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88 In the Year 2005 88

The sun was setting, casting a variety of colors onto the few clouds that were in the sky. The heat from the days sun radiated off the Egyptian sands. Soon a girl appears from an eerie dark blue light. Her silver white wavy hair was combed back as her navy eyes opened. She wore a Senshi fuku that had a misty dark blue skirt and collar. Her boots went up to her knees and were black as was her bows, choker, and gloves. A Alexandrite stone was placed in her tiara.

Her smirking blue eyes looked around. The place held nothing but sand. No birds flew over head, no animals or humans were around for miles. Yes this place would do just fine. She raised her silver staff with a eight pointed black star at the top to the sky.

"I am the Keeper of Souls! By the power given to me, I will bring back two of the worlds tainted spirits." she cried. "Hondo, Akhenaden, Come forth now! And be amongst the living again!"

Two shadows formed and rose up off the ground. They took the shape of two humans and soon color was added to them. Hondo and Akhenaden looked around in shock. What the hell was going on? They turned to see the girl and glared at her.

"Where the hell are? And who are you?" Akhenaden snapped.

The girl just smiled an innocent smile. "Hello. You are back in Egypt but in a different time period. I brought you back to life. I am known as the Spirit of Death, Spirit of the Dead, or Sailor Spirit. Either way I am the one who controls all the souls who have left the physical plane. You can just call me Spirit though."

"So why have you brought us back?" Hondo asked crossing his arms and smirking. This girl must obviously be a fool to let Him live again.

"Well...to kill you again I guess." she said and pointed her staff behind her. Soon a huge metal box appeared and banging and shouting was heard from inside.

"What's in there?" Akhenaden asked, a little frightened.

Spirit just smirked. "Oh...those are the reviewers and my brother who wish to kill you. You see they saw what happened the last time you were alive. Saying they didn't like it...would be a huge understatement. So they all asked for me to bring you back so they can just kill you again."

"Are you crazy girl? Why would you do something like that?" Hondo asked.

"Cause I'm a sadist, much like yourself. Though I like to see bad guys tortured more than the good guys." she said with a shrug.

Hondo glared at her. "Please. Like a bunch of mer humans can defeat us. I still have my power and Akhenaden has his Ka monster."

Spirit rolled her eyes playfully. "True...but I never said they were mer humans." with that her staff began to glow. The door to the box began to glow as well. The noise stopped from inside it and the door soon creaked slowly open. Glowing eyes were seen from with in it. Soon 4 girls and 2 guys stepped out of it. One other girl appeared smiling next to Spirit.

She had elbow length straight black hair, and deep brown eyes. A black shirt and jeans clung to her figure and she smiled brightly. "Well shall we let them get started Spirit?" she asked.

"I think we shall Saturn's Spawn." both girls jumped back and sat on top of the metal box casually. Spirit even brought out a bowl of popcorn and two soda's for them to have as they watched the slaughter.

The first two to step forward was a girl with brown eyes that flashed a little gold. She had dark brown hair with blonde and natural red highlights. A white shirt that said 'anything boys can do I can to better' moved with her as she walked. Finally there was her boot cut blue jeans and steel toe black boots. She held a thick rope in her hands and a butcher knife was hanging from her belt at her side.

The other was a girl with midnight dark blue hair that just past her shoulders. Her bangs almost covered her right eye. Speaking of her eyes they were a dark violet color. She wore a simple white, sleeve less dress that went all the way down past her knees, with a simple light blue sash around her hips. A really long scarf hung around her neck with the two ends falling behind her. Last was her dark blue ankle boots to complete the look.

Spirit and Saturn S cheered. "Go Harpy! Go Shini!" they cried and held little flags up in the air that had Hondo's and Akhenaden's faces with X's on them.

The two smirked evilly as they both neared the two men. Shini had little strings attached to each of her fingers and shot them out at Hondo. They tied around his ankles and wrists then hoisted him up into the air. The old priest saw this and tried to run, however Harpy was able to lasso him and he fell to the ground. Both men struggled against their binds but found it was almost impossible to break free.

"Our turn now Pyro." said one girl with purplish-pink eyes and blue hair up in a ponytail. She had dog ears and a tail as well as a few markings on her face. A blue Kimono settled around her body as she stepped forward.

