Ok, this is an idea that I came up with while talking to LuckyLadyBug66 and many of the ideas in the story are ones that she helped me come up with.

This is an alternate universe fic... Where the Doom organization never existed, so all the bad stuff never happened to the three musketeers.

... Um, not a whole lot to say about it, so I'll just start writing it now...

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"Wow, Guardian Eatos! Thanks so much, you guys!" Raphael grinned at his little brother, Julian, who was bouncing up and down with glee that his older brother had liked the present so much.

"We had to look in 12 different stores before we finally found it, Raphael." Sonia told him matter-of-factly, also looking pleased. She and Julian latched onto his arm, as they usually did.

Raphael put down his new card so that he could hug them back, aware that his parents were watching the exchange with slight amusement and approval.

Suddenly, the cruise ship they were on began to rock hard, or at least harder than it was just a bit ago, making the three siblings lose their balance and fall over. Soon, the rocking returned to normal.

"What was that?" Raphael's mother wondered, righting her now empty glass and using a nearby napkin to mop up the mess. His father quickly helped her with that duty, along with a few of the servants on board.

"Let's go see if we can find somebody who knows what's happening?" Julian asked adventurously.

"Can we, mother?" Sonia asked anxiously.

She looked up at her children, who were all giving her pleading looks. They all enjoyed exploring the ship, and used every reason they could to do so.

"Oh... I suppose. Only... what about dinner?"

One of the servants smiled at her. "There will probably be a crewmember on deck, and by the time they get back, we'll have all this cleaned up."

"Yay!" Quickly, they all made their way up to the deck to see what was going on. Raphael made sure that he put the new Guardian cards into his fancy coat pocket before doing so.

"What's going on?" He asked a passing crewmember on the deck.

The man shook his head. "Nothing to be worried about. Big storm in the sea, but it's further west than we are. We won't get caught up in any more of it than these big waves." Raphael thanked him, and the man went on his way.

After staying up top for a while, Julian began to complain that he was getting wet, so they all went back down the steps to the main dining hall of the ship.

Raphael gave the ocean one last glance before going below deck. He had the oddest feeling that he had just missed something...

He shrugged the feeling off and continued to walk.

And for some reason, when his siblings reattached themselves him with their fierce hugs, he didn't mind as much as he usually did... After all, they were his family. He was going to be with them for a long time yet.

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"Valon! What do you think you're doing?"

The young Valon froze mid-swing and turned to face the woman coming towards him. Normally, when one looked upon Mother Mary, one would think that she was the sweetest person they had ever seen.

Right now, the look of stern disappointment was enough to make Valon wish that he could just sink into the ground and never be seen again.

"Th-they were sayin' bad things about me, and about the other kids who hafta live at the church!" Valon explained defiantly, getting to his feet.

Mother Mary looked around at the boys who were all now, except for Valon, lying on the ground in various states of pain. Valon was looking rather worse for wear himself, but he didn't seem to notice. The tears threatening to pour out of his eyes were ones of anger, not of fear or hurt.

She sighed and beckoned him to go back inside. He slowly walked past her and into the building, glancing back at her a few times before actually going inside. She watched him go, then turned back to the other boys who were trying to scramble back to their feet.

"You boys shouldn't be causing any more trouble around here, you hear me? And not just because Valon won't stand for it." She said firmly. "Now, go back home."

Without stopping to make sure they were following her instructions, she turned around and headed back inside. Valon, who had been watching what she was doing from a crack in the door, quickly stepped backwards and tried to look like he hadn't been listening in.

Mother Mary gave him a look, and he began scuttling off to the sleeping room in the back of the church. "Uh, uh, uh." She caught him by the back of his collar and directed him into a bathroom.

"But, Mary, I'm fine!" he complained as she sat him down and began to clean his cuts. "They hardly got a scratch on me. See? I'm- ow..." he winced as she cleaned a particularly nasty cut.

She nodded. "That's right. You're ow. Now let's finish getting you cleaned up without complaining, all right?"

