Dreaming of a Day – by Darlin

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Summary – This is completely AU. It's about a slightly odd friendship between Victor Creed, Logan and Ororo who have no powers but hopefully many of the same characteristics we all know and love – more or less.

Warning – I'm trying something different here. Because of the main characters, Logan and Victor, there's a little rougher language, a few cuss words here and there though not as much as it probably should be considering the characters. Later chapters may have stronger language and possibly some sex though nothing explicit.

Chapter One – An Unexpected Invitation

"Whyn't you come over, meet the ol' lady? We'll play some pool afterwards, have a few beers," Victor asked as he stood at the pool table off to the side waiting for Logan to take a shot.

Victor wanting his friends to meet his latest girl wasn't exactly unusual but an invite to Victors dump had Logan a little skeptical. For one thing they were already shooting pool and they'd had their fair share of beer since they got off work while playing the aforementioned pool. The pool room wasn't crowded, appropriately smoky, the music better than what they could get out of Vic's ratty old AM FM radio and Logan had no desire to meet another one of Victor's women who in general were usually abjectly stupid and beyond boring.

"Dude, you gotta see this one," Victor went on as if sensing Logan's reluctance. "She's a stewardess an' you know what they say about stewardess! Lo, bro! Every last thing I ever heard about 'em's true! She's so hot she can't keep her hands offa me. And that ass!" Victor laughed, moving his hands out in front of him as if he were imagining cupping her luscious derriere.

The way Victor liked his women was usually bursting out of their clothes, pleasantly phat as Victor liked to say, plenty of hips, ass and tits. Logan thought Victor's women mostly looked as if they'd made one too many trips to the plastic surgeon. While he liked big breasted women with tight firm rears he still liked them natural.

When Logan continued sizing up his shot and essentially ignoring his friend Victor gave him a frown which went unnoticed, and then said,

"You ain't never gonna see anything like this one. It's like I won the lottery an' got to take my pick at the Playboy mansion with her."

It seemed as if Logan was determined to ignore him. Victor watched as Logan finally took a shot. Several balls slammed into pockets much to Victor's annoyance. After Logan took a drag on his cigar he paused to glance at Victor.

"This the same chick you been chasin' after the past two-three months?"

"Victor Creed don't chase after no woman!" Victor retorted.

"Same woman you been yappin' about every day?"

"Dude, once you see her you'll see what I'm talkin' about! She was worth a little extra trouble to get. I ain't had no woman like her before."

"Never thought I'd hear you say that," Logan commented dryly.

"I ain't sayin' she's like the best I ever had – well she is. Man, is she good in the sack! The moves she has – things I ain't even thought about! I could screw her twenty-four seven an' she wouldn't be satisfied. Not like I can't keep her satisfied! I'm just sayin' she wants it all the time you know what I mean? She's like a nympho or somethin'. It's like your best wet dream come true."

When Logan turned his attention back to the pool table Victor went on,

"You know there ain't no woman I can't get. Just gotta know how to play 'em. Some need more finesse but you know me, give me enough time an' they're like putty in my hands."

"You getting serious about this one?" Logan asked as he chewed on his cigar studying his next move.

"Huh? What, me get serious?" Victor laughed but under the laughter Logan thought he heard a touch of doubt.

Whatever Victor was feeling it shouldn't concern him Logan thought and so he didn't let it. He merely shrugged and took his shot. He'd met so many of Victor's women it sometimes felt like they were on a carousel spinning so fast he could never keep up with them, never knew their names or even remembered what they looked like after Victor got tired of them. They never lasted long. Once Victor got bored he blew them off without a second thought, too into his latest woman. Logan thought Victor was kind of like a little boy when it came to women, like a kid in a candy shop given free reign, wanting everything, taking all his greedy arms could hold heedless of the pieces that fell to the wayside and then consuming them so rapidly he got sick only when the newest candy craze came out he recovered enough to demand a piece himself, nothing ever staying a favorite for long.

"So, um . . . come over 'round seven. She's a good cook. I'll have her make some steaks."

Dinner was it now? Logan quirked an eyebrow as he took his shot. Victor was asking him to have dinner with him and his missus! Now that was a first. Sure Vic liked to show off his girls but dinner? Logan straightened up, reached for his beer and took a swallow before bending to the table again to line up his next shot.

"You gonna come over or not?" Victor asked impatiently.

"Depends. What's she cooking?"


Going home had never been something Victor looked forward to before. Home was a tiny little studio with few furnishings. There was a loft for sleeping that Victor used for storing garbage and junk. Below the loft there was a giant sized wooden spool left over from an old construction job, the kind they wrapped large cables around, four mismatched chairs and a large bean bag facing the huge plasma television and Play Station set up he had. Throw in a few mismatched lamps with light bulbs exposed just sitting on the floor here and there and last year's state of the art mattress and bedspring thrown on the floor without a bed frame and that completed the hodgepodge.

