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Embraced Love

Summary: Battousai is on an assignment to kill a young girl named Kamiya Kaoru but he kidnap her instead for whatever. Now that Kaoru is kidnap her mystery abilities is starting to be revealed. BK

Kenshin stared off into space as he looked outside, staring into the beautiful sun as it emerge into the clear blue sky. It was clearly that he had to kill a person each day. He killed them just to fulfill his duty, but inside of him it was hurting him, it ate a part of his heart. Every time his sword touches innocent blood, he feels like killing himself. He tried to stop this, but no matter what he will create a new era.

"Battousai." Someone called from his side. He knew the voice. Turning, he greeted the man.

"Ohayou Takasugi-san…"

"Ah… so it looks like you've been day dreaming again Himura."

Kenshin shrugged and asked. "Another?"

"Hai," he threw the black envelope to Kenshin.

"Kamiya…. Aoiya?" Kenshin said confusedly. "What's this?" he suddenly asked. "It looks so different from the other one."

"True" Takasugi answered. "We don't know her name yet, neither where she really is, but it's clear that she always stay at the inn called Aoiya, so surely you'll find her on the second floor, the guest room."

"Takasugi-san, you know I don't kill girl's…" he didn't let Kenshin finish as he spoke.

"Hai, I know that, but this Kamiya girl really is a problem and we have to get her killed as soon as we can."

"What did she do?"


"I won't do it, unless it's necessary." Kenshin told him bitterly.

"Well… Fine…Katsura want you to kill her because…" Kenshin cut him short.

"Forget it Takasugi-san… I will kill her tonight and I don't want to hear why she needs to be killed." Kenshin stood up, slid the down opened and walk into town.

Takasugi smiled. It went exactly like he and Katsura planned. He knew Kenshin wouldn't kill her.


"Takasugi, what was Kenshin's answer?" ask Katsura as Takasugi sat down next to him.

"Himura ask why, then he told me to forget it and he'll accomplish the assignment."

"Find Kenshin… tell him to bring her here."

"Something up?" ask Takasugi.

"Hai, we found it and why she needs to be killed, but not necessary."

"What do you mean Katsura?"

"Nothing and forget about finding Kenshin."


As the sky begins to darken, Kenshin came closer to Aoiya with each step he took. He didn't bother to run and get there as soon as he can. His target was a girl and she won't have any chance fighting back. Kenshin came closer to Aoiya when he felt a huge amount of ki. Now he knew, they weren't so ordinary people, he hope she would be.

"Misao-chan, I'm off to bed alright?" Kaoru ask her. She nodded and Kaoru left going upstairs to the guest room. She took off her kimono and put on her pinkish yukata. Her hair was braid to one side, as usual when she sleeps.

Kenshin quietly went inside Aoiya, making sure no one detect him. He lowered his ki down a bit. Quickly he ran across the yard and jump to the second floor of Aoiya. A sound below him was heard as he hid.

Kenshin saw a tall man, his hair was black and his eyes were cold blue. He knew he had a strong ki, just sensing it. Kenshin ignored him and slid the window open. He searched the room as his eyes stop on a body lying on a futon. 'She was sleeping peaceful.' He told himself. 'Did she even know today was her last day to live?' Kenshin asked many question before walking closer to her.

He unsheathed his sword and pointed it down toward to her. Right when he was about to stab her, his mind locked on something, an image came to him…Tomoe. Kenshin froze in place, unable to keep moving, his sword was still on his grip and the blade was still close to her chest, it was only an inch away.

It was true. He couldn't kill another girl, not another innocent girl. Kenshin sheathe his sword, forgetting all about the assignment. He searches the room again and look for a paper and a note. He knew what to do, in order to keep her alive, he will have to do this. Kenshin wrote quickly on the paper, ignoring how bad he wrote and left on a table near by.

Quietly again, he walked to her, put his over her mouth.

Kaoru gasped and her eyes shot opened as she stared into the amber eyes of the hitokiri. She was in feared and shock. His eye scared her.

Kenshin was also in shock looking into the pure innocence blue eye of hers. He was so glad, he didn't murder her, she was plain innocent, and he knew that, just by staring into her eyes.

"I will release you." He told her. "But if you scream, I WILL kill you instantly. Do you get me?" Kaoru nodded and he releases his hand from her mouth. "Get up." He demanded. Kaoru followed his direction and got up.

"What do you want?" she asked, fear showing in her shaking voice. "Nothing." "Then why are you here?" she asked hastily.

"I'm going to take you with me."

Kaoru backed up as he grabbed her. "Don't try to run or scream. If you do, I will kill you."

"W-why do you want me to go with you?" she asked.

"I don't know, it's better than me killing you off." He told her grinning. Kenshin came closer to her as she backed more. Kaoru was about to scream when she notice his sword was already on her neck, meaning for her to stop. She shivered as Kenshin covered her mouth and jumped out the window.


"Kaoru?" Misao asked outside Kaoru's room. It was the third time but still she didn't hear any respond. She slid the door and what surprise her is that Kaoru wasn't in the room, but the futon, a table, and a… … note?

Misao picked it up as she read, 'I'm sorry to take her, but she will be captive in the hand of the Ishin shishi, but don't worried she'll be safe and away from harm. I decided not to kill her…please do not try to get her, for if you do, I will…'

Misao ran quickly to Aoshi's room, not knocking but banging it. "AOSHI-SAMA!" she yelled at the top of her lung. Aoshi slam the door opened and ask.

"What Misao, and why are you up so late?"

"Kaoru! Kaoru is gone!" She threw the paper at him and he read it. Aoshi clench the note in his hand as anger start pouring into him. "She couldn't be his target." Aoshi mumble. "What Aoshi-sama?"

"She can't be his target, she has nothing to do with the Ishin shishi."

Misao heard him as she gasp again. "Aoshi-sama, then why did they kidnap her?" Misao asked. Aoshi looked at her blankly. "I don't know Misao, but it's clearly she was supposed to be killed."


"He didn't killed her for whatever reason, but the Battousai never leave his target alive."

"Battousai?" she whispered. "Aoshi-sama, you need to find her." Misao yelled.

"Misao calm down, we can't try to look for her, she won't be safe with us doing that."


"His letter states that if we try to get her, she'll die. Do you want her to?"

Misao close her eyes. "No"

"Then forget that she was ever kidnap, so she won't die by the hand of us trying to find her."

Misao nodded and went to her room.


Kenshin threw her to a futon as he sat across from his room staring at her. She was sleeping, maybe because she was too tired or because she was too scared. Well he decides to sleep too, but not when he knew she might be faking it. He stayed up the whole night just making sure she wasn't going to run away.

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