Stranded In Your Thoughts

The sun started to rise over Jump City. There were few souls who were awake at this early time. One of these souls was a known member of the teen titans. And he was trying to sabotage the existence of tofu.

The half robot Cyborg was inside the kitchen of the giant T-shaped building known as Titans Tower. "This time B," Smirked Cyborg as he threw container after container of tofu down the garbage disposal, "We're gonna have real food for breakfast!"

All the titans had grown tired of tofu so Cyborg took it into his own hands. He got up early, even earlier then robin, just to destroy tofu. Boy do I need a hobby He thought.

The metal titan rummaged through the fridge. "Bacon and eggs!" He exclaimed as he pulled out a frozen package of pork and egg carton "Booya!" He slammed the food on the counter and went to get ready to cook. Without realizing he began to hum "Momma's Little Baby Likes Shortcake, Shortcake."

Meanwhile the little green changeling he was attempting to outsmart was sleeping in his room dreaming peacefully. Rather peacefully actually. He was dreaming about a certain goth titan whom he happened to have feelings for.

Suddenly the changling jumped. He got up, breathing heavy, and walked over to the other side of his room to his mirror. It took him about five minutes to get through the piles of junk everywhere. Once there he stared in the mirror eyes wide. Wow, Beast Boy thought catching his breath Did I just dream… about her? I mean I know she's pretty and every thing, he continued But to dream about Raven? Wait a minute… Did I just call her pretty!
Beast Boy stared at himself intently as if to figure if it was really him. I don't like Raven in that way, do I?

Yes you do.
What? Who's there! Go away I have old gym socks!
Thought BeastBoy, startled.
I am your brain
Yes your brain
Oh.. COOL! How come you never talked to me before
You never use me.
I always new I had a brain… I just lost the instruction manual!
Anyway, what do you mean I like Raven! She hates me
You are in denial.
Am not!
Are too, I'm your brain. I know.
I guess…you're… right. I mean I never would admit it but I always knew.
Exactly, well goodbye.
Wait! Will you ever come back.
Maybe, if you noticed I only stop by
very rarely.

Beastboy stared at himself in the mirror again. I like Raven. A grin spread across the changelings face, and I have a brain.