empty holes set in a triangular shape.

"Sir, the energy reading just jumped." Sam fiddled with the gauges on her equipment.

O'Neill nodded briefly, his eyes scanning the room for hidden dangers. Teal'c walked the perimeter of the room, also scouting.

Daniel moved closer to examine the objects in the statue's hands. "Jack!" Daniel's excitement was contagious. "This is Vishnu, the Hindu god of preservation. Do you know what this means?" Without waiting for Jack to answer, Daniel continued, almost dancing with excitement, "It means that more Earth cultures than we previously believed have been scattered throughout the universe. This is so huge!"

Jack's eyes twinkled with amusement as his friend gathered steam. "Daniel! Breathe!"

Jack kept one eye on each scientist, who both tended to block out danger when in discovery-mode. Sam was taking readings throughout the room, while Teal'c stayed by her side.

Chandani observed the aliens wandering about her temple in fascination. Jack noticed that she especially watched Daniel and Sam as they explored.

"Please. I would like to tell you why we have waited for you." Chandani attempted to gather the four into one smaller group. "I wish for you to know about the mission we must pursue together."

"Gather 'round, kids. It's story time," Jack called the others together.

Daniel and Sam reluctantly left their studies and came to stand by Jack, Teal'c following Sam.

Chandani stood next to the statue so that the group could see them both.

"As Daniel Jackson has said, this is Vishnu, the Preserver. He holds four objects: the Sudarshan, the Panchajanya, a lotus flower, and a mace. The Sudarshan is a weapon of energy, also called a chakra, the wheel of life. It is used by Vishnu to protect all life, everywhere." Daniel was riveted to her, his eyes following hers. "The Panchajanya is a conch shell, from which the life-giving waters flow. The lotus is associated with creation and the "lotus position" gives us the breath of life. Finally, he is holding a mace, tool of war, but also a symbol of power."

She moved closer to the back wall, pointing to the halo carved there. "This shows the light and power that come from Vishnu. Here is the problem," she said, pointing. "The three empty spaces in his halo are meant to hold the Three Stars, or blue diamonds. They are the power behind the Sudarshan. Without those stars, Vishnu cannot protect our people." She stepped closer to the group. "Each star has a name and a power. One is Medha Rohini, the Star of Knowledge. Samantha Carter, that is the star fate has decreed you will find."

Moving nearer to Daniel, she continued, "Daniel Jackson, you will find the Mahabala Divyesh, the Strength of the Sun. I must find the final star, the Chandani Prema – Star of Love, for which I am named. Only when the Three Stars are again placed in their slots, will the power of the Sudarshan be complete. Only then will Vishnu drive away the evil goddess Kali."

"Hold it! You're saying you want my people to go running all over the universe, putting themselves at risk, so your god can shoo away another god?" Jack was determined to protect his team members, even though he suspected it was already a loosing battle. "Go find someone else to help you. I'm not letting my people risk their lives for you."

Chandani turned her eyes to Jack's. "There is more. Among my people, only one female in each generation is born with eyes of blue. She becomes the priestess to Vishnu. The priestesses have waited over a thousand years for a man and a woman with eyes of blue to come together to Vishnu. The man must be a man of strength, both of body and spirit. He is a leader."

Chandani eyed Daniel. "The woman must be a woman of great intelligence and knowledge. She is a guide."

She turned toward Sam. "The priestess, me, will bring together the Three Stars in love, united to defend against evil."

Looking pointedly back at Jack, "Daniel Jackson and Samantha Carter are these people. They possess those qualities. They are the Chosen Ones. Only each Chosen one can touch their star without sinking into madness. Only good and light can overcome evil and darkness. It must be the three of us. You, Jack O'Neill, and you, Teal'c, may come, but you must not interfere in the quest."

"For crying out loud! My people are not putting their lives in danger for a legend. You'll have to wait for two other blue-eyed people to show up. These two," Jack waved his hand in their direction, "are not your Chosen Ones."

"Colonel, sir, if I may?" Jack rolled his eyes knowing what was coming from Carter. "This could be a source of energy and power that could help Earth. Isn't that our primary mission? Looking for technology for our defense?"

Jack raised his hand to stop Daniel as he opened his mouth to join in Sam's protest. "Don't say it, Daniel. You're right, Carter. Just trying to keep you guys safe. We'll have to go back to SGC for Hammond's permission." Turning to Chandani he asked, "Will you go with us and explain more about this to our superior?"

"I am ready when you are." Chandani pressed the palms of her hands together, fingers pointing upwards, and gave Jack a slight bow.

"It's afternoon now and we aren't expected until tomorrow anyway. We leave at first light. It's a three-hour hike to the gate." Jack faced Chandani, "Maybe you could find time this afternoon to help Daniel translate the inscriptions on this temple."

Daniel threw a thankful glance in Jack's direction as he waited for Chandani's answer.

"I would be most willing to help the Chosen Ones."

A/N: Asara – hope

Sudarshan, Panchajanya – names of 2 of the objects the god Vishnu holds