Twin Switch

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Chapter 4 Party Time!

The sounds of slamming lockers echoed throughout the school hallways. Children gathered their books and made way to class. Pair of twins was just about to close their lockers when a girl interrupted them. Madison Carter and her crew crowded around Zack and Cody's locker. She flipped her beautiful chestnut colored hair. Her bright blue eyes twinkled happily. She coughed innocently to try and get the boys attention.

" Madison," Zack smiled. " How are…"

" Not here to talk to you, Cody," she rudely stated. " Hey Zack, remember my party tonight?"

" Yes," he answered closing the locker finally.

" Well, are you coming?" she grinned.

" It sounds like it will be splendid," Cody sighed.

Madison looked back at her friends smiling.

" But I can't come," he immediately responded.

" What?" she hollered. " I mean Zack. You are like a dodge ball legend. There is no way you're not going to be at my party. Plus I think you're very cute."

Cody looked at his brother who was closing his eyes and praying. It looked like his brother really wanted him to attend the party. But had he forgotten he wouldn't be going himself?

" See my brother and I share a bond," he smiled. " We would never ditch each other just to go to a party because it's the 'cool thing to do', besides it won't make that big of difference if I am there or not."

Madison's beautiful face scrunched up making her look evil. She shoved Cody into the locker. Pain spread throughout his body or his brother's body. Madison growled angrily showing her perfectly straight pearly white teeth.

" Listen Zack Martin," she growled. " I will not be rejected. You will got to my party. And you will have fun, got it?"

" Whoa," Zack replied.

" Uh huh," Cody responded.

" Good," she grinned. " See you later cutie."

Madison Carter turned on her heel whipping her long hair into Cody's face. She then disappeared down the hall her crew trailing behind.

" She is mean," Cody breathed. " I thought she was going to physically rearrange my face."

" Dude she is amazing," Zack smiled. " Pretty cool."

Cody shook his head sadly. He really didn't want to go to that party. He didn't feel something like that was his thing. He could imagine all the cool people there drinking soda, laughing, dancing, and talking about 'cool things', defiantly wasn't Cody's style.

" I can't go to the party," Cody frowned. " Zack, I am not you. I don't do things like that."
" Cody, you look like me," Zack exclaimed. " Besides this could be our chance to be cool, popular, and maybe get some girls. Or meet Tony Hawk."

" Come on we have to get to class," Cody grinned.

Cody sighed unhappily. The only good thing about today was it was Friday the launch to the weekend. The bad thing was the party was tonight. He would have to go, or he could worm out of it. Staring at his math book he tried to complete both his and his brother's homework. When had done that task he slumped in his chair. How could he escape from this party?

He got up and headed to his room. He noticed on his way there that Zack wasn't playing video games. Opening their bedroom door he saw Zack nowhere.

" You can't wear that tonight," a voice boomed.

Whirling around Cody saw his brother holding a clipboard in his hand and a whistle around his neck. Raising and eyebrow he signaled he was confused. Zack laughed a loud laugh.

" Cody, welcome to School of Cool," he smiled. " I'll be you're cool teacher."

" What?"

" Cody tonight you're going to the cool kid's party and I can't have you embarrassing me," he explained. " The party is at 7:00 and right now it is 5:00 I have two hours to teach you all about being cool."

" This really isn't necessary," Cody grinned. " Because I am not going to the party."

" Now why would say that?" he asked.

" Because I am not,"

" Yeah right," Zack smirked. " Rule number1. Cool kids don't talk about school. They talk about three cool things, Movies, Music, and TV. Remember that when you're talking to someone there. Don't even try to bring up the wonders of science, math or any other school stuff because guess what no one cares."

" But…"

" Rule 2. Dancing extremely important," Zack added.

" Dancing?"

Zack span around gracefully.

" Yes, Dancing," he smiled. " No crazy dancing. Like what you try to do sometimes. Calm cool dancing is what allowed. Rock from side to side slowly. Nothing stupid that will injure you or the person next to you."

" Rule number 3. Clothes. Clothes make the man. If you go in like that people will talk."

" But I…"

" Yes, I know you have been dressing like that," he interrupted. " But Madison is going to expect you to wear something cool. So I have happily decided to let you borrow my clothes for the night."

" What if I don't want to go?" Cody asked as his brother went looking in the drawer.

" You have no choice," he smiled. " This is the party of the year. Tony Hawk will be there. Also don't talk to Tony Hawk about school either because he probably doesn't care."

Zack threw his clothes at Cody then exited the room.

" Boy am I good or what?" he asked.

After ten minutes Cody exited the room wearing his brother's clothes. He didn't feel right.

" Now that is what cool kids wear," Zack clapped. " Thanks to me you won't look like total nerd."

