AN: Well, since you asked, Carshall, Madison isn't Jovee's mother. I thought about actually having her mother be someone everyone would know, but then changed my mind against it. So Jovee's Mother is actually just someone Vaughn meets with when they get out of school. You'll probably find out a little more about her in the sequel, if you guys want me to give ya a sequel. I need positive notes on that, guys.


After leaving the basement, Josie, Lucas, and Douglas had found Finley watching Corrine and Marshall in the cafeteria – their fingers interlaced as they spoke happily to each other. Josie and Lucas had each gone to their best friends, and happily spoke about what had been happening since the last they'd seen of each other.

Once caught up, Finley and Douglas had filled the quartet in on how Vaughn and Jovee were in Z's office, waiting for them. They all agreed it was time to fill Vaughn in on what had happened.

Everyone was a little surprised to open the door and see Jovee, Vaughn, and Z all playing Twister on the floor.

"Hey, guys," Vaughn said, giving a little wave, which caused the group to collapse to the floor laughing.

"Okay, this is something I'm going to miss," Jovee giggled, crawling away from the group and standing up. Z and Vaughn followed.

"Looks like you guys have been having a good time," Corrine replied.

Vaughn glanced at Marshall and Corrine's locked hands, and smiled. "Finally. I thought you guys were never going to hook up."

"So did we," Josie admitted.

"Lucas and Josie?" Vaughn asked, looking a little surprised, but not too upset. Douglas wrapped his arms over Josie and Lucas' shoulders, and leaned forward.

"That's just the way it goes," He said with a grin.

Professor Z adjusted his glasses. "Is everything … fixed?" he asked.

"Josie and Lucas are back from the Shadow Plane. Corrine and Marshall can't read each other's minds … All that's left is to get us home," Finley said.

"How do you propose we do that?" Jovee asked; her hands on her hips.

Corrine closed the door behind her, and stepped further into the room. "We need the wormhole to open up," She said slowly.

"Even if it opens up, there's no guarantee they'll end up in their own timeline," Lucas pointed out.

"Jovee can move the wormhole to her suiting," Finley said. "If we can find a way to open it up, she can get us home."

"Hopefully," Jovee added uncertainly.

"I'm sure you can do it," Douglas said, giving Jovee a small, reassuring smile, even if he wasn't sure himself. No need to let Jovee know that, though.

Finley seemed thoughtful. "We could … wait for it to open on its own," he suggested.

"That might never happen," Jovee grumbled.

"Now you know that's not true," Douglas said. He gave a quick shrug. "The wormhole will open up the day we disappear."

"That's not funny, Dufus," Jovee snapped.

"I thought it was," Corrine said, not bothering to hide her smile.

"Maybe the janitor will know," Josie suggested.

"He's helped enough," Jovee said. She thought for a few minutes. Analyze all situations before jumping in. She glanced around. Had everything here been taken care of? As far as she was aware. So what was there left to do? She looked at Josie and Lucas, then Marshall and Corrine. Finally, Vaughn, Douglas, Z and Finley. Everyone was here. She pondered for a few minutes, before looking to Z.

"What's the date?" She asked slowly, trying to sound casual.

"The fifth of April, why?" Z replied.

Jovee's eyes dawned with understanding. "The fifth of April," She repeated, looking to Douglas. "Twenty-four years from now your Dad will -."

She never finished her sentence, however, as the trio were sucked back into the wormhole.

Vaughn frowned, looking around. "I wonder what that was all about," he said, moving towards where the wormhole had been moments before.

Marshall grinned. "I have a feeling one day we'll find out."

AN: Alright, crappy ending, I know, but that's it … for now. Anyhoo, the sequel will delve more into the future Science Club, but there will be Josie, of course, and some flashbacks to present time. Just let me know what you want!