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"Johnny!" Sue yelled, nearly invisible with frustration, "What were you thinking?"

"I wasn't me!" He yelled, staring at the warehouse that was rapidly being consumed by flames, "I swear to god!"

"How could it not be you, Johnny?" Reed yelled over the triumphant roar of the flames, "You're the only fire that got near that building!"

"There had to have been someone else in there!" The Torch yelled. He couldn't believe they didn't believe him.

"Johnny you can't-" Sue began, exasperated.

Johnny jumped awake, gasping for breath. Luna was there in seconds, wiping the sweat off his brow and whispering calm words.

"I've had it with these dreams," Johnny muttered when he'd finally calmed down, "What do they mean?" He let his head fall onto Luna's shoulder, "Why now? Everything was going fine."

Luna didn't have the answers to the questions Johnny asked every time he had his nightmare, but she did her best to calm him down every time he had one. She kept them a secret from everyone else and pretended that everything was alright.

"Relax Johnny," Luna said, sending some of her exhaustion through their link, putting Johnny to sleep, "You might have a big day tomorrow . . "

Luna never mentioned the foreboding feeling she had been feeling for the last three weeks, or the fact that she'd been rapidly losing control of her powers.

She didn't tell anyone about her dreams of the lab, or about remembering things that weren't her memories. No, Luna didn't tell her worries to anyone, she just comforted Johnny when he needed her, and did what she could for the other three.

Lab on the Island

"Who the hell are you?" A tall beautiful red headed woman yelled at a shorter, but just as beautiful, blond woman, "Where the hell are we?"

"How the hell should I know?" The other woman yelled back, "And don't yell at me!"

"I'm not yelling!"

"The hell you aren't!" The blonde shouted, "Who the hell are you anyway?"

The red head closed her mouth and frowned, "That's a good question," she said, "Who the hell am I?"

"You're my daughters," A man said, walking into the empty white room, he was tall and handsome for his age of fifty years, "and you've only just woken up, how are you feeling?"

"Bullshit," the red head said, crossing her arms across her chest, glaring at the man.

"How the hell are we your daughters?" The blonde yelled, "We look nothing like you!"

"I know, you two take after your mothers so . . ." He sighed, "I wish we had more time, but I need you to find two people for me."

"I ain't doing shit for you" The red head retorted violently.

"Me either" the blonde responded, voice dripping with acid.

He looked up at them. They had just woken up, they weren't even completely dressed yet, but they insisted on arguing. Looks like some things never change. He sighed.

"Don't be like that . . ."

"We don't even know who WE are, how do you expect us to find other people we don't know?" the blonde asked.

"Your name is Austin," the man said, pointing to the blonde, "You're 21 and a mutant," he turned to the red head, "Your name is Dillon, you're 24 and a mutant as well."

"Mutant?" the girls said at the same time.

"You're a special breed of homo sapiens, with some-what psychic powers."

"So what are our powers?" Dillon asked.

"You move things," he said, "she makes things stop moving."

The girls looked at one another, and then back at him, "So you're really our father?" Austin asked.

"Yeah, and I need you to find your brother and sister."

"Where'd the go?"

"They were kidnapped" he said, looking down, "We're not sure where, but if you focus hard enough, you should be able to find them."

The two women looked at each other, thinking about whether or not to help him. They too, could telepathically communicate. Soon their decision was made. The red head spoke.

"We will help you locate them. If we help you, you will give us our memories."


Baxter Building

"That was so cool!" Johnny yelled when he walked out of the elevator.

"Calm down Johnny" Reed said, smiling, "It wasn't that cool."

"Yeah it was!" Johnny said, ignoring him, "We totally saved the day!"

Sue smiled at her brother, happy that he was happy. Every time they'd go out to help people, Johnny'd be pumped, always happy to be helping people. He was getting to be more and more like the brother she knew and loved. Minus the playboy side of him. Sue frowned slightly, remembering.

Before Johnny left, he'd hit on anything that was female and had a pulse, but now . . . nothing, no flirting, no dating, no nothing. Of course, that part of him, Sue didn't really miss all that much. But she did miss his witty, daredevil side, the fun-loving little brother part of him that was still missing. That was worrying.

"Where's Luna?" Johnny asked, running into the kitchen, "I'm starving! I wonder if she's eaten lately?"

"I'm sure she's fine," Reed said, "Why would you say that?" he asked as Johnny fixed himself a giant plate of food.

