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Raven stood up and looked to Beastboy. "We need to find Timid, lets go." She stared off to the distance feeling strangely nervous. Something about being able to freely feel emotions was oddly unsettling.

Beastboy yawned and got up. "Is there anywhere we can eat around here?" He whined, looking around, "I really could go for a veggie burger right now."

Raven rolled her eyes at the changeling. Is his stomach the only thing that matters to him? She thought, somewhat annoyed. However, as much as she hated to admit it there was something incredibly adorable about his whining. She shook off the thought. This is really not me. She thought, surprised by her own actions.

Another whine snapped Raven out of her trance. "C'mon Rae! The sooner we get out of here, the sooner we eat right?" Beastboy asked hopefully.

"Sure…" Raven started what was meant to be a sarcastic statement. But she was quickly stopped by a green cheetah whom started to drag her along the path.

"Beastboy!" Raven barked at the cheetah whom was dragging her by her by her sleeve. "Beastboy stop!" Her cape ripped a bit at the corner. That's it. She thought angrily. She dug her heels into the ground. After a moment, she slowed down.

The changeling returned to his normal form. "What?" He asked, wondering why Raven had delayed their departure.

"You can't just run past everything! Timid is… timid. She could hide behind something. Or if you keep running at sixty miles per hour we might miss one of the other emotions that could help us get out." Raven got up, and dusted herself off. She acknowledged her ripped cloak. My cloak! This is Beastboy's fault. Though he was just trying to help… She shook her head.

The changeling looked out to the distance. "Dude! This place is huge!" He exclaimed, as his eyes wandered, taking in the scenery around him.

"You just noticed?" Raven asked dryly, as she began to walk.

Beastboy followed behind her, chanting an army walking mantra and marching in a soldier-like manner.

Raven mentally laughed at the changeling. He was funny. In an annoyingly cute way. Why can't I stop thinking about him? Raven thought furiously I should be able to control my emotions better than this… Then again I have just started being able to use then like this so I guess all my emotions will be stronger then usual. She thought as she desperately tried to come up for an excuse for her thoughts.

She was snapped out of her train of thought by Beastboy waving his hand in front of her face.

"Hellooo? Rae you there? Earth to Raven!" Beast boy snapped his fingers in front of her face.

"Wha- what?" Raven shook her head around wildly.

"C'mon Rae! Lets go!" Beastboy grinned foolishly and jumped up and started running off ahead.

Raven shook her head. Why did I have to fall for a guy whos stomach means more to him then his brain. She thought, rolling her eyes, before running after him.

♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫ Back at Titans Tower

"ROBIN! Robin C'mon!" A pink cloaked emotion ran down the hallway of titans tower.

As she ran she dragged a certain Tamaranian along with her.

"Robin c'mon! Star has something to tell you!" called out Happy.

Starfire was trying her hardest to pull away from the emotion's grasp. She tried to hide the blush that was blooming on her face as she struggled to get free. "Please, friend Pink Raven. I did not know that when I told you, you would tell friend Robin I like him" She pulled at Happy's wrist.

"No way! He's gotta know that you like him!" Happy replied… happily. "That way you'll both live happily every after and truth or dare will be to thank! And then you can eat chocolate fondu!"

Starfire and Happy had played Truth or Dare. Happy had asked Starfire, whom had wanted all truth, who she liked. She admitted she likes Robin. Now Happy is determined to get them together. And its all because of the fondu…

Now all Starfire wanted to do was go back to her room and pray Happy didn't tell Robin. However, She was now being dragged by Happy throughout the house, looking for Robin.

Suddenly a flash of a cape caught Happy's eye. "Robin!" She exclaimed. She ran up to the boy wonder.

Robin turned and looked to the two of them. "Oh hey Star, Happy. Have you seen Cyborg anywhere?"

Happy jumped up and down and squealed with delight. "There's no time for that silly! Star has something important to tell you!"

Robin looked to Starfire. "What is it Star?"

"I umm… Happy found… uhh… umm." Starfire stammered and blushed furiously.

"What wrong?" He asked, voice with a hint of concern.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Happy jumped up and down causing the two titans to look at her. "I can't take the suspense anymore!" She giggled stupidly and then continued, "Starfire likes you Robin!" She exclaimed and then jumped around like a bouncy ball in an empty room.

"Well of course she likes me we're friends-" Robin suddenly let out a gasp as he realized the true meaning of what Happy had said. "Happy can we have a minute alone please?" He asked, gesturing to the door out to the common room."

"Okey dokey!" Happy giggled and swirled around then ran out of the hall.

"Star um…we need to talk." Robin said, gesturing to another room. Star followed. Why did she have to play truth or dare? She asked herself angrily as she sat down in an office like room. And Robin never actually found out where Cyborg was.

♥♦♥♦♥♦♥♦ Back in the Common Room.

"Please, Please don't hurt the T-car!" The half metal teen was cowering in the corner of the common room, crying and pleading.

"Do what I say and I won't." A red cloaked emotion glared from under her hood.

"Ill do anything, anything! Please just don't hurt me! All I wanted was to get out the door for my date with Bee! Please don't hurt my baby!" Cyborg bawled looking up with her with pleading eyes.

"Fine but you must be my slave." Anger barked at the shaking titan.

