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Chapter 1: Profiles and School


Monkey. D. Luffy

Age: 17

Status: Student

B-Day: May 5th

Roronoa Zoro

Age: 19

Status: College Student

B-Day: November 11th


Age: 18

Status: Student

B-Day: July 3rd


Age: 17

Status: Student

B-Day: April 1st


Age: 19

Status: College Student

B-Day: March 2nd

Tony Tony Chopper

Age: 15

Status: Doctor

B-Day: December 14th

Nico Robin

Age: 28

Status: History Teacher

B-Day: February 6th

Okay, now that you know these people briefly, (except those people who already know tons about these characters) let's get on with the story, shall we?

Now, this is situated in a small town. The town's name is still unknown, ('cause I really haven't thought of it yet). In that small town was a boarding school. And THAT is where these people are going to live in.

Luffy yawned and rubbed his eyes, another day of school has just begun. He ruffled his hair and dragged his feet towards the bathroom. Usopp, who was sharing the same room as he was, was already up and in his uniform. "C'mon, Luffy!" Usopp yelled, "We're going to be late!" and he started grabbing his books from the table and shoved them into his school bag. Luffy pulled on his uniform and put on his straw hat, he always wore it no matter how much the teachers complained that it was against the dress code. He yawned again, but this time he was much more awake.

Lifting weights like he usually does, Zoro had been awake at the crack of dawn. He dropped the weights on the ground, and went into the bathroom to change. He usually slept in till the last minute, but today, his roommate's snoring woke him up. His roommate, who was an innocent boy that Zoro didn't even know, probably snored the loudest in school. The boy was almost never in the room whenever Zoro was, or else he might just get caught by Zoro and yelled at for being so messy. Even though the boy was a few months older than Zoro, he was absolutely terrified of Zoro.

Sanji and Nami were already down in the dining hall gulping down the school's nasty food. "Ugh!" Sanji spat, "this is the worst THING I've ever ate! This isn't even food! It's called CRAP!" but seeing that Nami wasn't complaining, he shut his mouth and started to eat again.

Robin, the history teacher, was at the teachers table sipping her coffee. The other teachers were reading newspapers and talking about their classes later. Even though most of them don't talk to her, Robin preferred to be left alone. She checked her watch... 15 minutes left...

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