" But…"

" Now let's practice talking," Zack smiled.

" I know how to talk," Cody mumbled.

" Yeah I know that is what I am afraid of," he frowned. " What to do you say when you meet someone?"

" Hello pleasure to meet you," Cody smiled.

A high shrieking sound filled the suite. Zack put down his whistle.

" No this is what you say," he smiled. " Hey dude how you been?"

" Why do I have to say that it like that?"

" Because you won't think it would be a pleasure if some one socked you in the face?" Zack asked. " That is exactly what they will do if you say things like that."

"Cody sat down on the couch. Being cool was hard work. There were so many rules involved. He didn't want to even go to the party. Why did he have to change the way he talked?

" How do you talk to someone?" Zack asked. " Like to get to know them?"

" Well," Cody smiled. " First I would ask them what their favorite subject was and…"

The whistle was blown signaling Cody was wrong once again.

" No, like I said they don't care," Zack remarked. " You ask them about their favorite movie, music, or TV show."

" Oh okay," Cody lowered his head.

Zack headed back into their room. After a few seconds he reappeared with a boom box. Plugging it into the wall he pressed the power button. He turned up the volume so the hip-hop sound would feel the suite. Looking at his brother he smiled.

" Time to see you dance," Zack remarked.

Dance! Cody wasn't much of a dancer. He thought he was decent but not amazing like Max or Zack Sighing he took a deep breathe. He stuck his arms in front of him and throughout his body. He found himself lying on his back on the floor. Zack towered over him shaking his head form side to side. He wore and expression of pity on his face.

" How did I do?" Cody asked sheepishly.

" You know what a tornado is right?" Zack asked.

Cody glared at his brother. Why would he ask such a ridiculous question? Of course he knew what that was.

" Yes," Cody began. " It is a funnel shaped…"

" That is what you looked like," Zack concluded.

" What I…"

" Dance like that and they might have to have a tornado drill," Zack answered. " With that dance you could knock out a whole city or country. Cody your dance is dangerous."

" Dangerous?"

" Yes," Zack nodded. " Cody you have a problem."

" Problem?"

" A terrible dancing problem," Zack added. " You can't dance. What I want you to do is get off the ground and listen to me very carefully."

Cody picked himself off the ground.

" Okay Cody let me show the dance you should be dancing okay," Zack informed.

Cody watched carefully expecting Zack to bust out some moves but all he did was rock his body slowly from side to side. Zack's dance had no hand motions or big feet movements. He was just swaying and that was all.

" Zack…"

" This is the dance you should be doing not the 'Tornado dance'. This dance I am doing right now is safe. Your dance is not. Got it?"

Sadly Cody nodded his head.

" Good," Zack smiled. " Well I think we have covered everything that is cool. You should be ready for the party tonight."

" I should?"

" Yes," Zack proudly smiled.

The time read 6:35. Cody had to be at the party soon. Their mom had just entered the suite when she saw Cody pacing the room.

" Cody what is the problem?" she questioned.

" Mom," Cody answered. " I have to go o a party at 7:00."

" A party?" she asked. Sounds fun. Whose party?"

" Madison Carter only the coolest, prettiest girl ever well besides Maddie of course," Zack blurted. " This is the party of the year mom Cody has to go."

'"Didn't say he couldn't," she smiled. " You going too Zack?"

" No mom," Zack replied. "" Wasn't invited."

Carey stared at Cody. Cody had answered to Zack's name again. Shrugging it aside she grinned.

" Okay Cody you may go to this party," she grinned.

" I can?"

" Of course," she nodded.

Cody frowned. He was hoping his mom could get him out of this one. He guessed not. Now he was on his way to the party of the year.

Their car pulled in front of a large house. The windows were glowing form the lights inside. Zack turned to his twin smiling.

" This is it," Zack sighed. " You are a few steps away from ultimate cool."

" I think I am going to be sick," Cody answered.

Both boys stepped out of the car and followed their mom. Carey rung the doorbell and greeted a man a few feet taller then her. He smiled.

" Hello," he answered. " Who are you?"

" I am Mrs. Martin," she introduced herself. " And these are my sons Zack and Cody."

" We have been expecting your son Zack," he chuckled. " Heard he's wuite the dodge ball legend."

" I see," she grinned.

While the two adults were talking Zack tried to get a peek of the party from the outside. He couldn't see Tony Hawk, but he guessed he was somewhere farther in the house. Carey smiled at Cody.

" Honey I will be back to get you at nine okay?" she smiled. " Have fun Zack."

Mrs. Martin walked to her car parked in the road. Zack stood by his nervous brother. The man had disappeared into the house.

