Authors Note: This is my first GG fanfiction. I know it's extremely difficult to be able to do things the way Amy Sherman Palladino does, with the witty sayings and such, but I'm going to try the best I can. I hope you like it, and please please review. It takes place after Luke and Lorelai are together, and before Rory and Lorelai's relationship completely falls apart.

Luke walks over to a customer he had never seen before. There was something about the girl that seemed farmilliar. She looked like someone he had seen before, or maybe she just looked like a movie star, but then again, Luke didn't really watch many movies. He couldn't put his finger on it, the girl had long brown hair, and brown eyes. She was very pretty, and first impressions would lead you to believe she was quiet and shy. Although Luke still couldn't place where he had seen this girl before, standing around wondering who a girl in his diner is, was not his job, his job was to serve and with that, Luke walked over to the girl.

"What will it be?" he asked. Lorelai and Rory walked into the diner, right in time to hear the girl's order.

"I'll have blueberry pancakes and a cup of coffee," the girl said.

"I'LL HAVE THE SAME!" Lorelai shouted.

"ME TOO!" Rory and Lorelai walked up to the girl. They had never seen her before either, but they were only curious, they didn't have the overwhelming feeling that they had somehow, somewhere seen the girl before.

"I've never seen you around here," Rory said.

"I'm just stopping by," she replied.

"Stopping by? Stopping by Stars Hollow? Taylor would be proud. Stars Hollow, entertainment capitol of the world." The girl looked confused, and Lorelai saw that. "Um, what's in Stars Hollow?"

"I'm not sure yet," she says, "maybe nothing." She got up and walked over to the counter. Rory and Lorelai look at one another very confused. The girl was very shy, and quiet, atleast that's what first impressions would lead you to believe.

"Excuse me, can I speak with the owner of the restaurant?"

"I'll be over in a minute with your food, chill."

"Oh, no it's not that," she said quietly, "Umm, I was wondering, are you the owner, Luke? Luke Danes?"

"Yeah, what do you want? I'm kinda busy right--- WHAT ARE YOU DOING KIRK? You can't come in here with them!"

"Why? I'm hungry!" Kirk said innocently.

"You have about 50 dogs!"

"There's only 6, and I need some money, my mom refuses to give me an allowance, I'm walking them." Lorelai and Rory, and probably every other person in the diner, despite Luke couldn't help but chuckle at this, and if Luke weren't so distracted, he probably would too.


"Fine, but I'll be back later!" Kirk said, as if this were a threat. Luke just rolled his eyes.

"So, what was it you wanted? I'm very busy."

"..Oh um, nevermind, I was--- I was just wondering when my pancakes will be ready."

"I said they'll be done in a minute, can't you just wait? God, people are so impatient." Luke exclaimed angrily, but the girl went back to her seat quietly, never taking her eyes off of him.

"Hey mom, I think you've got some competition," Rory said, jokingly of course, but sounding completely serious. Lorelai looked over to the girl, and gasped. "Oh no! Luke, Luke!"

"What!" Luke says worried, as he came running over.

"You're not going to leave me are you? Are you? Youcan't! I'll just die. I wont sleep. I wont eat, I wont drink for a month."

"What are you babbling about now?" Luke said very annoyed, and then looked over to the girl, whowas continuing to stare at him.

"What is she doing?"

"Staring at you," Lorelai says dreamily.


"I think she likes you." Rory says jokingly, with a big smile on her face.

"Please! She's more than half my age."

"I don't know, maybe you can have that Anna Nicole Smith/J. Howard Marshall thing going on"

"Oh yes, and then when I'm old and dying, she can take her top off while holding a video recorder, while she asks me to leave her the riches I've made being a diner owner." Luke walked away from them both, and went about his business.

"Here's your food," he brings the mysterious girl her food.

"Thanks Luke," she says smiling at him.

"How'd you know my name?"

"...You're the owner right?"


"This is Luke's diner, right?"

"Oh," Luke walks away, confused, as Rory and Lorelai crack jokes to themselves.

The girl eats her breakfast slowly, all the while, still never taking her eyes off of Luke, while Luke tries to ignore her as much as possible, only looking at her, or even talking to her when she calls him over. The fact that a 16 year old girl is in his diner, staring at him, for a reason unknown to him, is making him quite uncomfortable. But finally, the girl comes up to the counter to pay her bill, and the reasoning behind her being there is all revealed... BUT YOU HAVE TO READ THE NEXT CHAPTER TO FIND OUT! MUAHAHAHA!

haha, tell me what you think. I want positive, and negative feedback. While positive feedback is good for the self esteem, negative feedback will help me write better and such. I know theres a LOT of dialogue in this one, I'm gonna try to make less next time, unless you think that's a bad idea, cuz I know Gilmore Girls DOES have a lot of dialogue. I dunno, just tell me what you think