Dhara: 4 things first story, no help, be nice, no flames

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"Hey Amy!" greeted a short white haired bat with green eyes and blue eyeshadow (A/N what do you call what she wears)of whom we all know is Rouge. "Yeah?" asked a hedgehog with pinkshoulder length hair, green eyesand a red dress with matching boots"me and the girls "(Mina and Bunnie) were wondering if you were coming to---

"Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in," mocked squirrl with reddish brownishhair and blue eyes.." I'm sorry, but the only thing that could have possibly been dragged in by a cat is you." stated Rouge. Sally and her possy walked away. "Sally used to be our best friend ," sighed Amy, "what happened?" "I don't know, said Rouge, " i guess its probably because you both have a crush on our blue haired friend." Amy sighed. "well are you coming to the party this saturday or not!" asked Rouge. "yes," annswered Amy.

"Ugh! Shadow is such a moron," shouted Mina. " You should calm down hun," said a rabbit with blonde hair (Bunnie), " ah know he gets on your nerves- "Oh there you are, so, who's getting food for the party? Asked Amy. Suddenly the bell rang and they ran to class hopping they wouldn't get in any trouble.

They huffed as soon as they got in class. "glad you could join us laidies,"said Ms. Mok.They quietly walked to their seats and the class was resumed.

At lunch they walked to their other friends. "hi guys," greeted a yellow haired vixen with blue eyesotherwise known as tails. " Move over knucklehead," said rouge as she pusheda certain red haired violet eyed echidnaoff the bench." WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR!"knuckles yelled. Every one else watched in amusement." I needed a seat" replied rouge. Knuckles began grumbling before he sat down between sonic and shadow.

After lunch they all had to go to science "great," thought the aqua eyedpurple haired mongooseshe looked at the red/blackhairedhedgehog with red eyes and thought Damn you shadow. This would be a long class. "todays class will be discecting frogs," said thegreen haired mouse. every body groaned here are your parterners: Shadow, Mina, sonic , Amy, tails, Bunnie, Knuckles, and Rouge ect. ect.

At the end of class mina bolted out the door " thank god thats over with," said mina now to get home. she walked home and saw a book on the door step and decided to read it.

When Amy came home she saw a book near the gateas soon as she got inside she started to read it. the book talked about a land with demons and magic and humans .
when tails was working on a project he noticed a book in his backpack and decided to read it.
Shadow was bored and noticed a book near where he wasracing sonic, sonic also noticed a book near a bush they went back to their houses while reading.
rouge and bunnie wre walking when they saw books and picked them up and decided to read them later.

Knuckles noticed a book in his backyard an read it (a/n all the same book.)he fell asleep a few minites later.

a few hours later the rest of the gang fell asleep
Amy woke up and saw alot of trees and a stream. she looked in the stream and saw a human girl with pink shoulder length and green eyes. when she realizedshe had some how become human,she fainted.
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