It had never been nice, certainly not welcoming even before his place had been ransacked by an angry ex. Usually Victor hung out at Logan's place which was bigger since Logan had a one bedroom apartment though it was almost as sparsely decorated. Sometimes he hung out at Cain Marko's condo, a mutual friend of theirs. Cain's place looked like something you might see on television or at the movies, a real smarmy bachelor pad, but Cain was usually out of town on business.

The state of his apartment had never bothered Victor even though he seldom had women over. He didn't care about the dirty sheets or the laundry scattered in piles everywhere until he got tired of looking at them then threw them away and went out to buy more clothes; he just didn't want any female getting the wrong idea. One thing he knew for sure was if you invited a woman over to your place she'd think she had you. Next thing you knew she'd be planning on meeting the family. Let her meet the folks, not that his were alive now, and she'd be planning the wedding without even so much as saying a word to the dude about it and when it didn't go down like she'd hoped and dreamed she'd be mad at the dude like he should've been on the same page as her, reading her mind or something.

He'd made that mistake once. He'd liked the broad too but it had turned into a horrible, hideous mess. Once was all he'd needed to learn his lesson. Clinging, jealous broads were the last thing he needed in his life. He liked life to be as uncomplicated as possible – what man didn't? A little ass, he didn't need a woman or want a woman for more than that, cold beer in the fridge, a good game of pool with his buds every night after work and he was a happy man. Throw in some pizza, some fast food or a good steak at Sizzler, skip the salads, and he felt like a king. No man needed more than that.

Now it just so happened that his current woman had a knack for making him feel like a king. She wasn't demanding, didn't ask about his family, his likes and dreams and she didn't demand anything from him. She'd given him more than sex and even though that wasn't what he was looking for she had a way with him without seeming to. Sure she was insatiable but there was something more there and that something more was what had sparked the invitation to dinner.

When she was with him he didn't feel drained like he did with most women, having to try to out maneuver them or out think them every minute. With her he had something he couldn't quite put his finger on but it was unassuming, undemanding and strangely nice. It was like all the demons in his head were resting when he was with her. All those faces he saw in his nightmares, the faces of all those men he'd killed in the war, they were gone now that she was in his life. He'd never be able to tell Logan or Cain that though even with them having nightmares about what they'd been forced to do in the war not that it would do them any good any way, not unless they could find a woman just like the one he'd found and she was one in a million, maybe one in two million – no, she was one in a bazillion, million in Victor's eyes.

Now as he unlocked the door to his studio apartment then kicked it shut behind him he stared at the woman that made coming home worth something now. She hadn't moved in, hadn't asked, hadn't moved even the smallest of her possessions in, but she'd be there when he came home from work just like this – slaving over the stove, cooking something that smelled real good usually wearing only an apron around her waist and nothing else. Could any man ask for more? Even kings didn't live this good!

"You're home early," she said, flashing him a warm smile while she stirred something in a pot on the stove.

"Miss me?" Victor asked in a voice that was thick with lust and something else he'd never thought he'd feel but wasn't quite ready to examine yet.

Even the question was unusual for him because he'd discovered that if you went there; asking if a woman missed you they thought they had you, like they'd managed to get to you somehow and you couldn't stop thinking about them. What's more he'd found if you were asking a stupid question like that they probably had gotten to you. After that one messy breakup he'd made it a rule never to ask such a loaded question – until now where the words just popped out without a moment's thought.

"Perhaps a little tiny bit," she said, titling her head a little away from him as if to determine her true feelings.

"I know you did. Damn, woman you know just what I like – look at you!"

She looked up at him, blue eyes sparkling mischievously and when she smiled it went straight to his heart. Usually it was only his loins that responded when he saw a naked woman but this one was different – special even. His brawny arms stole around her from behind and he pulled her close. She smelled like food and spices and something flowery – just real good and nice.

"Be careful, Victor, we don't want dinner to burn again," she said with a laugh but he didn't care if dinner burned or not no matter how good it smelled.

A/N - I got part of this idea from a friend I've made through fan fiction, Rose who goes by Nienna, a sometimes caustic but honest soul who will not hesitate to tell me when I've screwed something up and though I may not always agree with her I can't help but admire her honesty.

This story is completed through chapter twenty seven and may run up to thirty chapters. I put aside all the other stories I'd been working on once this idea came to me around the second of July because I couldn't stop plotting and writing this one. The idea actually came to fruition while I was waiting to get in to see the Fantastic Four movie, arrived quite early and writing it kept me busy during the wait.

I plan on posting at least twice a week possibly three times as long as my computer hangs in there. I'm still working it out as I go though, adding and revising so it's still a work in progress and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I've enjoyed writing it.

Finally, I have a wonderful beta in Skyz (check her stories out if you like Buffy and Spike together and Storm and Remy though she needs to finish that one). I have to thank her a hundred times over for her immense help. And yes I'm finally finished with the blabbering. Sorry for the incredibly long note, will try to keep author's notes to a bare minimum in the future.