"I haven't been this hungry since we missed breakfast and lunch on the island," Johnny said between mouthfuls of food, "It didn't hit me 'til just now, though, so maybe it's just all the energy I used."

"YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT IT IS!" Luna yelled, storming into the kitchen, "What the HELL were you thinking?"

Johnny looked up, his eyes wide, "Um . . . what?" he asked meekly.

"An apple?" She continued to yell, "All you ate for breakfast was an apple, Johnny, and then you flew off to the save the world?!"

". . . so?" He pressed childishly. He knew he'd lost, but his pride wouldn't let him admit it.

Luna threw her hands up in annoyance, and the plate Johnny was eating off of ignited.

"I'm sorry . . ." Johnny said, standing up looking at Luna. She had her arms crossed and was glaring at him from across the room.

He moved to get closer to her but he didn't get halfway before he yelled out in pain, clutched his head and collapsed to the floor groaning. Within a second, Luna grabbed her temple as a severe headache reared it's ugly head. She slumped to the floor as the pain slowly increased.

"Johnny!! Reed what's happening?" Sue screamed, running to her brother's side.

"I don't know!" Reed replied as he knelt next to Luna, examining her. She wasn't in as much pain as Johnny, but it was still like the worst migraine ever. Johnny on the other hand, looked as if he were having a seizure he was in so much pain. "Let's get them to the lab!"

Ben lumbered over and picked up Luna while Sue put a force field under her brother to lift and carry him to the lab.

Getting to the lab, Reed pulled out two metal tables and gestured for Ben and Sue to put their respective persons on one of them. While Reed got his equipment ready, Sue stood next to Johnny, stroking his forehead and whispering calm words. She could tell he was still awake because he was still gripping her hand tightly. He mumbled something but Sue didn't catch it.

"What was that Johnny?" Sue said gently.

"They've found us . . ." His voice was small and weak and pain was still pounding in his head.

"What? Who's found you?" Sue feared the answer, her chest constricted.

"I don't know . . . I think. . . lab," he whispered.

"No . . ." Sue whispered so softly that Johnny didn't hear her. Her heart was pounding in her chest and her breaths were coming shallow.

The pain was subsiding in Luna; the severe migraine in her head was now just a dull ache. She sat up on the table looking around. Just beside her was the table Johnny was lying on. He was pale and sweaty but the pain seemed to be subsiding in him as well. Johnny opened his eyes and stared at her. Rubbing his forehead he sat up as well. Telepathically, he asked her a question.

-They're coming, could you feel them too?-


-Great, just freakin' great!-

If both of them knew anything, it was that they knew that being found was not good. Neither of them wanted to go back to that lab.

"Johnny, you said that they found you, what does that mean exactly?" Sue asked.

"I think it means that they found us, to take us back to that lab."

Sue got the answer that she hoped she wouldn't hear. No one, absolutely NO ONE would be taking her little brother again, especially those mad scientists.

"No, we won't let them! They won't take you again!" She said, slamming her fists on the table.

"Wait, maybe we should let them come-" Johnny started.

"NO!" Sue yelled, Johnny flinched, "I won't allow it!"

"You won't allow it?" Luna yelled

"Will you just listen Sue?! If they come, then maybe we can get some answers!" Johnny growled back, glaring at her.

Sue could find no answer to that. She bowed her head as tears began to fall and she threw her arms around him.

"I'm just so worried Johnny!" Sue mumbled as she sobbed into his shoulder, "Look at what happened the last time you were there!"

"Sue . . ." Johnny said as he wrapped his arms around her, "We don't want to go back either, but I want answers, don't you?"

"Well," Sue sniffed and looked into her brother's face, "yes, yes I do, but I'm afraid of what they might do to you!"

Reed, who had watched the entire exchange walked forward tentatively, "Why don't I put a small device, a tracking device into one of them? And we can track them to the island?"

"Do you think that will work?" Sue asked her husband, "What will we do once they're taken back to the island?"

"Yes, I think it will work, but as far was what to do afterwards, we will have to think about that, make a plan." Reed replied.

"I guess, I guess we could try. Are you two okay with that?" Sue turned back to Johnny and Luna.

-What do you think Luna? I won't do this if you don't want to.-

-I need answers Johnny, and judging from Sue's response there, I guess I can now trust them. Let's do this.-

-Thank you.-

Neither Sue, nor Reed, missed the obvious silent communication between the two. Luna looked to the both of them.

"I'm okay with this. But we do need a plan of action once we're back there."

Island Lab

"We've found them!" Austin said.