Valon frowned. "Yes, ma'am."

She sighed, gently taking ahold of his chin and looking him in the eyes. "Why must you fight so much, Valon? It doesn't help anything."

"I bet those punks won't come around here for a while." Valon commented rebelliously with a small smirk.

"But is that really the way God would have you solve your problems?"

"You mean, is that the way you want me to solve them? Probably not, but then, I've always had my own way of dealing with things." Valon said.

She frowned at him and shook her head. "Someday, you're going to have to learn that violence solves nothing. Love and kindness is what gets you through life happily."

Valon snorted and looked away. "The only one who's ever been kind to me is you..."

She smiled at him. "And of all the people in your life, who will you remember the most? You make a better impression on people by being nice to them. Will you promise me that you'll try to be a good person, Valon?"

He glanced up at her. "Aren't I a good person already?"

She smiled again. "Of course you are. But we can all improve, can't we? Will you try?"

Valon thought about this for a moment. "All right." He said slowly. He looked into her peaceful eyes and grinned. "Yeah, I'll try. I'll be better. You'll see!"

She nodded with approval. "Good."

A knock came at the church's main door and she quickly got up to go open it. Valon followed after her more slowly and watched as the doors opened before Mother Mary could even get halfway through the main room to the door. Four tough looking men entered loudly, not seeming to care that they were entering a sacred church.

"May I help you?" Mother Mary asked politely.

The man at the front of the group laughed. "Yeah, lady. You can get out of our way. Our boss just bought this place, and he's gunna be making a few changes around here."

"No!" Valon ran forward and put himself between the thugs and his guardian. "You can't make us leave!" He put his fists up. Mother Mary put her hand on his shoulder and shook her head. He glanced back at her angrily, but when he saw her expression, he lowered his fists.

Stupid promise.

"Sir, I don't think you understand. There are children here who need taking care of... You can't just expect all of them to be forced back out onto the streets, surely?"

The man in front of the group gave Valon a look. "Naw, of course not. Our boss caught wind of all the children living here and he decided that this church was too small for that sort of thing. So he bought the place, and now he's going to give it a few renovations. A bigger kitchen, a bigger and better sleeping area. That sort of stuff."

Mother Mary's eyes lit up. "Oh, that sounds wonderful. When is all of this going to take place?"

"Next Tuesday." The man began giving her more information. While he was doing so, Valon caught Mother Mary's eye as she gave him a look that said "I told you so."

He looked away, then went to go tell the other kids the news. As he went, though, he had the strangest feeling that what had just transpired wasn't what was supposed to have happened. An image flashed into his mind of a great burning fire and a fistfight soon after. Then, a flash of green light...

He shook the image away. He was just being silly...

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"Your move, Alister."

"I know, I know." Alister frowned down at their makeshift chess board. "I'm thinking..." Slowly, his hand moved down and he fingered a used ammo cartridge that had been cut in half for a second before moving it forward. "Check."

Juan, the boy Alister was playing against, frowned. "I hate it when I get checked by pawns." He said good-naturedly. He moved a full-sized cartridge, his king, out of the way.

Miruko clapped as Alister moved another piece. "Check again."

"Oh, no you don't. I see you going for a second queen... Your move."

"Check again." Alister said with a grin.

"Checkmate, Alister! I win!"


"See, look!"

"Oh, man!" Alister groaned, then grinned. "Rematch!"

"Rematch, play again!" Miruko chanted, standing up and standing behind Alister. "Alister gunna beat you this time, right Oniichan?"

Alister grinned at his little brother. "You betcha, Miruko."

The ground began to rumble slightly. "Uh oh... tanks."

The sounds were close—much closer than they had been in weeks previous. There was no time to run to the hideout, only barely enough time to hide. "Quick, into that broken tank!"

The three climbed up the tank as fast as they could and dove inside, slamming the lid closed and holding their breaths, waiting for the wave of tanks and fighting to pass them. Alister held Miruko close.

When the rumbling and explosions faded, Juan slowly lifted the lid and looked around. The street was once again abandoned. Their makeshift chess game had been smashed.

