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That GTA Show

A/N: In this story (show, whatever) EVERYONE one will be around the eighteen years old age… moved out and on their own.

Tommy, Claude and Carl's apartment, Liberty City, three floors up, three forty eight pm.

Tommy was standing just above the couch with a hand full of darts in his hand. He was throwing them at a dartboard with a picture of Lance on it.

Claude was sitting on the couch, just below Tommy, watching TV. CJ left a little while ago. Each dart Tommy threw hit the wall, creating a variety of holes, but not one single dart hit anywhere on Lance's picture.

"I hate Lance." Tommy murmured.

Claude was ignoring him. He was enjoying watching a TV show about a man that got stuck in a toilet: "Y-yeah, my names Actionmax… I tell you, it was a horrible experience. I just… just sat down… and it got me." He started to cry. "It got me! Oh god, I can't take this!" Claude laughed, the show was called "Liberty's most idiotic idiots"

The door opened, Carl started walking towards Tommy. "Holy shit!" He was amazed to see hundreds of holes in the wall, he looked at Tommy.

Claude looked at Tommy as well, and wrote on his chalk board, "You suck at aiming."

Carl laughed and added, "That's what she said." Claude wrote on his bored 'BURRRNNN!'

Tommy looked at Claude with a maniacal grin. He took a dart and aimed at his head. After he threw it, the dart pierced Carl's arm. "Ow! Bitch!"

Carl started walking to the cabinet, to get a band aid. Claude got up and walked into the kitchen to get something to eat, Carl came out of the bathroom with a band aid on his neck, a dot of red on his right arm.

"Carl you dumbass." said Tommy.

Carl shook his head in disagreement and walked over to an open window, "Man, when is Woozie gonna get here?"

"Hey Claude, watch this." said Tommy. Claude turned to face Tommy as he reached down into an ice chest and took out a fudge pop. "Hey, Carl, you want a fudge pop?"

Carl's face lit up with excitement! "Oh hell yeah!"

Tommy tossed it in front of Carl, out the window. In desperation, Carl jumped out the window after it. A loud thud and screams of pain were heard coming form below.

Tommy and Claude burst into laughing. "Uh! Guys! Could you help me here?" Tommy and Claude walked over to the window to investigate. Carl was just below them on a scaffold, one floor below them.

"Ah man." Tommy was disappointed.

"C'mon, guys! You need to buy me a ladder! I can't get down!" Carl looked up at two smiling faces. "I'm serious guys! There's no ladder! And I'm not jumping!"

"Screw YOU!" Tommy said, giving Carl the finger before going back to the dart board. Claude went back to the kitchen, he started making Spaghetti.

"God damn! Where the hell is that damn fudge pop!"

A short wile later, a thud caught their attention. Another, and another outside the door, in the hallway. All the thuds were followed by an, "Ow," and an "Crap!" Eventually the door shook as if someone hit it. Tommy sighed, it was Woozie.

He opened the door and the man dressed in black stumbled in and fell. Tommy helped him up. "Oh hi Carl"


"Oh. So uh, how have you been Tommy?"

Tommy was sort of laughing at Woozie, he had an accent. "I'm been doing just fine, thanks for asking."

"Oh uh, where's Carl?"

Tommy shrugged, "I have no idea."

"Come on guys! This is not funny! I need help!"

Tommy picked up a cup and ran over to the window, "Shut up!" he threw the cup at Carl, pegging him on the head.

"Ouch! Fucker!"

"Hahaha." Tommy laughed. Woozie walked over to the window.

"Woozie! Hi!"

"Hey Carl!" he waved down the street.

A little while later, the group of three found themselves playing a bored game, "Life".

Woozie had just gotten married. Claude and Tommy were cracking up as Woozie got married grabbed a guy piece and put him in the car. "Excuse me, what are you laughing at?"

"Nothing Wooz, nothing."

Later in the game Woozie landed on another space, Tommy told him it read, "You were killed by a rat. The game is over for you."

"This game is bullshit! You guys do way better than I do… all of the time! Ah, I'm thirsty, get me something to drink Claude?"

An evil grin pasted Claude's face. He poured Woozie a cup of hot sauce. When Woozie took a drink, he started coughing and spitting it out all over the kitchen floor before running to the bathroom.

Seeing this gave Tommy an idea he went over to the fridge and got a soda.

It was getting late, and Carl was getting cold. He looked up and saw Tommy's face peeking out the window. "You want a soda Carl?"

Carl's face lit up in that same way, "Sure!" He threw the soda down to Carl. "Thanks Tommy! You guys a real friends."

Tommy returned to the sofa, "What a dumbass."

"AAAHHHH! AHHHHHH! My EYES! AHHHHH!" Tommy burst into laughter, pounding on the coffee table.

Down on the scaffolding Carl was covered in soda, which squirt out when he opened it. He rubbed his stinging eyes and fell off of the scaffolding.


A while later there were bangs on the door. "Let me in! NOW!"

"No way man!" Tommy shouted back at Carl.

"Damn it Tommy! I'm not in the mood! LET ME IN!"


"I will break down the door!"

"Bite me!"

"That's it!" Carl back up as far as he could. The door moved slightly at the sound of a thud. "OOOWWW!"

"If you break the door, you're going to buy a new one!"


"Shut up Carl!"


"I'm not stupid, dumbass!"

Claude walked over and opened the door. Tommy scoffed at Claude, "Traitor!"

Carl ran in ready to swing his fist at Tommy. Woozie cam out of the bathroom. "Claude, I think you need to-"

Tommy dodged Carl's fist and it ran straight into Woozie's face, who fell to the ground. Carl was shocked at what he did and ran out the door.

Woozie stood up, "God damn it! What is wrong with you guys! Who the fuck punched me?"

Tommy pointed at Claude, "It was Claude!" Tommy dashed out of the room.

"You little bitch!" Woozie chased Claude around the room until Woozie ran into the coffee table and fell down in pain.

Later that night everyone was asleep and Woozie had gone home. After an argument, they made Carl clean up the mess Woozie made with the hot sauce. Living together was tough.

Next time: Claude, Tommy, and Carl find a wad of cash on the ground… what will happen?