Another girl with knee length black hair and silver tips stepped up with her. She had her hair up too and two tufts were let loose that were both full silver. Her crimson eyes seemed to be laughing as she watch the two men. She wore black flat heeled boots, and tight black pants with a blood red sash tied around her waist. A katana was held in place at her left side, she also had a black long sleeved shirt with along dark purple scarf around her neck. And last she wore a mask over her mouth and nose so only her eyes and forehead were visible.

"Ready when you are Moifah!" both jumped up into the air.

"PETAL ASSAULT!"Moifah cried. Little petals came out and began slicing at both guys. Pyro soon set the petals on fire as they continued to cut away at them. The two cried out in pain, which caused one of the guys to smile.

"Aw, music to my ears." he said. His violet eyes twinkled. He had black hair that was spiky and wore the Grim Reapers outfit. A scythe rested casually in his hand.

The other guy glared at him. "Stop fooling around Tenshi. It will be our turn soon." Tenshi pouted.

"Aw put it's just so pretty Vegeta!" Vegeta shook his head, but he had to admit, he was enjoying their cries too.

A girl with brown shoulder length messy hair grinned as she stepped forward. She wore just a plain t-shirt and jeans. Two silver rings were on her fingers. "My turn now. Come on Shadow."

The girl she spoke to glared at her. She had shoulder blade length raven colored hair in a loose ponytail. On her was a sailor fuku, but it was black where it would normally have been white. Where the tiara was supposed to be, there was a violet headband with a black symbol of Saturn. She had no gloves and carried a black glaive. She looked back at Spirit and Saturn S.

"I'm not fighting with anyone. Especially with Ra."

Spirit glared at her. "Why not?"

"She annoys me." Saturn S sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Shadow everyone who's a good guy annoys you. Just do this or we'll put you in a pink room with a sugar-high Tenshi again."

Shadow muttered a few curses to the two under her breathe. She then walked up next to Ra but didn't look at her. Ra groaned. Why'd she have to go with her? Oh well, as long as she got to torture Hondo and Akhenaden. The girl took out a big sword and slashed at the air. A huge sharp wind wave was produced by it and cut into Hondo's chest. Shadow ran and jumped onto Akhenaden before stabbing him in the shoulder with her glaive.

Blood dripped to the ground as both men cried out in pain. "That's it!" Hondo cried. He used his evil dark power to cut Shini's strings and landed on the ground. He charged at the girl but the last one got in his way. Her blonde hair swayed as her hazel eyes seemed to be smirking. She wore just a plain white strap shirt and jean shorts with combat boots.

Holding up a bow she shot the arrow she had put in it and it struck into his shin. The man fell to his knees and grunted from the pain. The girl turned and high fived Shini.

"Thanks Sugar." Shini said. Sugar smiled brightly.

"No problem!" she cried.

Hondo cursed and pulled the arrow out. Blood was flowing out of wounds, but not at a life threatening pace. He glared at the two girls but then two other figures appeared before him. Looking up, he found it was Vegeta and Tenshi. Both smirked evilly down at him.

"Where do you think your going?" Vegeta asked.

Hondo glared up at him and shot a black energy blast at his head. Vegeta just moved his head to the side and it passed harmlessly by him. "Bastard." Hondo growled.

"Actually as I recall, you're the bastard here." Tenshi said. "Well Vegeta it's our turn, so what shall we do with him?"

"I say we tear his limbs off one by one." the girls all glared at the two boys.

"Hey we aren't finished!" Ra cried. Vegeta glared at them.

"You already had your fun!"

Moifah crossed her arms. "Barely, besides that death would kill him much too fast."

Sugar nodded. "Right...I say we do that one to Akhenaden!" she said happily. All the girls nodded. Vegeta sighed and rolled his eyes.

"Fine. Lets kill him first then move to Hondo, but how do we keep him from running away?"

Spirit stood up and jumped down. "I can hold his spirit. Without his soul I doubt his body will be going anywhere." the others nodded and she pointed her staff at Hondo. His body soon fell limp to the ground but his spirit was all chained up. "Ok go have your fun with Akhenaden now."

The girls turned to Akhenaden with dark stars in their eyes. All brought out their weapons. Shini had her strings. Harpy had a butchers knife. Ra had her sword. Shadow had her glaive. Pyro had a large Katana. Sugar had a dagger. Last was Moifah who had a Zanbontou. Slowly the group approached the frightened man.