"I'm going to go out and make sure the way back to the shelter is safe." He whispered down to the two brothers.

"Not without me, you're not. It's too dangerous." Alister spoke up.

"Oniichan, what about me?"

"Stay here where it's safe, Miruko. I'll be right back. Don't leave the tank, ok?" Miruko nodded, sniffling slightly but trying to look brave.

Juan and Alister crept down the side of the tank and made their way to the shelter. The fighting had passed right by, but the warehouse looked in tact. Quickly, the two headed back to Miruko.

As they walked, Alister suddenly had a strange feeling... He looked up at the sky, searching it for something. He wasn't sure why, but for some reason, he felt that something was missing... Helicopters?

An image flashed in his mind of returning to the tank where Miruko was hidden just in time to see a group of helicopters descending and dropping bombs down right on the tank, blowing it to pieces.

Alister began to run, trying to shake the vision from his mind. "Miruko!" He called out as they reached the tank. The top opened and Miruko peered out, wondering what was wrong.

"You ok?" He wanted to know.

Alister frowned. "Yeah, we're fine. Come on, quickly. The way is clear for now."

They all headed for the shelter as fast as they could. Once they got inside, Alister's mother quickly shut and bolted the door, then ran a quick head-check. Everyone--meaning Alister, Miruko, Juan, and the two other boys they stayed with--were all there.

Candles were lit as explosions were heard once again overhead. Alister was scared of the bombs, and he knew that everybody else was as well, but he kept his expression hopeful. He was the oldest of all the kids here, and he had to stay strong for them.

And for his mother as well. He was old enough to tell that her limits were being pushed, and he had to do his best to keep her spirits up, especially after an explosion destroyed their house a few months ago, killing Alister's father and forcing the remaining three family members to survive in the basement of an old warehouse.

The six waited in silence, listening to the warfare above and praying that their hiding place would not be discovered. Or worse, bombed.

Suddenly, Miruko began to cry. His mother pulled him close, trying to comfort him. "It's all right." She said softly. "Everything's going to be ok..."

"Is it?" Alister murmured to himself, not meaning for anybody else to hear.

"Of course it is, Alister." Miruko chirped with a soft hiccup. "Mama said so."

Alister smiled at him, then caught sight of the newspaper on the table. It was rare nowadays to get ahold of one of those, and the last one they had found had been weeks old. Alister hadn't seen this one yet.

"What's the paper say, mom?" he asked. She shifted in her seat so that she could pick up the newspaper without letting go of Miruko.

"Well, you all know what KaibaCorp is, right? That big weapons company?" She asked.

They all nodded. So far, Kaiba Corporation had been refusing to sell weapons directly to either side in the war, but with smuggling operations and out of the way deals, both sides had been gaining access to many of the weapons anyway.

About a month ago, there had been a big corporate takeover, and Gozoburo Kaiba, CEO of KaibaCorp, had been replaced by a much younger CEO, his stepson, Seto Kaiba. Nobody knew whether or not Seto would decide to change his stepfather's views on the war or not...

"Well, it's no longer a weapons company. Seto Kaiba hates war. He completely stopped production of all weapons and supplies being made by KaibaCorp and had all of the main weapons factories destroyed. He even destroyed the company's main headquarters on that Island off of Japan! Kaiba Corporation is now a gaming company..." She said with a smile.

"So... No more advanced KaibaCorp weapons?" Juan asked with wide eyes.

"No helicopters?" Alister wondered.

"That's right. That completely turns this war around. There are other weapons companies, of course, but both sides will be running out a lot faster. The war is going to end soon, I just know it." Her eyes were sparkling.

"An' we can be normal again." Miruko said, his eyes drooping as the explosions above began to fade.

"Yeah... yeah, we can." Alister said with a smile.

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Okies, that's the end of the first chapter. The rest of the story is going to take place when the biker crew is the ages they are during the normal show... These were the turning points in their lives... Now it's time to see what happens when that's changed. (grins)

See you then!