Things Just Get Complicated

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Summary: Things get even more complicated at Blake Holsey when three strangers surprisingly arrive at the Academy, with inner knowledge to the gang. There's added weight to the entire scenario when Josie and Lucas go missing, Vaughn has lapses in memory, and Marshall and Corrine find an interesting link through their minds. And how does a surprise visit from the future tie into everything? Strange days just continue to get stranger at this school.

AN: Okay, just a bit of tidbits. Yes, there will be some romance, but a lot of it will be focused on the only couple I'm really sure of, and actually like, which is Marshall and Corrine. This takes during any time in general, really. Best bet, though, would be sometime in the second season. Also, I like to keep my writing a little clean, so there won't be any of the three S's: slash, sex, and swearing. Well, there might be some swearing, but it will be blocked out, ya know? Anyhoo, please review, kk? It will keep me working. -Jenna


Lucas rubbed his eyes tiredly. He'd spent most of the past three hours reading through the large book before him, and still he could come up with nothing. It had gotten dark out some time ago. Outside the old academy the wind was howling fiercely, causing the branches of trees to whip about violently. A storm was brewing not too far off in the distance. Lucas couldn't help it when he jumped after thunder sounded far off. He rubbed his eyes again, looking out the window. With a sigh he slammed the book closed. It was obvious he wasn't going to find what he was looking for tonight.

He stood, walking cautiously to the window and glancing outside. Corrine had mentioned earlier that they were expecting an extreme storm. There was even a chance at a power outage. Not exactly something the teenager wanted. Then again, if the power did go out, so would his clock. Then he'd have an excuse for being late to class. He snorted at the thought. It wouldn't hurt to get the extra sleep. Even when the weekend did come he'd be too busy doing research to get the proper amount of sleep. He should have just told Vaughn no.

A knock outside the door had Lucas looking up. Josie poked her head in, looking around but smiling nervously when she saw Lucas.

"Hey, I was looking for Marshall," She said. "Have you seen him around?"

"I think he mentioned studying down in the library with Corrine," Lucas replied.

"Oh," Josie said. She stood there for a few minutes, thinking, before stepping into the room, closing the door behind her gently. "Is it just me, or does there seem to be something going on between those two?"

"You're just noticing?" Lucas said, sitting back down at his desk. Josie took a seat on Marshall's bed.

"I wish they would admit it already. What's the point of beating around the bush?"

"Rejection?" Lucas suggested, not bothering to look at Josie.

She frowned. "Maybe," she replied. "But they both like each other. Everybody can see it. Why can't they?"

"Josie," Lucas said, faltering. He turned in the seat to look back at her. She had most of her hair down, but some bits were put into swirls, the parts hanging out were crimped. She was wearing her school uniform as usual. He took in a nervous breath. "Sometimes people just … don't see things. Either they're too busy looking in another direction or just … don't want to see."

Josie stood, crossing her arms over her chest and walking over to Lucas with a smirk. "You sound like you're talking out of experience." Lucas sighed, looking back at the book. Josie followed his gaze, her own becoming questioning as she picked up the book. "What's this?"

"A book on black holes. I'm doing some research for a friend," Lucas said quickly, trying to snatch the book back. Josie jerked it away, turning it around.

"A friend? So who is it, Corrine? Marshall, maybe?"

"Not entirely," Lucas said. He snatched the book out of her fingers and put it firmly back on the desk.

Josie smirked. "Well who, then? Not too many people are curious about black holes. You're not doing this for Victor, are you?"

"Of course not!" Lucas said with a sigh. "It's just … complicated. Why were you looking for Marshall?"

Josie frowned. "We're supposed to be working on our report for Z's class. So far I've done all the work."

"That's different," Lucas joked. "Usually Marshall has all work finished off, while you're slacking."

"Sure, rub it in," Josie said. She sat on Lucas' desk. "Have you and Vaughn worked on yours? What was it you guys were doing, again?"

"Malfunctions within the human brain, and no. We've gotten some stuff taken care of, but not much. Vaughn's been really … busy lately."

"Really?" Josie asked. "I hadn't noticed." She glanced across the room, trying to think of a way to change the topic of Vaughn. "Wow, you have a lot of books in here. More than Corrine. You read all of them?"

"Some of them," Lucas replied. He watched as Josie began searching through his books.

"'Prehistoric Creatures'? 'The Paranormal: Fact or Fiction?' Lucas, where do you get this stuff?"

"It could come in handy," Lucas said defensively.


"I thought you needed to talk to Marshall," Lucas said.

"Trying to get rid of me?"

"No, I just." Lucas frowned. The lights flickered once, twice, before blowing out entirely. "Great."

Josie chuckled. "Got a flashlight?"

"Somewhere around here. Oof!"

"What just happened? Ouch!"

"Trip over the chair?" Lucas asked.

"Bed, actually," Josie replied.

Lucas snagged the flashlight in his hands, quickly turning it on.

"Hey, that's right in my eyes," Josie complained, looking away.

"Sorry," Lucas said, grinning sheepishly as he moved the beam away from Josie's face. He frowned, looking around the room. "You should probably head back to your dorm."

"Like I could see where I'm going," Josie replied. "Look, I was just wondering if …" Josie let out a soft sigh. "You haven't noticed anything off lately, have you?"

"Define off," Lucas said cautiously, moving to the desk and pushing a few things around.

"I don't know," Josie stammered. "I just have this weird feeling. Like ... like something big is going to happen."

"Knowing this school it just might," Lucas grumbled. The light's flickered back on. "Thank god," He muttered.

"So there's nothing?" Josie asked; her hands in her pockets. "I mean, you seem to attract this sort of thing."

"Hey, things started getting really crazy when you showed up," Lucas pointed out.

Josie didn't reply; she just looked out the window. She looked back at Lucas, smirking almost apologetically. "I better go find Marshall, then. See you in class."

"See ya," Lucas called as Josie slipped out. After a few second he flopped back in his chair, dropping his head on the desk. Why was it so hard just to talk to Josie?


Down in the Science Office the floor began to swirl, the wormhole was active. It didn't stay still for long. After a few seconds of swirling three people jumped out, landing on the floor. The wormhole closed up quickly. Each person looked around cautiously. The only girl narrowed her eyes as she scanned the room. She was dressed in simple jeans and an oversized black t-shirt over a white long-sleeved shirt. Her long dirty blond hair was pulled back in a ponytail.

The boy beside her was several inches taller, and dressed in the traditional Blake Holsey apparel of plaid pants and a red jacket. His dark brown hair, which was decently trimmed, was spiked slightly. The last person, a smaller boy, was simply wearing jeans and a black hoodie featuring a silver dragon. His reddish brown hair reached his ears, curling a little here and there. His face lit up with realization.

"Whoa ho! I cannot believe this. This is awesome!"

"Chillax," The girl said, her dark eyes calculating as everything was absorbed. "We do what is expected of us. Understand? No meddling."

The tall boy shrugged as the girl started for the door, quickly following after her. The last boy frowned after them. "Fun-sucker," He grumbled before following them out.

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