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Pairings- Hotaru/Bakura, Rei/Marik, Makoto/Seto

Names- the reason i have this is because i am using Yami's past names.
Yami-Atem, Kaiba-Seto, Yami Bakura- just Bakura,andTea-Anzu

You don't have to worry cause there are no real spoilers in here. and plus the story is written my way so if you have read Yami's past don't be surprised if a lot of things in this fic are totally different in the true one. And if you don't like that then don't waist your time reading and flaming me cause i won't be effected by those in anyway. Well now here's the first chapter.

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A child cried out in the night. Alone and forgotten in a basket of sheets and rags. It was here that a noble merchant found her. He was riding back into town, and was thinking about seeing his family again. His son must be driving his mother crazy, wanting to stay up to see if he will see his father ride in through the gates. Anzu, his daughter, was probably sleeping. She was no more then 9 years old. Sadly he had missed most of those years due to his business, but he would be off for a long time now.

That's when he heard it. A child crying somewhere close by, but he saw no one around. He dismounted his stallion and looked around. He found a small basket in an alley. Looking around again to make sure there wasn't a woman looking for her child. He lifted up the cover and saw a little girl laying in it. Curled up with tear stained cheeks and blood covered blankets. Her hands and clothes where also bloody. He muttered calming words to her and lifted her out of the basket. Why she was maybe a year or two younger then Anzu.

"Well hello there. What's your name child?" he asked. The little girl hiccuped.

"Hotaru." she said he produced a small rag and wiped her dirty face, while giving her a comforting smile.

"Well Hotaru...do you have any family?" he asked, the girl looked in his eyes.

"I don't know...I cant remember anything." 'Amnesia' he thought. He decided to take her home with him. He posted up signs and asked the local guard if anyone had reported a missing child. No reports ever came. Over time Neferu, his wife, his son and Anzu had grown to love the little girl. And he decided to adopt her. Still for a few years he waited for the rightful parents of the child to show up, but they never did. No one did.

88. 8 years later .88

Anzu poked her head out of the gates of her house. The markets were busy as always, with people trying to sell or buy many products. She looked around to see if any of her family's guards were around and smiled when she found none.

"The coast is clear Hotaru. Lets go now." she said and covered the bottom part of her face with a blue veil as she stepped out into the street. A girl smaller than her stepped into view. Her lower face already covered with a dark purple veil.

"Sister are you sure brother wont catch us? He's really good at that." she asked. Anzu looked back at her.

"He will if you keep where you are. Lets hurry up into the crowd. He wont find us then." she said and grabbed her arm, pulling her over to the mass of people. The sisters passed by many stands and looked at all the merchandise. They hadn't been out of their gates for five months now and being out again made them feel more free. They were dressed in servant clothes as to not be spotted by their family or pick pocketed by thieves. The two carried little money with them and only bought food with it.

"Anzu shall we go to the river side?" Hotaru asked. Anzu thought for a moment then nodded.

"Yes lets, we can eat our lunch there and maybe see some cranes." she said the two went through an alley and down a road to the great Nile river.

After checking for any croc's or snakes they rested on the banks and put there feet in the clear blue water. "Ah this feels much better." Hotaru said.

"Yeah, I hate being locked in that house and having nothing to do. Brother can go out hunting or shopping, he's even already become a High Priest. But we have to stay in and learn to be ladies." Anzu said. They got out there lunch and started eating.

"I wonder how fathers doing. He's been gone for three weeks now." Hotaru said, Anzu shrugged.

"Probably fine, he did say it was going to take him a long time to return." Hotaru pulled her veil down revealing her heart shaped face. Violet eyes scanned the waters, while Anzu's blue ones looked up towards the sky. That's when they heard it. A hissing sound. Slowly the girls looked around and found the source...a cobra.

"Don't make any sudden movements." Anzu said, both their eyes were wide as the snake raised its head and stuck out its tongue to taste the air. "just back away slowly." Hotaru being the closest to it did as her sister said, but the cobra had other plans. Its mouth opened, revealing its fangs that were dripping with venom. Hotaru stopped moving, afraid it would strike. Anzu looked around to find something that could get the snake away from her younger sister.

"Don't worry Hotaru I'll save you." she said. Hotaru nodded and that was all the snake needed for it lunged at her. Hotaru let out a scream as it nearly sank its teeth into her arm, but an arrow shot through it sending it into the river.

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