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Raven's POV

"Azarath Metroin Zinthos. Azarath Metroin Zinthos." I chanted in my meditaion only to be interuped by Cyborg, my half robot friend, screaming "Mail Call!" in my ear.

"You better have a really good reason for doing that." I said in my usal monotone.

He said nothing he just grinned.

"Well?"I said starting to get angry.

He continued to grin and he handed me a envolope. After he just ran to his room with that grin only it grew bigger at least twice the size.

I didn't care to bother to look to see who to see who had sent it, if Cyborg had it then it must be safe. I began to open it and i noticed a fly.'Beast boy' I thought at first so I gently hit the fly, careful not to kill him as a fly. The fly contiuned to fly around so I just started to open and read what it said,

Raven, the love of my life,

would you go out with me?


"Who is 'G.L.'? Well i would if I knew who you were. Only sncie you sound cute."I said wondering who was 'G.L.'?The fly was fling into the hallway. About a minutie later I heard "CYBORG!" coming from Beast boy's room.'Guess I'll go see whats up I thought as I walked to his room.

End Raven's POV

Begin Beast boy's POV

Cyborg came into me room saying "Whats the matter my R.L.?"

"Quit calling me that!"

"Well its true, you are a Raven Lover. So whats up?"

"Raven said yes, but she doesn't know who sent it. She also said I sound cute."

"You can't blame for not know who you are. Only Robin, you, and me know your real name.

"Yea, not many people know my real name, Garfield Logan."

End Beast boy's POV

Raven had just got to his door to hear this.

'Beast boy the most annoying person on earth had a crush on her?' she thought as she thought to her self as she walked back into the main room. She tried to meditate but a goofy green boy with a grin kept poping on into hier head."Oh my god! I Like him!" She said as Cyborg walked in.

"Who?" Cyborg asked.

"You should know, I heard you talk to him just now."

"So you know his name?"


"He is on the roof tring to think of a way to tell you that he sent the letter."

"Thanks." She said as she phased through the ceiling on the roof.

"Hey, Garfield."

"Hey, Raven. Wait what did you call me?"

"Garfield Logan, that is your name right?"

"How did you know? Well has your answer changed?" He sounds dissapionted she thought

"I heard you and Cyborg talking and this is my answer" She said as she picked him up and kissed him.

"Can you repeat that?" He said smiling which suddlely dissapeared and asked "How are we going to beark it to the team team?"

"Well Cyborg knows sncie he was the one who told me where you were. I'm sure Robin and Starfire will figure it out when they see us kissing or holding hands."

"That was easier than I thought."

" You actullay think, wow I thought all that was in your head was hot air."

"Your lucky Your so hot when your insulting me.

"Only when I'm insulting you?" She said raising an eyebrow.

"No! Its just-"He was cut off by Raven kissing him.

"Shut up. I don't care-"This time she was cut off by Beast boy kissing her and saying "I love you."

"I love you too, just don't dump me or it be like when we first met only 100 times worst."

"Oh yeah, that hurt"

"AAAAAAHHHHHH!" Beast boy sreamed as he flew over the tower.


"All just for looking at my legs."

He grinned kissed her again grabbed her hand and they walked inside holding hands and smiling.