The city arose early the next day. Carl awoke at six thirty and walked into the kitchen, which was filled wi-

Beeeeeeeeeeee (continual beep) eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep


That GTA Show! Episode III

They group was sitting around in their living room, watching TV. Phil and Woozie were over.

The room was quiet, nobody speaking. "This is so boring. We need to do something." said Tommy.

"Hmm… Yeah… something fun…" said Woozie.

Carl jumped, "Let's have a party! A-A toga party! I'll get the beer!" Carl dashed out of the room.

"Claude, order a pizza, Woozie, call a bunch of people out of my phone book." Tommy ordered.

"I don't know if you have noticed, Tommy… But I can't see!"

"Where your maid?"

"Right here! Su Zi stepped out, wearing a dress. He looked down at himself, "Oops!" He ran into the bathroom.

"Fine… baby! I'll call the people."

At seven o'clock, their tiny apartment was filled with many people, music was playing, chips, dip, and pizza's were spread about, and Carl hadn't arrived yet. Denise (Carl's girlfriend) was wondering around looking for him.

"Excuse me, Tommy, have you seen Carl?"

"Uh is he stupid, ugly, and walks into doors a lot?"


"Denise, I don't know where he's at?"

"Where he's at?"



"What's you problem Denise? Are you stupid or something?" Tommy walked away.

"What's my problem? I don't understand?" Denise wondered off.

"TO-GA! TO-GA! TO-GA! TO-GA! TOGA!" Carl ran in jumped around, chanting. He stopped and realized that he was the only one wearing a toga. "DAMN! Nobody tells me anything!"

Tommy, Claude, Phil and Woozie walked up to him. "Did you get the beer?"

"What beer? Nobody asked me to get beer? What's up with you guys? You should have asked."

They all walked away, "Figures. We should kick his ass." Tommy suggested.

"Oh my god Carl!" Denise ran up to him, he made a frown. She hugged him and pushed him on the couch, "I've been meaning to ask you this." She turned around, "Do these jeans make my butt look big?"

Carl sighed and looked away for a sec, then looked at her butt, "No, you just have a really huge ass! The jeans are fine!"

She frowned, "But-But you said my bubble booty was a good thing!"

Carl sighed again and made a frustrated face and he leaned back in the couch, ready to give up. Denise frowned.

Tommy was walking around, examining all of the chicks. "Hey, are your feet tired?" He asked one (really hot).

She looked at him, giving the message "What?" with her face.

"Because you've been running through my mind all day." She scoffed. "Okay then, are you a meat burglar? Because it looks like some grabbed some fine hams," he looked at her ass, "and shoved the down the back of you pants."

She started to clench her teeth in anger. He face turned red "BACK OFFFF!" she rose her fist.

"AAHHHH!" Tommy screamed, running off into the bedroom.

Phil was really hitting it off with a girl. "Oh Philly, I love you. You're so…. Hot! And-and sexy."

"I have been known to… uh… do……" he mumbled.

"I want you to come with me." She pulled him into one of the bedrooms.

There was a microphone for karaoke, a man named AdoptedThug was at it. He tapped on the mic. "Testing. Testing. Testing. Testing-Testing-Testing-Testing-Testing!" He hesitated. "Okay, I am going to sing my own song tonight… no music except my own guitar. He started playing.

"You. Don't. Know. How much. I. Need you… While. Your. Near. Me, baby. I don't. Feel blue… And when. We kiss. I know. You need. Me too… I can't. Believe. I found. A love. That's. So pure. And true." The guitar got louder, "But it all was bull-shit! It was a god-damn joke! And when I think of you, Linda! I hope you fucking choke! I. Hope. Your glad. With what. You've done. To me. I lay. In bed. All day long, feeling melancholy. You left. Me here. All alone. Tears running constantly. Oh somebody kill me please! Somebody kill me please! I'm on my knees! Pretty pretty please! KILL ME! I WANT TO DIE! PUT A BULLET IN MY HEEEEAAAA-EEEAAAAAA-EAD!" He started crying.

"Bullshit!" One shouted. "I hear that somewhere else!"

"Boo! Boo!"

"You suck!"
"Get of the stage."

"You suck! You suck!" AdoptedThug ran off the stage in tears, "YOU SUUUUCCCKK!"

"It goes for me too!" AdoptedThug shouted as he exited the apartment.

There was a knock at the door minutes later. Tommy answered it. "Hello?" It was a police officer, he looked mentally retarded. His face was tweaked out, and he ad one hand up by his chest, like a paw.

"Ex-excuse me?" he started hitting his chest, "Is this your apartment?"

Another officer came in, "It's okay doofus, let me handle this. Sir, you guys are being too loud, who's idea was this?"

Tommy's heart jumped. "Hey Tommy!" Woozie walked up behind Tommy.

"It was his idea!" Tommy pointed at Woozie.


"Sir, come out here, we need to have a talk about parties, and when not to have them." A few minutes later Woozie walked in and the cops broke up the party. Before Woozie left, he walked up to Tommy.

"You are a bitch!" he said before walking away.

The next day when everyone awoke the apartment was totally trashed Tommy and Carl made Claude clean all of it up. A few days later, Phil was at his trailer in Bellville Park. He picked the phone and called that girl.





"Hey, how come you never called me back?"

She sighed, "Because I was drunk, and just using you for sex."


"Now don't call me ever again."

"This sucks." He jumped up and sprinted to Claude's apartment. He burst through the door and screamed, "I DID IT!"

"No you didn't!" Tommy accused.

"Yes I did! As a matter of a fact, I did it in Carl bedroom!"

"Ahh! Sick! I slept in those sheet man! What's your problem? Damn!" He ran into his bedroom.

"So where is she at?" Tommy asked.

"I don't want to talk about it." Phil ran out the door.

Tommy sat on the couch next to Claude, "He didn't do it." Claude shook his head.

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