AN: 'Selfless', unlike 'Love Story' and 'As You Are', will not be updated religiously. But this is my pet project, my hidden ship since the first day Greens and David shared a scene… I was looking over my profile and I realized that all three of my fics were connected to one of the main Pine valley families. 'Love Story' ties up the Martin and Chandler clans; 'Stand By Me' starts as a fic that connects the abuse victims of Pine Valley, from Tad to Maggie and is a BAM piece; and this, 'Selfless' is a Montgomery fic.

This deals with not only David and Greenlee's affair-turned-relationship but also a Reggie story; I've been waiting for the writers to give us this story but I'm sick of waiting so I'll do it myself. Since Babe is not David's daughter, ick, he had no part in the baby-swap. Why? I'm sick of them ruining my characters to keep a plot going for a year! Plus, my favorite demented doctor is so much fun… and Vincent's such a sweetie in real life! This includes some adult situations, so be warned, if you read 'Cold', expect something like that in this. Thank you!

Only going to say this once, my lovelies… All My Children belongs to ABC and Agnes Nixon; if I owned it, we wouldn't be suffering through the unending crap of Babe propping and fake Rylee… gag.


One - Aftermath

The computer screen blinked at her, a steady, droning flash, waiting for her to fill the page with meaningless words.

All she saw was sheets and pillows, her green dress tossed over the lamp, her lingerie scattered over the floor, like some sinister reminder that she wasn't at home. Ryan was so obsessed with her keeping her clothes up and off the floor.

On impulse, she reached up, laced her fingers over her stomach, where his head had rested before she'd finally fled, shaking and ashamed of those things that she had oh so happily done.

Did she still smell like his cologne? Like him and her and what they did?

The reasonable part of her mind laughed in amusement, reminded her that that had been two nights ago… and ten showers ago. But the part of her that had done those things…

That's the point, sweetie. We got him, we had him, we enjoyed him, we gave him something to enjoy. Why shouldn't we flaunt him and his scent, the skin and sweat and cologne? You like that cologne don't you?

She'd never believed in the whole collective subconscious thing, mainly because her good for nothing teachers had shoved it down her throat, not caring that she nearly choked to death on it. But now, years later, she was a firm believer.

The part he'd brought out… that part had nothing to do with civilization. It had to do with sex and hunger and the pleasure that balanced right on the edge of pain and that look in his eyes. It had nothing to do with fashion or cosmetics or what she wanted for her next wardrobe.

Kendall said that once upon a time, she had that with Ryan. Do you hate yourself at all, Greenie?

He'd woken up that voice, a voice to go with the thing they'd done, the things they'd done. It was a voice that she knew she should recognize.

Kendall… She glanced back, jerked her attention back to her work at the instant gaze of blue to meet her eyes.

She knows, you know. Well, maybe she's not sure, but she sure as Hell has her suspicions. Of course, she knows us, knows us for exactly the lying backstabbing bitch we are… she loves us anyway, doesn't she?

The woman cleared her throat, hid her face in her hands, letting her air out in a hiss. God, if Kendall ever found out… she'll win him back, show him what she really was.

You know, not everything's about winning. That day, at the castle, wasn't about winning. Was about love. Was about what you took from her… from him. I don't quite understand how you haven't thrown us off the roof yet, really. God, you pathetic, selfish bitch.

Revolted at the anger in that voice, she dragged her fingers back through her mane of highlighted hair, part of her wanting to rip it out. She wasn't selfish, she wasn't heartless, it was love, she loved him and he loved her and…

It's beginning to stop working, isn't it? This whole "poor me, I'm so miserable" facade shattered two nights ago didn't it? Took long enough, really. You look him in the eyes and see him, truly, for the first time, don't you? Well, sweetie, even if we somehow did conceive a conscience when we had him, if not a kid, you can't fix this. His own lies have sunk into that thick skull, convinced that you're the one.

She was the one! The mine—

Oh, God, end this crap before it finally rots you through! We're not the one he's with at night! You know that! He may be in us but he's with her, damn it! God, we're sick, you know that? Especially if we can fool ourselves into believing this crud. And you know he sees you. But he had us anyway, and he gave us what you've needed for such a very long time, right?