"Ok! What do you want done?" Cyborg asked, praying it wouldn't involve any damage to the T-car.

"Good!" Anger smirked "Now here is what I want done…"

☺☼☺☼☺☼☺☼ Outside the Tower

"Did you just hear a scream?" Brave asked. She stood beside knowledge whom was encumbered by numerous bags for their journey to the Fondu Springs. Brave to was carrying a number of bags, as well as a sword (which was actually a kitchen knife) rock climbing equipment and other various things.

Knowledge caught up to Brave, gasping as she caught her breath. "No, why?"

Brave shrugged. "Just wondering."

"Well, anyway did you pack everything on my list?" Knowledge questioned, adjusting one of the bags on her back so it would be more comfortable.

"Yup! Everything! I told ya you could count on me!" Brave replied cheerfully, eager about the adventure soon to come.

"Well lets just focus on getting there for now." Knowledge replied plainly.

The two started off. As they flew further away from the tower Brave thought about what Love was doing back at the tower in Beastboy's room. Suddenly an array of mental images ran though her head. "Nah, She wouldn't" Brave absentmindedly thought aloud.

"Who wouldn't what?" Knowledge asked from beside her. Brave looked to the yellow cloaked emotion. "Love, what do you think she's doing in Beastboy's room?"

Knowledge thought about this … thoughtfully. After a few moments of thoughtful thinking she responded. "I'm not sure I want to know."

"Agreed!" Brave nodded.

♠♣♠♣♠♣♠♣ In Beastboy's room…

A purple (a/n not rose, thanks Regrem Erutaerc) cloaked emotion sat on Beastboy's bottom bunk of his bunk bed. She was thinking out loud to herself. "Raven knows she loves him. We all do! But she's just too afraid of rejection. Well, after Malchior, so am I…"

The emotion stopped in mid-thought when she realized she had been sitting on Beastboy's bed for over an hour now. She stood up. "I hope she remembers the emotional loop hole…"

◊○◊○◊○◊○ Back with Beastboy and Raven…

Raven was deep in thought. Maybe I do like him, but even so, how would he like someone "creepy" like me. I am alone. Always have been, always will be! She was snapped out of her trance by Beastboy yelling something.

"What!" Raven called over to the changeling whom was flailing his arm around, calling out.

"I said, watch out for that CLIFF!" Beastboy exclaimed.

"Cliff?" Raven asked, head still turned to him. Suddenly she felt the ground beneath her give way and her body falling. She caught hold of a stray root hanging off the side of the rocky wall.

"Beastboy!" Raven screamed as she clung to the root.

The changeling transformed into a cheetah and bolted over. He transformed back into himself as he neared the edge.

He looked down to the girl dangling below him. "Raven, see if you can reach my hand!" He called out, unable to hide the panic in his voice. He reached out his hand.

Raven cursed the fact she couldn't fly, "I can't, I'll fall!" She cried out, her voice seeming fearful.

"Just try, trust me!" Beastboy hollered, stretching his hand as far as he could reach.

"What if you drop me?" Raven questioned in a snarl.

"I won't."

I won't? Raven thought in disbelief. How can he be so sure, what if I slip or something! Then I'll be dead within my own mind and he will be trapped forever. I won't. She rolled her eyes.

Though She realized I can't just hang here forever. She reached out a hand still clinging tightly to the branch with the other. Reaching far as she had the ability her hand eventually met Beastboy's. She shivered slightly secretly wishing he wasn't wearing gloves.

Beastboy wrapped his hang around Raven's. "Rae, see if you can bring you other hand up to mine! Your hand is sweaty and I don't wanna drop ya!"

Raven did as told. Letting go of the root she grasped his one hand with both of hers.

Now having a firmer hold with less chance of a drop, Beastboy slowly pulled Raven up. With one last final pull, the two landed on top of each other, breathing heavily.

Raven sat up. "You … saved me."

"No biggey." Beastboy smiled as he caught his breath.

"Hey Beastboy?"

"Yeah Rae?"

Raven paused, then continued. "Why didn't you just turn into a bird or something and fly me up?"

Beastboy's eyes widened as he realized how he could've transformed. He grinned sheepishly, a blush rising in his cheeks. "Guess I kinda forgot." He admitted nervously.

The two of them sat in silence for a moment. Raven looked at Beastboy and realized he was still holding he hand. She blushed a little.

"Um… Beastboy?" She asked nervously, wondering if it was really worth ruining it.

"Yeah Rae?" Beastboy turned to her, looking her in the eye.

She fought a blush but managed to say in her usual monotone. "You can let go of my hand now."

"Oh… um… right, sorry." He snatched his hand away, leaving both of the teens blushing furiously.

Raven pulled up her hood to hide her blush. Sadly, Beastboy didn't have any kind of cover so he was left, looking away, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand.

After a few minutes of awkward silence, Raven spoke. Actually, Raven didn't speak, but a gray cloaked emotion form of Raven did.

"So I see that you guys showed up?" whispered Timid shyly as she stepped out of the shadows to the two faces turned to her.

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Preview. Starfires confession. What Rage makes Cyborg do. Timid leads Raven and Beastboy in search for the other two emotions. Brave and Knowledge go to France. Slade calls to ask for advice.