1Ding Dong

"Oh my goodness! He's here already!" Hermione exclaimed and quickly sprayed some perfume onto her collar bone, rubbing it in as fast as she could. She jumped in front of the mirror and flipped her hair behind her shoulders. She took a split second to inspect her appearance in the long stand up mirror.

She looked stunning, yet casual at the same time. She was wearing a pair of dark blue jeans, knee-high black leather boots, a white camisole with a dark blue jean jacket over it, a striped pink and orange scarf, and half of her wavy brunette hair was pulled back by a small clip.

She dashed to the front door, trying not to stomp her high-heeled boots loudly on the wooden floor, and gracefully flung the door open to a nervous wreck.

"Hello Ronald." she said hooking her purse onto her right elbow and leaned forward to give Ron a soft kiss on his lips. She opened her mouth and let his tongue venture in for a few seconds before breaking apart for a breath, a slight blush on her cheeks.

"Shall we be going then?"

"You look stunning." he said, handing her a red rose and reaching around her to close the door. Hermione muttered a spell to her wand and heard a faint click of the lock. She smiled to Ron and took his hand in hers.

"Any limos tonight?" He immediately looked uncomfortably scared.

"Oh no, was I supposed to get one for tonight, too? I could give them a call—"

"Ron!" she said, snatching his cell phone from his fingers. She closed the flip-phone with a snap and slipped it into her jacket pocket. "We can apperate, I don't have a problem with no limo. It's okay–really." she added at his disbelieving look.

"Well...I do have a car parked outside." he said with a smirk. Hermione lightly punched his arm.

"Don't get yourself worked up to get me worked up! Oh lets just go." she said irritably. That uncomfortable look instantly returned to his face.

"Oh Merlin! It's only been a minute and I've already made you mad! Some first date!"

"Hey," she said with a warning look, pointing a finger at him, "cheer up or I'm changing my mind and walking back through that door." He straightaway put a fake smile on his face.

"Yes Mum." he answered to her tinkling laugh.


"Do you want any...whatever those yellow disfigured little balls are?" Ron asked as he and Hermione walked hand in hand into the movie theater.

"You mean popcorn?" she asked with raised eyebrows. He snapped his hand with a smile.

"That's it! Hey, don't give me that look, you saw my Muggle Studies grade."

"You'd think," Hermione said, tightening her hold on his hands and leaning to his ear to whisper, "that someone with an obsessive father like yours would be as good a muggle as any." she said with a smirk and she pulled away and stood straighter. He furrowed his eyebrows at her.

"I'm insulted." Hermione laughed. "I'll handle the money, okay?" He instantly looked relieved.

They purchased a large popcorn and before Hermione could purchase a soda, Ron said,

"That's it, thank you." and pulled her away.

"Ron! All this popcorn's going to make me thirsty!" she protested. He leaned down and whispered in her ear,

"I'll conjure up two bottles of butterbeer when he take our seats, okay?" He was pleased to see she looked impressed.

"Gotten better at that haven't you?"

"Much, what with all the elegant parties I've been attending with Harry; I don't much like wine and vodka." Hermione looked scandalized as they sat down near the back.

"You know, I've always wanted to snog in a movie theater." she whispered to him, her eyes on the screen which was telling corny jokes about actors. He gave her a look that clearly said he didn't believe her.

"I'm not kidding!"

"You don't strike me as the type to snog anywhere public." he told her truthfully.

"If I kissed you right now, would you believe me?"

"To tell you the truth, I wouldn't care where you kiss as long as it was me."

"That doesn't answer my question, though."

"Sure I'd believe you. You think after six and a half years of copying your work and making a passing grade that I wouldn't?" and before she could rebuke he captured her in a sweet kiss right there, just as the lights dimmed.

"Should I tell you now that I've always wanted to snog in a theater?"

"Liar, you didn't even know what a movie theater was until twenty minutes ago."


Hermione was more content there then anywhere in her entire life. After a few minutes her head drooped onto his shoulder, and she couldn't see his surprised but pleased expression. Her head seemed to fit perfectly in the crook of his neck between it and his rounded shoulder bone. The movie was a cheesy romantic chick-flick and about every woman in the room was tearing or sobbing quietly into a tissue or handkerchief; Hermione even noticed one burly man's shoulder's shake as he sobbed into the unfortunate man next to him, who kept looking at the sobbing fool disgustedly. Ron thought it was pretty obvious that Julia wasn't going to elope with Andrew and was going to stay and marry Tom, but who was he to judge? It's not like he was an expert on romantic wanna-be soaps like the ones his mother listened to every day when he had been off at school.

When the movie ended with a passionate kiss between Julia and Tom, Ron stood up and offered his hand to Hermione and helped her out fo her seat. He looked down and saw that Hermione was quietly sniffing and rubbing her wet eyes. He couldn't help but roll his.

"That was so sweet, wasn't it Ronald?" she said, her voice chocking up a bit. A laugh escaped Ron and he immediately clamped his hand to his mouth, but the sparkle in his eyes could not be hid.

"You're mocking me, Ronald!"

"N-no I'm not!" he said, but couldn't control his laughter. She silenced his laughing with a kiss.

"Hey, a man could get used to this."

"Do you think we could go visit Harry for a bit?" Ron gave her an incredulous look.

"'Mione! We're always with Harry, and I want a bit of time with you by myself–alone." he added.

"What did you have in mind, Mr.Weasly?"

"Well, Miss Granger," he said slipping his hand around her waist, "maybe we can go back to my place and snuggle by a fire or something?"

"I think I'd like that." she said softly and kissed him.


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