Author's Notes: My first Collateral fiction. Jamie worked his ass off in this film! He and Tom make an excellent pair. Please review and enjoy. I am not that great with poetry but I try nonetheless.


Death Becomes You


The killing will start at a quarter past eleven.
His goal was to murder five but he killed over seven
With a cabbie to help him, his task will soon be completed
Max throws the briefcase, watching as everything is deleted
He's unafraid, even as he stares a sociopath in the eyes
He feels disgusted as he watches innocent people die

"You might make it out of this alive" the killer opines
Max bites his lip nervously trying not to whine
Of all the fares in all of Los Angeles, he's stuck with a killer
This late night adventure is worse than an evening thriller
His sudden love interest is in serious danger as well
Somehow they make it through the night because Vincent will fail

When death becomes you—a murderous fiend
You wake up suddenly wondering if everything had been a dream
Did you really strangle that physician as his daughter watched?
Or did you frown when you had to kill her, because the plan was botched
Behind eyes of steel lurks a madman unashamed
Because in his mind you're all fair game