Title: Where There's Smoke

Author: Jedi Buttercup

Rating: K+

Category: B:tVS/SG-1

Summary: The Powers That Be pass along a warning. 100 words.

Disclaimer: The words are mine; the worlds are not. I claim nothing but the plot.

Spoilers: B:tVS post-"Chosen". Stargate SG-1 "Origin" (9.3)

Feedback: It's the coin of the realm.

Notes: I can't get this week's episode of SG-1 out of my head, so, fic. (This is not connected to my "Ugly Black Dress" drabble series).

"I'm gonna be a fireman when the floods roll back."
--Buffy, "Restless" (4.22)

Buffy woke from her dream-- her vision-- drenched with sweat and panting heavily. Someone, somewhere had just died in screaming agony, and the PTBs had made sure she'd seen it. Two someones: a bearded, blue-eyed man and a dark-haired woman, who'd shifted into a thinner man and a blonde before disappearing behind a wall of fire.


The word hissed in her subconscious, overlaying the crackling sound of hungry flames. It sent shivers up her spine, bringing up half-forgotten classroom memories of Inquisition overlaid with the tingle of her Slayer senses.

She was getting a very bad feeling about this.