"Good, very good! Where are your siblings?"

"New York, with the Fantastic Four," Dillon replied, "Now, give us our memories!"

"Not quite yet, there is still one more thing I need you to do."

"And what might that be?" Austin asked, suspicious.

"Go and get your brother and sister. Only you two can do that because of your abilities."

"And then our memories will be returned" Dillon said, her voice firm.

"You have my word. I will notify our pilot to get ready to leave."

Baxter Building

"So we'll allow them to take you back to that lab, then what?" Sue asked.

"I'll activate the tracer and we'll know where they are. We can create a plan of attack once we know where the laboratory is." Reed replied.

"So, by tracer, you mean?" Johnny asked.

"The tracer is a microscopic chip that will go underneath the skin. It's applied like a shot at the base of the neck," Reed replied.

"Sounds fun. I'll take the tracer," Johnny said, he didn't want it to be Luna – it was his once non-existent chivalrous side kicking in. Luna looked at him gratefully; she'd had enough needles for the time being.

"Okay, let's get that done." Reed said as he went across the lab to get the syringe and tracer ready. He was done within minutes.

"Johnny, come here, I've got it ready."

Johnny did as he was told. As he got up Sue saw the scar adorning his back and flinched as new rage filled her. They would pay for doing this to her brother and Luna. Sue was sure of it.

Adorning his back to Reed, Johnny tensed – he himself didn't care for needles any more than Luna did. Slowly, carefully, Reed inserted the needle at the base of Johnny's neck. Johnny hissed, disliking the sensation. Within seconds it was over and Reed pulled out the needle and Johnny rubbed the spot at the base of his neck.

Reed went to a computer to make sure the tracer worked. "All systems go on the tracer." Everyone breathed a sigh of relief – part one had worked.

"Now what do we do?" Luna asked.

"We wait." Johnny replied.

Island Lab

"The pilot is ready. Are you ladies ready?"

"Yes Father," they both replied.

"Please be careful, for all we know, your siblings may have been brainwashed to think of us as the bad guys," their father said.

"Don't worry, we will be," Dillon said.

"Now let's go. The sooner this is over, the sooner we get our memories," Austin said.

All of them went to the helicopter, it's blades were already spinning, creating a windy atmosphere. Both girls got in and strapped themselves to the seats securely. The helicopter rose of the ground and began it's journey. Their father watched them as the helicopter disappeared into the horizon. His face had a sad smile on it.

"Thank you girls. But I'm afraid that I cannot keep my promise. The memories you'll be receiving will be fake. You cannot know what I've done to you . . ." and with that he turned around and went back into the laboratory.


It had been a few hours since their takeoff. Their target was getting closer, both women could feel it. The wondrous city of New York met their eyes and they could do nothing but gasp at it's beauty.

"Approaching target," the pilot said, snapping them out of their reverie. They looked around, and spotted it.

Baxter Building was By far the most spectacular building. It wasn't the tallest, but it seemed at glow A landing pad was on the top of the building. They couldn't believe their luck.

Baxter Building

Both Johnny and Luna's heads snapped up. They were here.

"What is it?" Sue asked.

"They're here," Luna replied.

The group walked out to the balcony as a helicopter landed right in front of them. Sue had to exert an enormous amount of willpower to keep her self from throwing the entire thing off the building. The noise of the helicopter engine died down and the blades slowed as the machine was turned off.

Two beautiful women got out of the helicopter and approached them.

"We're here for our siblings," a red head stated, looking at both Luna and Johnny. Both of them approached, not looking too happy.

"Let's get out of here," the other woman said, she had blonde hair.

Both Johnny and Luna turned back to Reed, Sue and Ben. Waving goodbyes they entered the helicopter with the two women. Ben's arms were across his chest and he wore a deep scowl, Sue was glaring at the helicopter with angry tears running down her face, and Reed looked sad as the helicopter rose into the air and disappeared into the black sky.

The three of them walked back into the building and to Reed's lab watching as a little red dot crawled across a computer screen.

"Let's get a plan together," Reed said.


Both Austin and Dillon were looking at Johnny and Luna curiously. Neither of the girls could shake the feeling that all of that had gone far too smoothly. Putting it out of their minds they stared out the window and watched the magnificent city of New York disappear. Soon, soon they would get their memories back.

Johnny and Luna were looking out the windows too. So far so good, all they had to do now was hope that everything went according to plan. Still, both of them were sad to lose what had become their home and go back to that hell awaiting them.

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