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It was dark. Opening her eyes slightly, she noticed that she was suspended in some kind of warm green liquid. Tubes and wires were attached to various parts of her body. A mask was over her mouth, providing oxygen. She couldn't move, but she was awake, and she could hear what was going on around her:

"How is it going?" a man asked, looking up at the cylindrical tank holding the woman. He was a big man, very muscular. He had a stern face and always wore a scowl.

"As planned, Sergeant. The reconstruction process worked, brain functions are normal, all things considered," another man said. This man was a small guy, hunched over with small round glasses that made his eyes look small and beady.

"And the nanites, how did they take? Will they and it's new skeleton interfere with it's transforming process?" the Sgt. asked.

"We won't know until it wakes up, which could be anytime. However, it's better that it's not awake for now."

"Why is that a good thing? I want it operational as soon as


"We still don't know what induces the change, so while it's still

asleep, we can analyze everything."

Rounding on the small man, the Sgt. grabbed his arm to draw him closer and snarled, "You have twenty-four hours to figure it out, or it's the last 24 hours you'll ever have, understand?"

"Y-yes Sgt. 24 hours, right. Um, Bill bring those tubes over here!" he said, his whole body quivering.

And then everything faded out, and she could no longer hear. Succumbing to the darkness, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Else where:

"Johnny you can't-" Susan Storm, otherwise known as The Invisible Woman, began, exasperated. She followed her hot-headed brother into the living room.

Johnny spun around glaring at his sister.

"Can't? You can't tell me what I can and can't do, sis!" Johnny Storm, The Human Torch, shouted, "You're not mom! And for your information, I can do what ever I want!" For emphasis he engulfed his body in flames and began to hover.

"Johnny, please, calm down. We're all adults here, let's start acting

like it" Reed Richards, A.K.A. Mr. Fantastic, said, walking into the room.

"Him, act like an adult? Not on your life, Reed" Ben Grimm, also known as The Thing, growled from the chair he was sitting in, watching T.V.

"You wanna say that to my face, Pebbles? No, never mind, I'm done,

I can't take this anymore, no more Fantastic Four for me, I am so out of here!" and with that Johnny flew away, destination unknown

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