Greenlee jumped up, causing Simone to yelp in surprise. "Greens?" That was the voice you used for a crazy person. Greenlee glanced at her, at where she and Danielle studied her with identical baffled expressions. Glanced at Kendall…

Kendall Hart smiled, her blue eyes searching for that final piece, almost finding it before Greenlee tore out of the office, pausing only long enough to snatch up her bag.

David Hayward, cardiologist employed by Pine Valley hospital and regarded the world over as one of the most brilliant minds to ever pick up a scalpel, was not overly tormented by the activities of two nights before. Sitting at his desk, eyes scanning the paper in front of him, he tapped his expensive pen on it, dark eyes staring past it.

Okay, fine, maybe he thought about it a little bit.

It wasn't his fault she'd been so needy! Greenlee was a woman who needed attention on a regular basis, not some cheap, fake marriage with a man who spent ninety percent of his time moping after the woman he dumped like a bad heart! And, well, David had given her attention!

Yeah, Dave… loads of attention… many times… Snorting at his inner voice—damn imported coffee—he rubbed his face, leaning back in his chair to stare at the closed door to his office. Absently, he clicked his pen thoughtfully, considering his actions that night at the homecoming party for his goddaughter. And, of course, Lavery had following around Kendall like a kicked puppy, unless she looked over, in which case he would pretty much rip into her about her stalking.

And they call me a son of a bitch, he thought with a twisted smile, pushing one foot against one of his table's legs restlessly. He bit the end of the pen, something he'd done since he was a young boy, and contemplated how easy it had been to read her. In that overly expensive piece of shit she called fashion, she'd been such a piece of work when he'd laughingly commented on her loving husband's loyalty… but she hadn't refused the drinks she'd offered.

Oh, she'd cussed him out for the disrespect he had for her husband but it didn't even sting. Greenlee Smythe, once upon a time, had been one of the few people who could actually make their words sting, but since she'd married the human equivalent of a tire iron? She was like a broken woman… the fire in her eyes was just a soft smolder, the heat in her voice was chilled and the proud sashay of her hips ha become a meek slink, and it made him sick to his stomach.

She sure as Hell wasn't meek two nights ago, he smirked, even though he was alone in the office. She'd reacted when his hand had settled, experimentally, on her thigh, feeling the marvelous heat of her skin through the pink cloth of her dress. Greenlee had never struck him as a woman who was passionate, at least not anymore… but… how she had reacted…

It had been a long time since he'd felt heat like that… and he'd enjoyed it, enjoyed the way they forced themselves apart only long enough to push off dress and jeans and shirt and stumble into the bedroom and onto the bed… heat and fire and a forcefulness beneath his hands…

Her pulse… beneath his hands… reminding him exquisitely of a caged animal, and he'd enjoyed the feel of the beat against his own… David, grinning slightly, pushed his chair back and happily set his feet atop his desk, pleasantly recalling the feel of her… at least all that junk she coats herself with has a purpose, huh?

The only thing that dampened how much he had enjoyed her was the sad fact that he'd probably never have her again.

Reggie was sick of being asked what he wanted to be when he grew up. He was about five seconds away from punching the next one who bugged him. With a sickened snort, the young man set his Coke on the table of J's apartment and leaned back on the sofa, setting his feet up. Bad enough that Dani was spending so much of her time with mama Mimi since she'd come back… now there was no one to go out with.

That sucked the big one in so many, many ways, and, like many young men, instead of just going to the movies or reading a book he decided to sit at his house and mope… and when the phone rang, he lunged for it hopefully. Maybe he should visit Miranda, he thought as he picked it up… maybe an hour of baby-sitting would—"Reggie?"

He felt his stomach drop to the floor, and was dully aware that jerking his feet off the table had sent his Coke flying to the floor, a spray of brown liquid to hit the couch and carpet. The first try to say something ended miserably, and he shut his mouth, trying again. This try was a success, albeit a weak one as he let out a single croak of "Mom".