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Amy woke up in a small hut; her green eyes were widened when she saw a boy with silver hair, dog ears, gold eyes and a red kimono. Standing next to him was a girl in a school uniform with black hair and brown eyes.

On the side of the room there was another boy with short black hair in a ponytail and brown eyes in a purple robe with a staff (A/N is that what Miroku wears?) next to him was a girl with a black jumpsuit (A/N I don't know what its called, don't sue me) and pink shoulder, elbow, knee, and stomach pads, she had brownish hair, brown eyes, and pink eye shadow. Sleeping on the floor was a small child with orangish hair and a tail. "Kagome, is this girl from your time?" asked the silver haired boy. "She might be," answered the girl in a uniform who must have been Kagome.

"Oh look she's awake." "Hello, you've been out for quite a while," said the girl with the pink eye shadow. "Would you bear my children?" asked the boy with the staff. Suddenly the boy got slapped. "I'm sorry for Miroku's behavior," said the girl with the pink eye shadow, " by the way, my name is Sango, and this is Kagome"

she said pointing to the girl in a uniform. "I'm Inuyasha," said the boy with the dog ears. I'm Miroku," said the boy with short black hair, " and this is Shippo." He said pointing to the little boy with the tail.

"I'm Amy," said Amy, " Could you tell me where I am ? "You're in the feudal era," said Kagome, "that's 500 years in the past" Thud Amy fainted again after hearing those last few words.

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Shadow: oh well, its no loss for them

me: you are so mean

Shadow: i never got where i am being nice