Inuyasha was perched pensively atop the Sacred Tree. He rolled the nearly completed Sacred Jewel in his hands. The thought of completing it had him worried. Naraku's moves were becoming both more bold and more desperate. He knew it wouldn't be long before their next fight was a final one, and it wouldn't be an easy. Then there was the jewel... He would need the complete Shikon Jewel to become full demon. Inuyasha clutched his hand in thought. He wasn't sure that was what he wanted anymore.

As he glared at the iridescent jewel his mind drifted to Kagome as it often did. She would have to leave if he were to become full demon. They all would. In his heightened state he became a threat to all, even the woman he cared most about. 'I can't risk putting them all in danger... Putting Kagome in danger... If I change into a full demon I'll have to leave. If I change? IF? When did I start to have any questions about this..." he thought frantically. His brow furrowed as he closed his fist around the jewel.

"Inuyasha!" The school girl's sing song voice floated up the tree. It broke his train of thought as he peered down to the base of the tree. As expect, Kagome was standing there looking up. "What is it?" He called down gruffly. She cupped her hands around her mouth and called to him. "You disappeared after dinner and I was worried... I just came to see if you were alright." Kagome answered honestly.

Her concern earned a haughty snort from the hanyou. "I'm fine. I don't need to be around you weaklings every second of the day, you know. And I don't need you breathing down my neck either!" he snapped quickly. His uncertainty for the future was clearly making him tense. And that made him take it out on Kagome. She inhaled sharply and stared up at the half demon. "Inuyasha." She began, her voice sweet as honey. She saw his ears twitch indicating that he had heard her. "Would a fall from that height kill you?" He pondered the question for a moment before crossing his arms. "No. It's not as though I would fall..." Kagome crossed her arms. "You wanna bet? SIT BOY!" Before Inuyasha could react he was crashing through the branches into the ground.

"You know, you should really appreciate it when someone is concerned about you! We all go out of our way to be nice to you and you can be a real jerk! Maybe next time you won't be so rude!" Exasperate, Kagome turned on her heel and began to stalk back to camp. Inuyasha had plenty of time during her rant to think of his own choice words. Soon, he realized that Kagome may leave and they could never talk or even fight again. The thought humbled him a bit. "H-Hey! Kagome, wait!"

Kagome turned back and was ready to sit the stubborn dog demon some more but she found his face surprisingly soft. She felt the tension and the anger flow out of her instantly and she made her way back over. She stooped next to Inuyasha who was now sitting, the jewel gleaming in his hands. "What is it, Inuyasha?" he sighed, rolling it over through his fingers. "The Sacred Jewel... It almost complete." Kagome nodded, her eyes moving to the Shikon Jewel as well.

"Well, what do you think I should do with it?" He looked tentatively into the girl's face as she thought. "Well..." She began, a finger placed to her lip in though. "It's not really my decision to make." She finished with a shrug. Kagome hardly belong in that era, what business did she have wishing on the jewel? Inuyasha probed further. "Well, I just wanna know how you feel."

Kagome traced a finger through the dirt as she articulated herself. "Well... I don't think you should become a full demon." She said slowly. 'You think I'm better off as a human too.' Inuyasha thought as he thought of Kikyo. "But I don't think you need to be human either." He looked to her in surprise. "You think I should stay a half breed? Humans fear me and full blooded demons just look down on me. Why wouldn't I go one way or the other?"

Kagome smiled and looked above them both into the leaves of the Sacred Tree. "The way I see it, you'd be abandoning a part of your heritage. As a full demon you lack the compassion of a human. You got that compassion from your mother and it's special. Turning human is the same way. You get your demon strength and resilience from your father. Become a human and you lose everything he gave to you. The way your are, you have something from both of them." explained Kagome.

Inuyasha stared at Kagome with a quizzical look. He had never truly thought of everything that way. Kagome scooted a little closer to him, her face covered in a blush. "You have something from both of your parents that nobody can ever take away from you. You wouldn't trade that away, would you?" With a small smile Inuyasha moved his hand over Kagome's. "So you like me like this, huh?" Kagome shut her eyes and leaned over on the hanyou's shoulder. "I wouldn't have you any other way, Inuyasha." Inuyasha fought the blush and the wide grin spreading over his face. He did wrap an arm around the girl from the future. How glad he was that she was there. "Feh."