Saturn S and Spirit looked away as they began tearing, chopping, and slicing his limbs off. Soon the mans cries resided and so did the sound of weapons cutting into flesh. The two looked over to find Akhenaden in pieces. The two sweat-dropped. The group had over-killed him.

"Um weren't you guys just supposed to take his limbs off? Not chop him into bite size pieces?" Saturn S asked.

Pyro shrugged. "So we had a little to much fun. Is that a crime?"

"Guess not" said a little freaked out Tenshi. Vegeta also looked a little worried at the girls. Then he turned to Spirit.

"Ok he's dead, now put that bastard's soul back in his body so we can kill him too!"

Spirit smiled. "Ok!" with that she pulled her staff away. The chains disappeared and Hondo's soul was back in his body. He slowly stood up and looked at everyone.

"You're not going to kill me that easily." he snapped.

Shadow smirked. "Oh I think we will...crap I'm supposed to be a bad guy here."

"Deal with it." said both Spirit and Saturn S. Spirit jumped back up onto the box to watch with the other girl. Hondo then pulled out his sword and filled it with his evil energy.

Harpy blinked. "Um...where'd he get that?" the others shrugged. Vegeta just rolled his eyes at the guy and blasted the sword out of his hand.

"Doesn't matter, cause now he doesn't have it." Hondo gulped. He was weaponless and powerless. He had put all the power he had into that sword. In other words...he was screwed.

Vegeta was suddenly in front of him and kicked in the side, sending him flying. When he skidded to a stop on the rough sad, Tenshi was on him in a instant. He lifted the guy up by his collar until he was standing on his own. The Grim Reaper then drew back his fist and struck him square in the jaw. Hondo stumbled back, clutching his mouth. He spit out some blood and a few teeth.

The two guys continued to pound on the guy until he was like half dead. They stopped and the dust cloud that had formed vanished. Hondo's battered form lay all twisted, swollen, and bleeding. Both his eyes were black and his face was all red and puffy. Blood dripped out of his nose and most of his fingers, and his ankle were broken. He probably had other broken bones too.

The girls all clapped and cheered. "Bravo! Bravo!" they cried. And now...it was their turn.

"Hold on!" Spirit cried and ran over to Hondo. She tied a blindfold around his eyes, not like he could see out of them anyways, then went back to her seat. "Ok you can go now!"

All the girls smirked and powered up their attacks. If they didn't have any, they waited with their weapons for the others to convert some of their power into them. Vegeta and Tenshi also powered up. Soon they were all ready.

"On the count of 3." Spirit and Saturn S called. "1...2...3!" they let there attacks loose which soon all became one. The huge multi-colored sphere collided with Hondo and he screamed out in pain. Everyone covered their eyes from the light and waited for it to fade. It finally did and they all looked back to see a huge crater where Hondo once stood, but of course there was no more of the man.

"Yeah! We did it!" Shini cried.

"Wahoo!" shouted Sugar. Most of the girls, minus Shadow, Spirit, and Saturn S, all danced around. Tenshi even joined them. Vegeta just stood of to the side smirking to himself.

"Ok everyone that's it." Spirit said. They all stopped dancing.

"Awww...do we have to go?" they whined. Spirit though for a moment.

"Hm...nah! How about we have a party to celebrate?" everyone cried yes and soon they were in the palace ballroom. All kinds of food was already there and so was a DJ. Streamers and balloons hung from the ceiling and soon the music started up. Everyone was also in their favorite dancing outfit. Well except for Vegeta and Shadow.

"Great. Now I have to watch all these crazy girls dance around like idiots." Vegeta grumbled.

"And you think I'm thrilled about it too? Saturn S can I go home?" she asked, the girl nodded and Shadow left.

Leaving Vegeta on his own...that is until Bulma appeared in the room and dragged him out to the dance floor. Spirit smirked at this then went back to dancing with the others and making sure Tenshi didn't spike the drinks. If you thought he was bad with sugar, you did not want to see him with alcohol. Everyone was having a good time and all soon toasted to the wonderful death of Hondo and Akhenaden. If only the two had lasted longer...then they would have had more fun!

-The Second End.

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