" Cody this is it all you have to do is walk through that door," Zack grinned. " And Bam! Instant fame."

" Zack I can't go in," Cody frowned. " I am not ready for this."

" Not ready?" I taught you everything you need to know of course you're ready," Zack laughed slapping him on the back. " Now go in! And don't forget to get me Tony Hawk's autograph."

Zack pushed his brother through the door and closed it. Cody stood standing on the inside. He was now in a popular kid's house. He could hear the blasting stereo and the smell of pepperoni and cheese pizza. Laughter filled the air. Just as he thought it would be. For a wheel he stood there in front of the door.

" Zack I thought you wouldn't show," a voice chirped.

Madison Carter stood a few inches away wearing a jeans skirt and short sleeve white shirt. Her hair was up in a ponytail. A sparkling tiara graced her head. Her lips were shiny and her eyelids had white glitter sprinkled on them. Cody looked at the floor nervously.

" Come on silly," she squeaked. " There isn't a party without you."

Then she grabbed Cody's arm and pulled him away from his only escape route. The door.

Cody gasped at the size of the living room. It seemed like it was two hotel living rooms put together or three. Over ten kids filled the area drinking soda, talking and laughing. Madison coughed to try and get their attention. No one turned to look at her.

" Hello people!" she shrieked.

Suddenly the whole area was quiet. She giggled happily. Cody only stared at the ground.

" Everyone this is Zack," she informed.

" So that's the boy who knocked out Nick in a game of dodge ball?" a boy hollered.

" Yes," she smiled. " He is like a hero and the coolest."

" Not really it was just luck," Cory answered blushing. " Really it was."

"Right," she rolled her eyes. " Now that he is here let the party begin."

" It didn't begin before?" Cody questioned.

" No," she smiled. " Now that you are here it begins."

And the party did begin. The stereo was turned up louder and the laughter grew. Girls began to talk to Cody.

" So Zack you single," a blonde hair girl asked.

" I saw him first," another screamed.

While that was happening Cody turned the other way. He decided it would be best for him to find a corner to sit in until nine. There was one real close by but before he could get there Madison grabbed his arm.

" Let's see you dance Zack," she laughed.

" Uh dance?"

" Yeah,"

" Well…I…"

" Hey everyone Charlie is going to break dance again," a boy shouted.

" Hey why don't we see Charlie dance instead," Cody offered.

" Alright then after, you," she smiled.

" Whew!" Cody sighed.

They both made their way to the crowd forming in the middle of the living room. Madison pushed through so she could see well. Cody was dragged in with her.

" Go Charlie!" someone shouted.

Charlie was talented. He wasn't quite as good as Max, but he was getting there. Soon the crowd dispersed as Charlie began to slow down.

" Now dance with me," she smiled.

" Uh…"

Madison began moving to the music her hair dancing with her. Cody frowned. This wasn't the dancing Zack had informed him of. The girl before him was waving her hands in the air and really making feet movements.

" Come on Zack."

" Right," he nodded as he began to sway.

" That's not dancing," she frowned. " Come on. Dance."
He nodded. The only dance he knew was…The Tornado.

Everyone's eyes were on him. He was sweating nervously.

" I've never seen such a dance," she smiled. " I like."

His mouth dropped.

" Come on everyone, its cool."

Everyone nodded and repeated Cody's crazy dance. Even the break-dancer Charlie was doing the " Tornado Dance." He was confused Zack had said. The dancing had come to an end. Plates of pizza were devoured instantly. Laughter continued through the night. Cody was actually having fun and he didn't even have to stick with all the 'cool rules'. When his mom rung the doorbell at nine, he was sadly displeased.

" See you later Zack," Madison grinned kissing him on the cheek.

" Bye," he stuttered.

People cheered his name as he left. A lot of people were upset. Some of the other girls were crying. He didn't quite understand it.

" Wow honey," his mom smiled. " You're one liked kid."
He nodded absentmindedly thinking about the kiss.

" How was it?" his brother basically shouted at him.

" Actually fun."

Zack grinned. " Cool. What about Tony Hawk was he…"

" No, there wasn't a Tony Hawk there."

Zack frowned.

" But either way it was great and…"
" What about Madison?"
" What about her?"
" Did she…well did you both…kiss?"

" What?"

Zack scratched his head. " You know…"

Cody smiled. " She kissed me on the cheek."

Zack nearly fainted. " Dude! Dude!"

" I know."

Cody fell onto his bed.

" Man, Cody," Zack sighed. " Good thing I got you ready."

The lights were turned off. It was time for them to get some rest.

" Oh and Zack,"

" What Cody?"

" They liked my Tornado Dance."

Zack shot up. " What?"

But Cody had fallen asleep.

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